Nassau County Busts Drunk Drivers Evading Ignition Interlocks

MINEOLA, NY (WCBS 880) – Nassau County authorities busted 22 convicted drunk drivers in a two-week sweep for attempting to bypass required ignition interlock devices in their vehicles, District Attorney Kathleen Rice announced Monday.

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“Investigators from my office working with the Nassau County Department of Probation closely watched dozens of convicted drunk drivers throughout Nassau County when they did not know they were being watched,” said Rice.

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Some of the drivers were caught after leaving their homes, but many of the drivers were busted on their way to visit their probation officers, Rice said.

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“These drivers are a danger to the public and we’re going to hold them accountable,” she said Monday.

Ignition interlock devices became mandatory for any drunk driver sentenced on or after Aug. 15, 2010.

The device requires the driver to pass a breath test in order to start the vehicle, as well as “rolling retests” until the vehicle is stopped and turned off. If the device detects alcohol on the driver’s breath, the horn will honk, the lights will flash, and the driver is instructed to stop the car.

In some cases the police may respond to investigate.

In all cases, a notice of violation will be sent to Probation, the DA’s Office, and the court. In addition, the vehicle will enter “lockout” mode, preventing the car from starting if the driver does not report to the service provider.

“The power of ignition interlock technology is that it prevents convicted drunk drivers from starting their vehicles if they have been drinking,” said Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano in a news release.

The following people were charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle Without a Court-Ordered Interlock and driving with suspended license:

· James Lynch, 27, of Baldwin
· Jason Aragon, 30, of East Rockaway
· Darrell Hampton, 35, of Freeport
· Kenneth Hock, 47, of Rockville Centre
· Daniel Dillon, 26, of Baldwin
· Christopher Demir, 22, of Bethpage
· Maria Kinalis, 23, of Bethpage
· Farhan Khan, 22, of Franklin Square
· Jose Bermudez, 32, of Hempstead
· Steven Jones, 36, of Elmont
· Patrick Roberts, 41, of Uniondale
· Bryan Negrete, 20, of Freeport
· Peter Siciliano, 50, of Plainview
· Fred Beale 56, of Elmont
· John Mollo, 32, of Franklin Square
· Kevin Mack, 38, of Freeport
· Christopher Ramos, 42, of Glen Head
· Mitchell Bogdanov, 24, of Bayside
· Brian Pymm, 26, of Kings Point
· Christine Colasanto, 28, of Valley Stream

In addition, Silvana Miranda, 37, of Brooklyn and William Mauz, 32, of Bethpage were arrested and charged with driving with a suspended license.

Do you think convicted drunk drivers should be required to have ignition interlock devices on their vehicles? Tell us below.

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One Comment

  1. AngryinNassau says:

    They where arrested Bone Cold Sober while reporting to Probation….Driving there because the mass transit is horrible. Im not saying what they did was correct, but a “Sting” by the DA’s office for this type of arrest is WEAK and they should be spending my Tax dollars on real crime, instead of putting these people in Jail with Bail set at 10,000 for basically driving while suspended.

    1. KPMc says:

      If they were sober why did they disable the ignition lock? So they can drink and drive with impunity. F’ em!

  2. KPMc says:

    C i r c u m v e n t is a banned word at CBS?

  3. JULIE says:

    this article is ridiculous. These people were not convicted of any crime. There was NO REASON for their arrest. NO REASON for them to be publicly humiliated over crimes they may have committed YEARS ago and have been doing the correct thing. The person who wrote this article should be in jail, not them.

    1. KPMc says:

      How is avoiding the ignition locks doing the correct thing?

      Conditions of their parole and/or requirements to operate a motor vehicle say they have to blow… then blow. The only reason for not doing so is you’re drunk again.

      Sounds like your’e making excuses for a scvm bag drunk. Enable much?

  4. Johnny Handsome says:

    Why were they arrested? No reason given. How did they attempt to cheat the device? Why were they arrested leaving their homes or going to their probation officers?

  5. sawnetbean says:

    Not for the first offense.

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