Parents Speak Out After 3 Deer Park Teens Struck By Car During Scavenger Hunt

DEER PARK, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — Police say a Long Island woman who allegedly struck three teenagers on a late-night scavenger hunt over the weekend was driving with a suspended license.

Cathleen Wild was arrested Monday. She’s also charged with driving while ability impaired by drugs and criminal possession of a hypodermic needle following the crash, which happened at 11:45 p.m. Sunday in Deer Park.

The judge set her bail at $100,000 cash or bond.

One of those teens was 16-year-old P.J. Harrington, who was struck and airlifted to Stony Brook University Medical Center with lacerated kidneys, brain swelling and broken bones.  He was placed into a medically induced coma.  The two other teens suffered less severe injuries.

Mary Anne and Paul Harrington were given the bad news on the phone Sunday night.

“I went down to my knees. I was praying that he’s alive for me to see him,” Mary Anne Harrington said.

“I never heard that scream before. I went down the stairs, on her knees in the kitchen, crying, ‘PJ’s been hit by a car,'” Paul Harrington said.

Court papers said police found six empty paper packets with residue of a powdery substance and two hypodermic needles discovered in her underwear.

According to court records, Wild told police the teens jumped into the roadway. The victims’ parents also expressed anger that the suspect had a suspended license and reportedly blamed the students for the crash.

“When she first got out of the car, one kid said she said something like ‘look what you did to my truck,'” Paul Harrington said.

About 30 classmates dropping off flowers and cards at the hospital said the ravages of drugs on Long Island have brought them closer together.

If convicted, what’s the appropriate punishment in this case? Let us know below…

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One Comment

  1. anthony says:

    I think its so funny the media is playing up she is a drug addict. Although it might be true, it’s also true those kids jumped in the road, they where going to get hit, she just happened to be the unlucky one that did it. This case isnt about drugs, it should be about bad decisions on all parts. Those kids shouldnt have been in the road, Cathleen shouldnt have been driving, and the media should not be making her a poster child for what “Drugs can cause”. This was a terrible accident and if your going to blame it on a single person you are just being dillusional

  2. The Judge and the Jury says:

    Piece of garbage smack addict. Besides go to hell do 40 years.

  3. Reality Check says:

    To her, and her friends…

    If any of you think for one moment that she is not going to do a lengthy term in prison…you are delusional.

    The court is going to make an example out of this girl. And yet her friends are saying “its going to be ok” – “you’ll get through this” – “your not a bad person”

    Its not going to be ok, not even close. Even when she gets out of prison she will never be able to live in new york ever again, her mugshot and story is everywhere. Everyone knows what kind of garbage she is, she wont be able to show her face in public, ever, ever again.

    She will go to real jail. She will only get worse because she will be surrounded by other animals…and that will be her story.

    I hope this scares the rest of her bottom feeder friends, We have watched you horrible little things grow up, and infect good people. And now hurt the ones we love.

    We have watched you overdose and drop like flies over the years, And now we will watch you rot in a cage. And on some distant day when they let you out, if ever, We will remember, and you will always be treated with our utmost disgust.

    Now, close your eyes, imagine all the things that will happen in prison, or shall we say, all the things that will not happen. Because of your choices, your lives are ruined. While we will be living happy lives, going on dates, enjoying the adventure that is life…you will be nothing more than a ruin. Fantasize about all of us, with family’s, having people over for dinner, anticipating what we will cook for our guests, worrying about what color to stain our wood floors…

    Now put that needle back in your arm…take a deep breath…and disappear.

    1. steve says:

      Come on knowing this justice system you really think she will be doing hard time, for gods sake didnt you learn anything from the Casey Anthony trial. The system doesnt work so like it or not Cathleen will not be doing hard time, REALITY CHECK!!!

