Twitter, Social Media Explodes As Earthquake Shakes New York City Area And Northeast

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 5.8 magnitude earthquake that was felt along the Northeast coast Tuesday shook the ground, swayed buildings and left many residents wondering what was happening.

Tuesday afternoon, those that were at work, at home and online across the Tri-State area during the event took to social media to make their thoughts known.

Before most even knew for sure that it was an earthquake which struck New York City and a large portion of the East Coast, Twitter was flooded with the #Earthquake hashtag as  users, including celebrities and reporters, took to the social media outlet. The Internet giant later tweeted that 40,000 earthquake-related tweets were inputted within one minute of the quake.

“And, we hit about 5,500 Tweets per second (TPS). For context, this TPS is more than Osama Bin Laden’s death & on par w/ the Japanese quake,” @twitter said.

“Seriously, my first instinct during the #earthquake: Tweet this. 2nd: Duck and cover,” wrote Washington Post editor Doris N. Truong.

Other found clever ways to poke fun at politicians.

“It was a reaction to George Pataki’s president speculation,” tweeted political reporter Dave Weigel.

“I think Chris Christie just jumped into the race,” wrote writer Alex Pareene.

NYC Aviation used a hashtag to add some subtle humor to their announcement of delays.

“GROUND STOPS at #DCA, #EWR, #IAD, #JFK and #PHIL due to the #earthquake. #grabasnickers.”

Meanwhile, one New York City bar and restaurant attempted to use the earthquake – and the power of social media – for business purposes.

“Attention NYC: #Earthquake party at Southern Hospitality!!” tweeted the Upper East Side establishment.

The quake was felt as far west as Ohio.

One former CBS employee even reported feeling it on the 21st floor of a building in Manhattan.

There are no reports of injury at this time.

Did you feel it? Let us know in the comments section below!

  • Ceciel B

    Felt it here in Montclair, NJ At first I thought I bumbed my chair on the desk so I did it again and I was like nope didn’t feel like that…a caller confirmed it for me that yes I felt the earthquake…I got the chills

  • Nancy

    In Secaucus NJ…we felt the whole building shaking and ran out…very scary!! What about aftershocks…I’m worried.

  • Jose

    Wow its been a long time I haven’t felt an earthquake. I lived in California for a couple of years and that was a regular occurrence. But in Yonkers I had a DeJaVu moment.

  • mceby

    Felt it out in Western New York. House rolled gently leaving floor lamps swaying, potted plants shaking and recliner rocking. No damage but eerie feeling.

  • Nance

    We felt it on the 6th floor at 69th and York in NYC

  • Catherine

    On the 9th floor of my office building. I thought it was the large dog we have in the office shaking his leg. Went into the main room and we all were like “uhh are we having an earthquake”? It was bazaar, lasted about 30 seconds.

    • jean

      I work in Highland Mills, NY, about 60 miles north west of NYC. I felt the quake and looked out my window to see my car bouncing up and down as if someone was jumping on it.

    • judith

      I work in Brooklyn and suddenly I felt the building sway and roll. OMG!!! the fixtures were swaying as well and we ran out of the building. I work on the 7th floor in an office building near Borough Hall. All of the buildings emptied out.

  • Liz

    I am in Westbury, Long Island, but I didn’t feel a thing. I found out when my son called from Virginia, and later found out that family members in queens and eastern long island felt shaking.

  • Kelli hensley

    I live in Pikeville, KY which is far eastern KY. We have evacuated businesses due to the shaking caused by the earthquake in VA.

  • Joel

    We were in our office in the Bronx when we felt the strange noise by the windows and my chair started vibrating for few seconds.

  • Gigi

    I am in Cambria Heights, Queens, was at my local grocer when it happened. Everyone spilled out onto the street and the local library was evacuated. I was shocked to see the headline here!

  • Keith

    A group of co-workers and myself felt a slight tremor movement on the 11th fl at 80 Pine Street

  • K. