Verizon Workers Picket Outside Westbury Home As Strike Enters Day 3

WESTBURY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — There was no progress to report Tuesday as a strike by Verizon workers entered its third day. Talks resumed in New York on Monday, but the strike shows no signs of ending.

Nassau County police stood watch Tuesday as about a dozen Verizon workers on strike picketed outside a residence in Westbury, where two supervisors were working to repair a phone line.

Mona Rivera of 1010 WINS reported that the picketers were peaceful and apologetic to the homeowner, who said she had no idea “what’s going on.”

1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera Reports From Westbury

“I don’t know about the Verizon strike, my phone has been off for almost a week, so they decided to come and fix it now, today,” she told Rivera.

“I don’t have anything to do with Verizon. My phone, I’m paying for that and that’s why I called Verizon. So what have I done wrong that you could go picketing here and making all this problem?” she asked.

Meanwhile, the strike continued over issues including pensions, medical benefits and raises. Verizon has said that it needs to control costs because of a decline in its non-wireless business.

The strike does not involve employees of Verizon Wireless so it won’t affect service. The contract covers telephone and repair technicians, wireline customer service representatives and operators.

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One Comment

  1. joe verizon says:

    This strike is about corporate greed.At least the Verizon employees have the guts to tell Corporate America enough.while the rest of America backs down.Losing pensions,benefits and seeing jobs go overseas.We finally have somebody standing up to corporate bullies.6 billion in profits isn’t enough.

  2. jerseyjoey says:

    POTS is dead, send the crybabies pink slips , in the mist of a great recession, America going to the tank and they are whining about paying a small fee for health ins. Spoiled little lemmings.

    1. union prode says:

      if that is the only reason you think they are on strike for you are wrong , how about reading before writing

  3. Gunny G Alz says:

    Union workers are crybabies who can’t compete in the real world. I have worked in a “At-Will” state for YEARS with no problems and have gotten merit bonuses and profit sharing because I WORK HARD and don’t whine and complain.

    The Death Throes of Liberalism:

    1. union pride says:

      you would not know what hard work is, cant compete in the real world, you couldnt compete for 2 hours in our world. we get paid for doing our job well but the company wants to take it all away. another move by corporate america to whipe out the middle class

    2. Michael H. says:

      There it is. Go spam elsewhere.

  4. Gunny G Alz says:

    I’D SHOOT the first SOB whpo put a foot on MY PRIVATE PROPERTY!

    A union thug IS A THREAT! Enough said.

    The Anti Liberal Zone

    1. cwa union pride says:

      we do not go on your property we picket around the truck, which is a work site. and shoot someone, you wouldnt even get to pull the trigger. stay out in the land of the rising idiot and leave the big boy talk to the east coast

    2. Michael H. says:

      This isn’t Texas. New York has no law allowing you to shoot somebody because they are on your property. These picketers are also on public property. Go ahead and shoot one. I’d love to follow your murder trial right here on CBSLocal.

  5. jimmy says:

    Unions were once very important. They have long since been taken over by corrupt thugs. Google “cwa 1101 double dipping”

  6. Bill Treamer says:

    Verizon Wireless is affected. The 70 that’s right 70 people that maintain all Verizon Wireless Buildings and cell sites in the 5 boros, Rockland, Putnam, Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties are also on strike. And we do pay for our benifits and we do not have a pension. Each year our benifits costs go up while the plans we have get worse all while the company posts record profits. So please don’t cry for Verizon COO Lowell McAdams makes $55,000 a day!!!!

    1. Michael H. says:

      My health benefits get more expensive and cover less each year as well. I wish I had a union to protect me.

  7. aileyfan says:

    I just got caught in a mob of strikers at a dunkin donuts. They blocked the driveway and scared the heck out of me. Although I am a strong democrat, as a business owner I pay almost $1,000 per month for my health insurance. I have no sympathy for these union workers wanting full medical benefits. That ship has sailed!!

    1. Gunny G Alz says:

      THAT is YOUR PARTY up close. How did you like it?