  4. Holyw666 says:

    You know people in glass houses realy should not throw stones.God help this poor young man in the hospital right now.This was such a severe tragedy.On both sides.On one side you have 3 kids just having fun on a summer night.On the other a woman who may or may not have been under the influence,that now has the weight of the world on her shoulders,not to mention the horror of the modern day Penal system.I observed “77” comments on this page,mostly obscene and extraordinarily ignorant.There are ALWAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 sides to a story what party A says,what party B says and somewhere in the middle is the actual truth.I happen to know the alleged driver,and can attest that despite all the allegations,rumors,family stories,that she is indeed a good hearted well meaning woman,who unfortunately got dealt a tough hand in life,and would never delibately hurt anyone.This is an absolute tragedy on many levels,and those who choose to cast judgement from the comfort of their home computer….in plain english are completely Pathetic.Instead of thinking about your point of view on a topic you know nothing about,being that none of you were there,why dont you ponder this…What would I find about yourself and your family if all your skeletons were out for the world tosee!!!!! People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    1. Jessica says:

      Pathetic is if you’re trying to use the oldest excuse in the book for her bad behavior. “unfortunately got dealt a tough hand in life”. Everyone is dealt the wrong deck of cards. It’s the way that you play them that makes all the difference. It’s the fact that your “friend” took the cowards way out and found comfort behind a needle that not only put her selfish life in danger, but the lives of everyone else.

      1. Greg says:

        now that’s the truth. everyone knows what they are doing the first time they stick a needle in their arm… its a choice… not a “bad hand”

    2. Charles Venton says:

      The police found Heroin needed hidden in her VAGINA. got that? – We don’t have skeletons like this…you assume everyone is as messed up as you and your looser friends? We are not.

      The police statement reads that when she got out of the vehicle she said “Look what you did to my truck” – pick up the paper, read the news.

    3. Hassey says:

      God Blessed PJ and his family. Praise be to God that he is going to recover. Its awful the disease of adiction! What she did was horrible but she can absolutely “come back from heroin” and turn her life around and amend this situation by not ever allowing her issues to put people at risk again. I am a friend to the harringtons, and i am a recovering heroin addict. Maryanne prayed for me for years while my family struggled through my wrong doings. But by the Grace of God and amazing people like Maryanne praying for me, I have turned my life around, I was a heroin addicted junkie, with no soul, and no respect for myself. and Now I am a successful clean and sober strong woman, living the american dream, grateful, and working as an admissions coordinator for the leading Drug and Alcohol Treatment facility in the entire country.. I am living proof that anyone can return from the grips of the devil and drugs. Let us pray for these sick people, that they find a new way of life, not wish harm upon the sick and suffering. Jail is where she needs to be, yes, but to wish a bad bag of dope, is just being the same as her, I can only speak for myself but id rather pray to the Lord, give thanks that PJ is going to pull through rather than wish harm on people that are already dead inside..

      1. Leigh Marshall Parsons says:

        Love you…Its an aweful situation and we as a family have been on both sides of this coin sadly, I wish no ill will on anyone, She needs to be punished most deff. and THANK GOD ABOVE the outcome wasent that one of these children died, Being friends of the Harringtons and having a child of addiction has in one way opend up old wounds and in another made me so greatful in other ways, all we can do is teach, and help and Pray for all involved and for those of you who have never been touched by addiction, you are welcome to your opinions for sure, but judgeing is wrong. I could go on about this subject for days, but I wont because all that Matters right now is that My Dear friends Child “PJ” is getting better and that the other 2 children are ok as well.. that is the bottom line, as my daughter stated, MaryAnne was a great support with prayer for my child and my family and now we are for her. Anger begets anger, love begets love and hope begets understanding.. am I angry, ABSOLUTLY, but I will pray for love and hope…

  5. EVERYONE says:

    Anyone that knows this girl knows this: She and many of her “friends” are absolute human garbage (and inside they know it)

    These pieces of filth have been drug addicts, criminals, and just all around trash since they learned to crawl. Im not talking about having a few beers or smoking some weed in a friends backyard – Im talking about REAL crime, REAL drugs, REAL TROUBLE.

