Abandoned Newborn Baby Found In Shoebox In Astoria

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A newborn baby was found in a shoebox on a street in Astoria Friday morning, according to authorities.

The baby girl, whose umbilical cord was still attached, was found shortly after 7 a.m. on 28th Street.

Police say the infant is either white or Hispanic. She was taken to Elmhurst General Hospital and was listed in stable condition.

Authorities canvassed the area, but so far, her parents haven’t been found. An investigation is underway and police are asking anyone who may recognize the child to call crime stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.


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  1. Sandy says:

    Im a mother of 4 and i am willing and able to care for this child. Please send me information to adopt this child.

  2. Rich Avellino says:

    Please contact my wife and I . We would lovvvvvvve to adopt this baby. We have a ton of love to give, and a beatuiful home. This baby needs stability, caring and love and we have the means of giving her a wonderful life.. Please contact me at 718-938-5861.

  3. Richard A. says:

    Oh God, Please send me and my wife information on how we could adopt this most precious child. We a have ton of love to give and could offer this baby a wonderful home and life. Please contact me at 718-938-5861.

  4. L. Singh says:

    Bless this little infant who survived such a wanton case of abandonment. I earnestly hope and pray someone gives her a second chance in life. Wish if I was in a position to adopt her … best wishes precious baby girl.

  5. Jose Daniel Gonzalez says:

    Please send my wife and I information on how to adopt this precious child.
    We would be very willing and able to adopt this child.

    Please call us at 516-680-5332

    Joe and Carol

  6. Jessica Mendez says:

    If I could take the baby, I definitely would. 🙂 I’m dying for a girl. I already have my two beautiful boys.

  7. anonymous says:

    CBS please can you post information if adoption is an option? I would most certainly love to adopt this lovely little baby who has a wonderful life ahead.

  8. Diane Majette says:

    God bless her and all the babies that are unwanted and who don’t have anyone.

  9. Joe says:

    Would concider adopting the child.
    Please call my wife and I at

    Joe and Carol

    1. Debbie says:

      @ Joe & Carol….As a mother of three adult children I commend you for that request. This young lady apparently doesn’t realize the precious gem she walked away from. I wish the two of you all the best, if not this baby in question then perhaps another deserving baby.

    2. Right On says:

      Wish you and your wife the best of luck.

  10. Joe says:

    I would like to adopt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Please call 516-680-5332
    Wife and I will more then happy to adopt.
    Joe and Carol

  11. me says:

    wish I could have more kids

  12. ProFromDover says:

    “Babies Makin’ Babies” ~ Sylvester Stewart

  13. Debbie says:

    This is a result of babies having babies..there is absolutely no way that a mature woman with perhaps a husband would do such a thing. Nine months of pregnancy is absolutely amazing, it’s like a cake baking and awaiting the results therafter. Precious, nothing compares to pregancy and the gift of life. Everytime I look at my pay-check..the lack there of, it reminds me of where my tax dollars are going. To the young women who seek birth control, health insurance and Women Infant Care. The only two good things that came out of this is that she did not kill the baby and through the grace of God it appears to be healthy. WOMEN/GIRLS PLEASE DON’T GO THROUGH THE THRESHOLD OF 9MTHS OF PREGNANCY TO ABANDON THE CHILD ON THE STREETS..IT’S NOT FAIR TO THEM THAT YOU MADE THE MISTAKE OF ENGAGING IN UNPROTECTED SEX AND AS A RESULT THEY ENDED UP ON THE LIST OF ABANDONED BABIES.

  14. SCM says:

    God Bless the Baby. It is such a miracle still alive. The Mom shouldn’t never do something like that. Close your legs if you don’t want this to happen. !!

    1. Elizabeth says:

      @ SCM: Spoken like a guy who applauds the father for not using protection either. Maybe guys who leave girls in this situation should be castrated starting with you. You are pathetic.

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