New 60-Foot-Tall Utility Poles Anger West Islip Residents

WEST ISLIP, NY (WCBS 880) – Newer and bigger is better, right? Well, not if you ask people in one Long Island town.

WCBS 880 Long Island Bureau Chief Mike Xirinachs In Suffolk County

You can’t help but notice the new 60-foot-tall utility poles being installed in West Islip.

They’re 30 feet taller than the old ones, which some say look like toothpicks in comparison.

“They’re huge. They’re very big,” says one resident.

Many echo that sentiment, calling them an eyesore.

Residents’ complaints have forced a stop work order on the $12 million project.

The Long Island Power Authority says it will try to meet community concerns.

“My personal opinion is why can’t they put them underground?” asks one homeowner.

Homeowners say the ugly new poles are causing property values to decrease.

They even have an abbreviation for them – BFP. The B stands for big and the P stands for poles. You can fill in the rest.


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  1. DanTe says:

    As if the original poles weren’t an eyesore to begin with. You don’t like it, ban utility poles. You don’t need them.

  2. KJ says:

    Try having a cell antennas put ontop of LIPA pole 50′ from your home with nothing you can do about it- No official seems to think home values will drop because of it. what idiots- every newspaper article about antennas state how home owners are in an uproar not wanting it near their homes, but our home value won’t drop. Town of Brookhaven needs to wake up and start protecting their residents.

  3. vy says:

    Why can’t the major transmission lines between power stations and local distribution centers be placed underground where they would be protected from electriical storms, high winds and ice storm damage? This would limit weather related blackouts to very localized areas. Those underground lines can be protected against flooding.
    This would improve the reliability and security of the system.

  4. iggy says:

    the photo shows the difference between the t poles. wow, what a life changing difference.

  5. iggy says:

    it’s a pole. there is one there now. what difference does it make if it’s 30 or 60 feet? it’s there already. if they dug up the street and buried the wires, they’d complain the streets were blocked.

  6. nana says:

    terrible, make your voices heard other wise Long Island is going to look just like Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, so stop it now or else.

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