    Robbing, stealing, hurting, each other for as long as I can remember. The only advice i can give them (and posting on it on here wont do much good, because these bottom feeders most likely do not own a computer, or work ANYWHERE where they would have access to the internet, if at all) would be this:

    Disappear. your are not wanted, go do your drugs, kill each other and yourselves, cheat, lie, wreck your lives – its all you will ever be destined to do…
    just do it someplace else! We don’t want you near our friends and family.

    You are NOT welcome here. We dont care if you get better! That is your choice!

  6. Kelly Villies says:

    Its clear to me that friends of the driver are coming to her aid to try to veil and twist the situation, and even put blame on the children, I find this disturbing, morbid, and just plane insane. That said, you have to take into consideration the caliber of person that would defend a person like this…let alone try to post blame on the kids that were hit by her vehicle. I went to high school with Cathy, and i will shed some FACTS on the situation, all of this is Public / Police information – so anyone that would flag this post is just trying to keep the truth from everyone, and further validate my point. Here goes:

    – The driver was officially, on the drug heroin while driving, and when she hit the children.

    – The driver has been using drugs since middle school.

    – The driver has been in and out of rehab, for years. she is only 28.

    – The police found two hypodermic needles hidden in the “FRONT OF HER UNDERWEAR”.

    – Bail for the driver has been set at $100,000.

    – This is NOT her 1st offense. She has been charged with position of a needle before. (and others)

    – The driver was driving with a suspended license.

    – The driver SERIOUSLY injured these kids… with one in an induced coma / punctured kidneys / Brain swelling.

    – Anyone that would compare an elderly driver, to a driver on heroin, is a complete idiot.

    – Anyone that would blame these kids, in any way, shape or form…should be ashamed of themselves.

    – The few people that are coming to her aid in this chain, are indeed, friends of hers.

    As you can see, what happened that night is no coincidence, it was inevitable. We shouldn’t have to live in fear when are friends and family are OUTSIDE.

    1. samantha says:

      Wow you litterally just quoted the entire newsday article on her, congratulations!! The fact is if you are totally taking the blame off the kids you are an idiot. Kids do stupid things, they where IN THE ROAD!! You claim everyone who comes to her aid should be ashamed yet I believe anyone who speaks as you just did about a situation they know little about shoule be even more ashamed! Just because you whent to school with her does not mean you know her or anything about this situation. So thanks again for reitterating the article for us all. and just for the record I dont know this girl from a hole in the wall but I know you should live in fear if your going to play in the middle of a road!

  7. Anon says:

    What exactly is wrong with a bi racial relationship? Racist.

  8. Justice Please says:

    Suffolk County’s District Attorney Spota needs to throw the book at this train-wreck. How many more criminal acts will it take? This repeat offender needs to be off the streets! Contact the DA’s office and demand action.

    Thank goodness the three injured teens are on the mend. Hopefully in time the scars, both physical and mental, will also heal.

  9. gary says:

    bottom line , she was high ,hit some kids, who cares where the kids were , she was high. I hope the good lord sees to mend the kids .

  10. Coach Gaylord says:

    Thank God all three of this kids appear to be improving each day. As one of PJ’s former baseball coaches, I know that he is going to want to get back on the field as soon as possible. This will motivate him to work hard at getting well. Let’s get serious about our drug problem before more lives are put in danger.

  11. Peter T. says:

    LISTEN! Idk if you have any kid or not. if you dont then you wouldnt understand . if you do.. how do u know where they are at all times? stop sticking up for some drug addict who has needles on her.. and had a suspended license! Open your eyes and grow up!

