NYPD: Suspects Con Bronx Woman Out Of Cash At Bank Of America

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are trying to identify two suspects who they say are wanted for a cash scam that happened in the Bronx.

Police say on the morning of July 22, a woman was walking down Westchester Avenue when another woman walked up to her with some cash and asked if she had lost it.

When the woman told her she hadn’t lost any money, the suspect suggests the two split the “found” cash.

That’s when police say a man walked up to the pair accusing the victim of stealing that money from him.

To show the cash wasn’t taken from the man, the first suspect suggests the victim take money out of the bank to “prove that she did not steal the money since she has money of her own,” according to police.

Police say the three then went to a Bank of America where the victim withdrew a large amount of cash and gave it to the woman who then took off with the man.

The female suspect is described as Hispanic, in her 40s, about 5’5″ weighing 150 pounds with light-colored hair.

The male suspect is described as Hispanic, between 30 and 35-years-old, around 5’8″ and weighing about 180 pounds with dark hair.

Police say both suspects spoke Spanish to the victim.

If you have any information, call police or Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS (8477) or visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.


One Comment

  1. Pick-pocketed in broad daylight says:

    I was pickpocketed $2,500 by a N woman. I had wanted to buy a used car, so I negotiated a good price with the seller, who said he only wanted cash. I hesitated, but being it was a good deal, I agreed. As I was walking home from the bank, a woman approached me and asked if I wanted to buy any cosmetics. She rifled thru a catalog and then pickpocketed me. It happened so quickly that I never noticed it til I got home. To this day I believe it was the Bank Teller who called someone stationed outside, to follow me home.

  2. Mexcrement says:

    Mexcrement….don’t want to go to school, don’t want to work. They act like they’re God’s gift to the world. They had better learn that they are not above the law.

    1. Bed Bugs & now Stink Bugs says:

      And they come with BED BUGS too! Between bed bugs and stink bugs…this world is going to the dogs.

  3. DanTe says:

    It was the banks fault for not spotting the scam.

  4. Afan Sitagyl-Manor says:

    Yet another variation on the classic pigeon drop. Long ago during the 1980s in Brooklyn, some grifters approached me after I took some money out ot the bank to buy groceries (no ATMs back then). They gave the same spiel about we found money, yada yada yada. I said yeah right, BS, you guys must think I’m really stupid. They cursed me nastily but went away. At the time I was a poor single mom, recently widowed, but as poor as I was, I wasn’t dumb. Greed, pure and simple is why people fall for these scams, greed and just plain lack of sense.

  5. JJOKER says:

    Where’s the crime she gave them the money!!!! A complete stranger tells u to withdraw money and u do it????? READ “YOUR GONNA BE ROBBED FOR DUMMIES”!

    1. TomNJ says:

      I have to agree – if being tricked or misled to give someone money is a crime, then most of the late night commercials should be arrested. They will promise anything to get your cash. Or half the used car dealers for that matter. And don’t even get me started on my cell phone bill – now there is a crime.

  6. pugphan says:

    Ahhh…da olde Moiphy! Wow it’s still around, damn. I had a pal back in the 70’s who shared an bank a/c with his mom, and she was conned the same way- they
    cleaned out their account. There’s an old saying: “You can’t cheat an honest man!” If she didn’t want something that didn’t belong to her in the first place, she wouldn’t have been conned. smokersodysseycom

  7. Ray Clark Palmer says:

    This is so sick. I can undstand the female victim being intimidated by a male accusing her of robbing him.She would not want to get into a physical battle and might be afriad he would call the cops alledging she robbed him. But sympathy end at the pont where she walks into a bank and withdraws her own money. That is when SHE should have called a cop or jumped in a cab and gotten away from the pair.

  8. bullett says:

    Scams are nothing new. Politicians have been doing that to the taxpayers of America since the founding of our nation.

  9. The Facts says:

    This scam is ancient. Some people are complete dopes. That’s why the scam is still around and always will be.

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