      Maybe you should reconsider WHAT the Dummycrats are about and investigate joining your local Taxed Enough Already Party.

      The Anti Liberal Zone

  8. 2gruesome2b says:

    the simple fact of the matter is, if the wheel had not yet been invented, unionism would oppose the concept before it got off the ground. unionism is the paradigm of “hooray for me, the hell with you!”.

  9. James Santiago says:

    a right to picket any location? where work is being done??
    I didnt see any work being done at the location below…just an attempt to disrupt traffic..

    yesterday 8/9 on Broadway between Cortlandt Street and Liberty 2 Vans were in the middle of the street diverting traffic to either side of for me to understand their fight they have to divert traffic and people (should there be an accident) have to be hurt in order to get their point across…??

  10. Jon Erik says:

    Well, of course, senior management needs to control costs. That’s obvious, because quite frankly, many of them just can’t get by on $5 million a year salary and bonuses. In the Hamptons, that’s what you would tip the pool boy and the valet parker and the tennis pro. They need to upgrade to $10 and $15 million salary and bonuses.

    1. Reverend Rev says:

      You’re confusing managers with senior executives. The executives have 7-digit salaries and bonuses. The managers and supervisors who are filling in make only a little more (and sometimes LESS) than the guys who are on strike.

  11. Concern says:

    Unions Charity Search Engines cents for Central Falls, RI .

  12. Reverend Rev says:

    So the union has gone on record as NOT wanting that customer to have srvice. What did she do to them to warrant being punished?

    1. Michael H. says:

      Way to misinterpret what’s going on. They’re picketing. It’s a form of protest. Verizon wants to cut benefits that they’ve had for years. That is what they are protesting. Follow?

  13. Jan says:

    Unions are what’s wrong with America. I would have been willing to give a benefit of doubt, but resorting to vanadelizing and destruction of corporate property to make your “point” smacks too much like extortion.

    1. Georges Mongo says:

      My union brothers that built this network and upkeep it. Would not destroy what they have built. All I ask is keep asking question of both sides of the coin.

  14. manhattan cxm says:

    we didnt ask the company for anything more than what we already have, so in that case mehereathere you are incorrect. when the company comes with a proposal to TAKE AWAY over 30 items previously bargained for and not willing to budge this is a mistake by the company.
    to unionsscks, there has been no PROOF that any union member has cut anylines or vandalized any verizon equipment. what we have seen is verizon scabs hitting men and women who are on the picket line. we have seen verizon scabs wrecking cars on the street because they can not drive the proper vehicles.
    so to all the union bashers please go and look to see what we have asked for this time around and all you will see is that we want to maintain what we have nothing more. so if the company can make a 12 billion dollar profit based on what we already have, i think its fair to let us keep what we already have not take it away

    1. Gunny G Alz says:

      How do you tell when one of you union bums is asleep on the job?

      You drop your donut.

      If you can’t compete in the privatve sector on your WORKING SKILLS and WORK ETHIC, you join a union.

  15. peedoff atunions says:

    This company has the right to earn that kind of money. It’s the american right! These workers make VERY good money and they know it. They all whine and moan every time their contracts are up for more and more. The need to understand that they are lucky they have a job that pay what they earn. STOP Whining. Let see you strike for more than a month or more. Bet you’ll be damn glad to have your jobs!

    1. Shannon says:

      Of course Verizon has a right to earn a profit. Workers also have a right to be compensated equitably for their labor. Here in NYC I paid $5.59 for a gallon of milk yesterday. It is not unreasonable to ask for a cost of living increase or a share in the success of the company I work for. I hate when people say you should be happy to have a job. Anyone who has a job today should be happy. That doesn’t mean I want to be a member of the working poor. Nobody wants to work hard for a paycheck and then not be able to pay the rent AND feed their family. BTW I don’t work for Verizon.