    1. CJ says:

      HELLOOOOOO – these parents did know where their children were – they were there with them, knowing the kids were on the curb! Regardless of whether they “always” know where they are or not, in this situation the parents allowed these children to be subjected to possible harm. What kind of parental supervision were they providing??? NONE! It’s like when kids are at a party and there’s alcohol with parents present. As a parent, you either verify that there will be no alcohol or you don’t let your child go to the party. You don’t let them go and then bawl your eyes out when one of them dies from alcohol poisoning. I’m not sticking up for the driver, but just because she was high doesn’t mean that somebody not so sinister wouldn’t have hit them. Could have been somebody who had a heart attack, could have been a driver who didn’t see them in the dark, could have been somebody just speeding and lost control of the car while trying to swerve to avoid them.

      1. ridiculous says:

        But it wasn’t a poor old man who had a heart attack. it was a druggy 28 year old HIGH ON HEROIN. That’s the point.

  12. jackie says:

    to the people blaming the parents you are all insane. these are good kids, good students and their parents all knew exactly where they were. blaming teenagers for being run over by a drug addict is like blaming a woman who is raped for wearing a short skirt. this woman has a history of problems and a suspended license, she very well as could have hit someone at 11:40 am as pm. the kids were having fun in the summertime. a year from now some of these kids will be in college, you can’t lock children in a basement until they are 18. lets remember who the victims of this crime are and direct the focus on the driver who has through the course of her life shown a repeated history of irresponsible and CRIMINAL behavior.

    1. Jenn says:

      well said.

  13. Jean Adam says:

    like it

  14. Jean Adam says:

    good point

  15. Jenn says:

    White trash dirtbags

  16. Mike says:

    Anybody that thinks 16 year old kids can’t stand in front of a friends and wait to be picked up is an ass.the odds are slim a drug addict is gonna be high on heroin and hit you

    1. Zenmont says:

      Funny, but the odds weren’t slim enough for them though, right Mike? They DID get hit by a drug addict. It doesn’t even have to be that scenario. ANYONE can legitimately lose control of their car, fall asleep at the wheel, etc. WHY would anyone wait out by the street? Especially in the dark where it’s hard for a driver to see you? You can wait closer to the house. IN FRONT of a house doesn’t have to mean IN THE STREET. And the way things are today, it’s even more of a reason to stay inside until picked up. When I was a kid, we didn’t get kidnapped out of our own homes in broad daylight! Pedophiles and crooks are more brazen now. All the more reason to be more careful and wait further away from a curb. Kids get pulled forcibly into cars all the time.

  17. Frank from green st says:

    Her parents should’ve used a condom if they were able to afford one.

    1. Billy crystal says:

      The best part of her dribbled down her moms leg.

  18. CJ says:

    Dan, you must be one of those parents who also blame the teachers when your child is failing. It’s that whole “not my child” and “not my fault” mentallity. Maybe it’s not the 90’s, but children still need boundaries and be taught not to put themselves into harm’s way. Every teenager I know, the parent pulls into the driveway and then their child exists the home they were in and gets directly into the parent’s car. It’s not like they were out there waiting for the school bus. I don’t know of anybody who stands out at the curb with kids at that hour, waiting for their ride to pick them up. That’s obsurd. I could see if they were waiting on the front stoop and the car jumped the curb and drove into the house – it makes no sense why they’d all be standing at the curb. Reread the article, it wasn’t 11:00, it was 11:45 – that’s pretty much midnight.

    1. Jessica says:

      CJ, please tell me where it says they were waiting? They were walking along the shoulder, which is made for walking you ignorant fool. They’re 16, not 13. It’s not as if they were walking to go buy drugs, they were walking home. It wasn’t a single child, it was a group. But what you’re trying to say is that children should live a sheltered life. I’m sure if you do have kids, they’ll be doing things much worse. I know I would if you were my father. You shouldn’t be judging other peoples parenting. But I’m sure you’re a f*cking saint.

  19. Lisa Kazmier says:

    Sorry to hear of your involvement. I hope everyone recovers and this woman wil dry out in jail.

  20. Dan says:

    First off this is not the 90’s. Curfews are not 9:00 anymore. They may be 16, but if adults were there, then there is ZERO reason they can’t be outside. This is at 11:00, they were done playing and were on the curb waiting for the other parents to pick them up. It’s not like it’s 2am. And the woman is clearly 100% at fault and there should be no blame brought upon the parents at all.

  21. Sal says:

    Dan, not sure of your argumenmt, let kids out at all hours of the night, just tpo prove they are not afraid. MAYBE there are some valid reasons to have children HOME at night…Guns, Drug addicts, Gangs, stabbings, Drunk drivers…I could go on but I think everyone gets the idea.

  22. Dan says:

    So your saying we should give in to fear and live our lives indoors away from any possible harm? That’s not living, that’s hiding.

  23. Janet Petronella says:

    id give the peron/s a whopping jail term and then probation.this is sick and this woman acted in total disregard for human life.oh btw id confiscate her license to drive.

  24. Gregory says:

    Put this drug addicted loser bimbo in jail for the max. Initiate a civil suit for damages and wrongful deaths. People are sick and tired of the “be understanding” attitude towards criminals. Punish her appropriately according to the law.

  25. lino ventura says:

    Drugs or alcohol, don’t you think, that when children play in the middle of the street, it is always an accident waiting to happen? And aren’t your children supposed to be at home at that time of night? What are parents doing about that? In Long Beach police ignores these games, telling residents, that if the ball hits car window or house window, “Don’t you have insurance?”. And mothers of kids suggests that “you just go home and close the window!” What kind of children do you think they raise? Carbon copies of themselves!

    1. Cathleenthadopepheen says:

      We all had scavenger hunts as kids at night these kids were hit o the side of the road not in the street,most people don’t think a girl high on dope is gonna swerv and maul down group of teenagers.

    2. liam says:

      lino ventura and robert saville you are both morons and obviously don’t have kids. it is not unusual for 16 yr olds to be with friends at 11:40 pm on a summer night. some of the parents were there and no laws were being broken by these kids. scavenger hunts are not about destroying property, people look for clues which can include notes, puzzles etc that lead to the next spot. its a fun, free, drug and alcohol free way for good kids to have fun. our high school dances let out between 11:30 and midnight, 16 yrs olds do stay up that late you dopes and allowing kids to hang out with their friends when you know where they are isn’t irreponsible, but your words and attitude are. you’re crazy blame the parents mindset is just as frightening as people driving impaired. focus your attention on the drug addict who is the problem, not the innocent parents and children.

      1. Tiger Rose says:

        These three kids were hit by a drug addict. its horrible, and trying to people dismantle the story to make it seem like its less her fault, is totally morbid. Anyone that actually thinks the parents of these children should feel guilty for what happened to these kids is a complete idiot. Chances are, if you think that these parents are even the slightest bit to blame for what happened that night…you are more of a Cathy Wild…than a real human being.

    3. Sara says:

      Oh like you were some kind of saint growing up.. Everyone wants to be a carbon copy of lino over here.

    4. Jessica says:

      You’re incredible unintelligent and I can’t believe I’m wasting a moment of my time to write a reply. But who the f*ck said they were in the “middle” of the street. Have you seen Grand Blvd? Probably not, so go back under a rock and stay there. Thanks!

  26. Henry kuhn says:

    Cathleen has always been a crazy crackhead, she robbed the pharmacy on sunrise in west Babylon, they got her plate an she ratted out her cousin and her friend, she was never charged because she signed statements

    1. wise girl says:

      went to high school with her…she was on drugs in 8th grade! the incident your talking about happened just a few months ago, she bragged about it all over her facebook page which has since been taken down. o yea, she also has a suspended license! you know what’s really sad? so many kids from my high school are defending her actions, saying she’s a ‘poor ole addict’ and needs our help. we had our 10 year reunion on saturday. we’re all 28 now, not 18! guess no one has realized yet that we are responsible for our OWN actions! where were these people ‘supporting’ her before she got behind the wheel of her mom’s car! and why did mom give her the keys anyway?! waste of life