      1. landlines out move on people says:

        Yes but union ask for way too much I mean how many companies give %100 medical.Times are changing verizon will be just wireless service in few years so they are playing hardball with these workers. The union should be trying to save some of these jobs instead of having the gimmee attitude.Iused to have verizon and it was worse service ever so it will not be big loss

      2. shannon says:

        Landlines out you are right. Decent jobs that pay adequately and have benefits are on the way out. Is that a good thing? Or does that just increase the gap between the rich and the poor in this country? The government can’t do anything right and I wouldn’t want my health care in their hands. BTW I learned my lesson, after September 11th and the recent blackouts I will never be without a landline again.

    2. Joe says:

      For your info, we have been on strike numerous times for months at a time for the benefits that we have earned from this multi – billion dollar company. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves for causing all these problems to their employees and the public after posting RECORD PROFITS! And we don’t “whine” but we want the public to know the WHOLE truth about them!

  16. unionsscks says:

    Picketing at peoples homes, cutting fios lines…………real nice. Shows just how much like the old mob run unions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COST OF LIVING MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Georges Mongo says:

      keep a open mind. In Mass. they said there was sabotage at this one location, but down the street was where they had the scabs living in a hotel. Look at both sides of the coin.

  17. Nicki Minaj says:

    This is the one time i believe in a unions. why would you want a job and then make the company millions and they decide to take things away from the employees but at the same time pay the ceo more money. not fair. if the sector is losing money then keep the same stuff but for future hire change their benefits . take care the people that made what your company is today.

    1. mehereathere says:

      This company has the right to earn that kind of money. It’s the american right! These workers make VERY good money and they know it. They all whine and moan every time the contracts are up for more. The need to understand that they are lucky they have a job that pay what they earn. STOP Whining

      1. Michael H. says:

        Would you want to do the same or more work for less money or would you choose to fight against giving up what you’re already getting?

        I’ll bet anything that you’d be whining and moaning along with the rest of them.

  18. VME says:

    They removed last comment

  19. VME says:

    And there u have it, People like this. Ignorant,pugnacious and probably sucking the life outta unemployment!

  20. manhattan cxm says:

    a company where they made 12.6 billion dollars in profit last year, paid ZERO, thats right ZERO federal tax but yet got a federal tax refund and they want to claim they are losing money. the top 5 executives made 258 million dollars in salary over the last 5 years and that does not include stock options, so who is over paid not the cwa/ibew workers. ivan seidenberg made 49,000 a day last year

    1. elchiablo says:

      Can we get a union basher to respond to this comment? All I hear are crickets

      1. Michael H. says:


        am i doing it right?

  21. truedat says:

    the companys big lie to demand that the union giveback everything they’ve ever gotten is that the wireline side of the business is shrinking.­Well it’s true that people are giving up their old copper land line but who do you think takes care of the wireless network? Your cell phone call does not go up into space and come back down straight to the cell phone of the called party.It goes into a central office where union people maintain the backbone of that wireless network.Un­ion people also work on FIOS (which is where alot of the lost landlines went to,by the way) and if you say that FIOS is a money loser then I guess that former CEO Ivan Seidenberg should reimburse the company about 80 million dollars of bonus money back. Please get the truth out to the public.

  22. VME says:

    Read between the lines. She was out of service for a week. The same managers that were there for the repair are the reason for that A week! I can walk down your street, peacefully and demonstrate respectfully. Don’t want to.Move to North Korea if you want no rights!

  23. george says:

    because it is legal to picket at a work site. When they show up to your house, that becomes a work site

  24. Baby Bell says:

    There would not be a Verizon Wireless if not for the “wireline” part of the company. Verizon grew out of the New York Telephone Company which was entirely a wireline company. NYT and it’s sucessors, NYNEX and Bell Atlantic made money for decades due to the wireline business. Due to changes in technology, the wireline business has seen declines but VZ has also reduced the workforce through attrition and other means. Now the greedy executives at Verizon want to continue to pay themselves millions of dollars in salaries and benefits, while demanding concessions from the workers who built the company. The New American Dresam: the rich get richer and the middle class gets poorer.