  27. Peter T. says:

    people can play scavenger hunts in their homes or anywhere. Scavenger hunts don’t necessarilly mean that you have to get hit by a car by a woman who is clearly out of her mind and has no business being behind the wheel… It doesnt matter what time the kids are out until or what theyre doing… This lady had no business driving with a suspended license, having drugs in the car as well as needles

  28. Cathleenthedopepheen says:

    She is a known dope head thief deserves to rot in jail

  29. Ed says:

    Another typical woman driver at work…

  30. snowey says:

    Fiftyone years ago this year, three Deer park teenagers were killed walking less than 100 feet from this tragic accident. Grand Blvd was and still is a nightmare if you are a pedistrian. It used to be known as ” blood alley ” Shame on the Town of Babylon

    1. khjk says:

      “Shame on the Town of Babylon” – what a complete idiot.

  31. Robert Saville says:

    Let this be a lesson learned to all those kids that find going on scavenger hunts and that find stealing and destroying public property to be fun! Not one of you mentioned that not only was she breaking laws for her criminal behavior, but they were too! What judgement were those kids using, and they seemed to not be on drugs or alcohol, and their judgement sucked! She is not innocent, don’t take what I am writing the wrong way. She should get what she has coming to her, yet so should the kids and not just community service and a slap on the wrist as often is the case!

    1. Chris Friend says:

      your an idiot, the kids were having fun and they were 10 feet from the house and the idiot swerved and hit them and got out of the car and said “don’t Hate”. 3 wittiness couldn’t believe she drove directly into them. They are a great group of kids and not one of them have been in trouble in there in tire life. They are good students, good athletes and come from good families.

      1. Hatingcathleen says:

        Not all scavenger hunts are about stealing and destroying stuff most are set up the only breaking the law was her.she is a known drug addict,comes from a white trash family who do drugs with her so blaming innocent teenagers on the sidewalk is not right you have the same stupid brain wave as her drug addict ass.

    2. yeah.yougotme says:

      youre kidding right? she drove into them. might i say, i go to school with everyone that was there, PJ is a classmate of mine, hes in my class. But a lesson learned? everyone there that night, as i was not, but these kids are not pot heads, not stupid, they are good students, good people, young adults, and great athletes…. not one of these kids has ever been involved with something they shouldnt have… they have never broken the law. whats wrong with a fun night around town? like you didnt do it when you were our age? come on really now? think about it!

    3. llhekkd says:

      Doesn’t matter what they were doing were you there? So they should get hit. Maybe you should use your energy to deface her. Are you saying she hit them because they were destroying property. Look what they are doing in London, now that is destroying property.

    4. Robert Saville is a Dirtbag says:

      Robert Saville is a dirtbag rot in hell you pig.

    5. Sara says:

      I can’t believe you had the gall to write that on this. I understand that scavenger hunts are not favored by the old folks, but you better shut your trap when you say that those kids had it coming. If we needed to weigh out what’s worse I hope you would say THAT STUPID WOMAN DRIVING ON DRUGS WITH A SUSPENDED LICENSE. I am PJ’s cousin and am appauled by your arrogance. Those kids did not deserve the trauma they’ve been through and PJ’s does not deserve to have broken bones over a game of scavenger hunt. I feel sorry for how stupid you must sound on this website and I feel even more sorry that you exposed yourself where everyone else seems is against you. And, you’re even more stupid for exposing your first and last name on here you idiot. Bravo! bravo…

      1. Jessica says:

        Well said!

    6. Jessica says:

      Clearly my friend, you have lived a terribly boring childhood. I’m guessing you’re probably living a terribly miserable adulthood as well. Not all scavenger hunts involve stealing your narrow minded bafoon.

  32. mike says:

    first a night in jail for the stupid parents who let their 16 year old’s play in the street at 11:30 pm – idiots!!!

    1. Sal says:

      Yes MIke I agree, 16 yr olds are too young 2B pl;aying street games at almost midnite!

      1. Tracy says:

        Sal and mike, just curious… you have children??? You sound ignorant!

      2. Sara says:

        Wow you guys both sound really dumb.

    2. llhekkd says:

      If she didn’t hit them she would have hit someone else. Why do people have to always blame innocent people. So it would be different if they were hit at 7 p.m. instead. People just want to take some of the blame of the guilty party because they must feel guilty about something! Too bad these drug/alcohol addicts always escape injury/death. So that gives this druggie the right to hit someone. Maybe if you were out you would have gotten hit. Very ignorant people here. You should feel sorry for the victims they have enough to handle right now, always some assss that has to make a dumb comment. If she did this to me forget about her!

      1. T says:

        Obviously mike must be a crackhead himself!!

    3. LLLL says:

      No you are dumb. She hit them the rotten addict. Too bad she didn’t get injured or just leave the face of the Earth. Would it make you happy, Mike, if they were hit by this person at 7 p.m. is that alright with you? A boy is fighting for his life and you sit here making comments, wouldn’t sit well with me. Say something about her you must be guilty of something also. I can’t believe people side with a person like this.

    4. Jessica says:

      Clearly you were either very sheltered, or just had no friends growing up. You probably still don’t have any. Spending your nights on CBS News, replying to stories that remind you of your long lost pathetic existence.

  33. ctdave says:

    The kids could have jumped out in front of you or me. People get killed every year because they walked out from behind a parked car & WHAM! End of story. It just happend to be this person who should not have been on the road. It’s a terrible situation but is in fact an accident.
    One good thing, if she ends up in jail, she is going to make some other woman inmate a fine girlfriend! I can see them now mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    1. Sarah says:

      I’m glad you find this a joke and that you wanna slam the drug addict, you pathetic loser

  34. CTdave says:

    The real crime here is that she was a good looking woman at one point. The next thing ya know is the crack ferry comes for your teeth & the face gets all messed up. Pretty soon, she is gobbling hog for $2 to support her habbit.

    1. Sarah says:

      Well I’m glad that your only concern is how hot this criminal was. Shallow..

  35. GoodWater says:

    Laws as a deterrent don’t seem to be working for this person. That’s why we have prisons as our plan B. I’d lose no sleep over her being locked up forever.

  36. Gina says:

    As awful as this incident is, she has only been charged with misdemeanors which at most are punishable by up to a year in jail for each. It seems to me that she will probably end up with some kind of drug treatment program or a minimal amount of jail time or probation. Is it fair to those kids who she struck, no, but that’s the reality. I think these types of situations should be treated with more difficult consequences considering the lives of minors could have been taken due to her stupidity.

    1. Tracy says:

      Its been proven that there is no justice!

  37. joecarbonaro says:

    not for nothing i got a year for driving with a suspended license and didnt even know it was suspended so i understand that part but the drugs and hitting someone is completly differant i would say give her 15 years that way she would be detoxed and get a clear head on her shoulders when she comes out

  38. Rich says:

    Some very nice comments, I’m sure she didn’t do it on purpose. Some community service is all that’s needed. The incident alone is a deterrent for this poor woman.

  39. Lorene says:

    First thing to go while on drugs or alcohol is your good judgement.

    1. Ed says:

      Well put & unfortunately we can never do enough to keep idiots like that from getting behind the wheel.

  40. Joe P. says:

    If all the kids live without any disfigurement or life-long injury, she should do a nice 3 year stretch in prison. Not jail. Prison.

  41. S says:

    She looks like Angelina Jolie w/out any makeup on…

  42. J says:

    Death by lethal injection. If you don’t do it, she’ll do it to herself..