  25. Fi says:

    Does this strike have anything to do with me losing all connectivity
    Here in 10543 this afternoon. It is very annoying
    And I have had no luck with the call center

  26. mo says:

    Verizon workers just lost my sympathy. If they showed up in front of my house I would be PO’D! Might be a nice time to get a great BIG dog.

    1. Joe says:

      Try to understand what’s going on….Verizon workers are picketing the working management & not YOU OR YOUR HOME! They have a legal right to do so just as the company planed to bring these managers into our area many months ago. They knew our union would NEVER accept their rediculous offers & planned this strike accordingly…

      1. mo says:

        I wouldn’t give a hoot about what’s going on. Get away from the front of my house!

      2. Unionswastemoney says:

        By showing up at people’s homes who loses any hope of the public backing you.

        And just remember, there are lots of people looking for jobs, so you can all be replaced.

      3. J says:

        They do NOT have a right to be outside MY house this morning blocking MY way to work!!!

  27. cot nyc says:

    Verizon Wireless service can be affected. The equipment that we maintain in central offices supply the wireless cell sites with connectivity into the network. If that equipment fails, your calls do not go through. It is insulting that Verizon chooses to ignore this fact and fool the public this way.

  28. karen says:

    lost points with me. wouldn’t want a protest in front of my house. especially having ill elderly parents. the extra traffic, – protesters, police, media would be most unwelcome. disturbing the peace, that’s what it is. who paid for the extra police needed for a service call at this woman’s home that had a ticket over a week old. protest in front of your office, fine. not in front of a private residence.

    1. Robert Booey says:

      I was a quiet protest until that manager decided to call the police on the reporter. Thats when the customer got upset.

  29. Jeffrey Clark says:

    VZ employees formed a union 50yrs ago which the company recognized,now the new vip wants to throw it out.HE RAN VZW built on funds from Land lines,an brought in a partner when he couldn’t suck any more money out of the business.Now he’s stuck paying it back an looking for a way to do so.We paid for our medical 1yr on strike,4months another,odd weeks in between others,all without pay not one dime.try it some time.Non union workers were told to come or look for another job,those Left who’s job wasn’t outsourced overseas

  30. Remington30-06 says:

    Thy that in front of my house!

  31. Miss Information says:

    “The strike does not involve employees of Verizon Wireless so it won’t affect service. The contract covers telephone and repair technicians, wireline customer service representatives and operators.”

    This is not correct. This is false information. I am a Verizon Communications Livesource directory assistance operator and my check is from Verizon Communications and I am an I.B.E.W. union member, yet I exclusively provide service to Verizon Wireless lines only! 100% of my work is assisting Verizon Wireless customers and their service Will be disrupted. They can expect longer waits, inferior service, and to be put into the automated service system as the scabs and managers struggle to maintain our high standards. Demand a supervisor assist you if you do not get the number you called for, and demand credit for wrong numbers and inferior service. Calls cost you nearly two dollars and you deserve the best, fastest , and most professional service.

  32. goblin says:

    Why aren’t these people being arrested for harrassment?

    1. Robert Booey says:

      Because they have a right to picket any Verizon work location.

      1. Unions are dead! says:

        Who and what gives them the right???? Where is this “right” spelled out? Because you think so???? The home owner has the right to stick their foot up your fat ars!

      2. Gunny G Alz says:

        I’d show you my M-1 Garand and tell you that IT has the right to put a bullet in your asssss for being on private property.

        If we got rid of unions, voter fraud for Democrats would plummet 80%!

      3. Michael H. says:

        “Unions are dead!”,

        As long as they remain on public property it is called the “First Amendment”. Did you miss that day in first grade?

      4. J says:

        They DO NOT have the right to picket in front of a PRIVATE residence.

    2. Joe says:

      What gives Verizon the “right” to bring in people from across the country (at your expense, ha!)?? Why Cant they handle their own labor problems at the local level? Why have they chosen not to bargin in good faith? Why did this company post billions in profits? Why doesn’t Verizon care about you & the good service you deserve? ????????

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