  43. Jamey says:

    The game the three kids were playing was called, “Let’s Get Hit By a Car,” so I guess that means this isn’t really news…

    1. Peter T. says:

      Actually, people can play scavenger hunts in their homes or anywhere. Scavenger hunts don’t necessarilly mean that you have to get hit by a car by a woman who is clearly out of her mind and has no business being behind the wheel… It doesnt matter what time the kids are out until or what theyre doing… This lady had no business driving with a suspended license, having drugs in the car as well as needles

      1. Sal says:

        Pete, as parents we are “supposed” to protect our children and at 16 they are still CHILDREN. It does matter what time they are out b/c BAD things happen to good people from midnite to Dawn. Next time you read an article about a shooting, a stabbing, a Gang death, find the TIME in the article, see if it DOESN’T fall between Midnite and 5sm. As parenst we shoiuld have our kids close by Home after dark, know where they are, whith who, doing what!!!

      2. Peter T. says:

        Ok Sal im only 15 and i go to Deer Park High School. Im not saying that everyones perfect but when you were young did u ever stay out late and have fun with your friends in the summer? .. You need to realize that no matter what time of day it is, that lady had NO business driving whether it 11am or 11pm .. you cant have your kids locked up in your house all day.. All I am saying there are two sides to every story and the side you should be taking is the kids because that lady was on drugs, had needles in the car, and had a suspended license .. But according to u.. thats better i guess .. im not saying its ok for kids to be out late because im still a kid but things happen and that lady is 100% wrong!

    2. Peter T. says:

      wise girl

      went to high school with her…she was on drugs in 8th grade! just a few months ago she got caught being the getaway driver for someone robbing a llocal pharmacy in west bab. she got caught by the plates on her care but got out of it bc she signed a statement against her cousin and friend. she bragged about it all over her facebook page which has since been taken down. o yea, she also has a suspended license! you know what’s really sad? so many kids from my high school are defending her actions, saying she’s a ‘poor ole addict’ and needs our help. we had our 10 year reunion on saturday. we’re all 28 now, not 18! guess no one has realized yet that we are responsible for our OWN actions! where were these people ‘supporting’ her before she got behind the wheel of her mom’s car! and why did mom give her the keys anyway?! waste of life

      August 9, 2011 at 7:27 pm | Reply | Report comment

      (You can treat your kids however you want! but u never know how theyll turn out.. just like the nut who hit them!) Apparently shes been like this since 8th grade

    3. S says:

      I’m glad you found satisfaction out of writing that. You’re a brave soul.

    4. Sarah says:

      FYI PJ was hit from behind you idiot. That just shows how much you know.

  44. belton says:

    Suspended license, History of drugs, currently drug stuff found in her car. OBVIOUSLY our punishments are not a deterent enough for these multiple time criminals.
    first time.. slap on teh wrist ..second time.. a little milk in teh veins

  45. blahblahblah says:

    this lady needs one of those “If You Don’t Like My Driving Stay Off The Sidewalk” bumper stickers

  46. CathyV says:

    When people continue to drive in spite of license suspensions (and sometimes in spite of MULTIPLE license suspensions!) then the police should have the authority to impound the car. I’m sure this will happen when some politician’s kids is the one run over.

  47. MeAgain says:

    What’s the big deal? I just want to get some stank on the hanglow.

  48. Nick says:

    So when will there be a law making murder by driving impaired a Real Murder Charge? Subject to death penalties? Oh wait, all the politicians are drunken lying sacks of turd. They’ll never pass a law that effects them.

  49. brooklyn4ever says:

    Hey Johnny,

    I am a blue eyed devil, really, I do have blue eyes and have been told that I can be a real devil. Unfortunately, since we can’t give her the punishment she truly deserves as death would put her out of her misery, we’ll just have to put her in jail till she gets out and does it again. This is just the way it is. Thank the stupid bleeding heart liberals.

  50. Giveitbacktoem' says:

    Where all all the racists comments on this story? Reality check when it’s one of your own huh? Bad people come from all races……………period.
    I hope the all three fully recover.

Comments are closed.

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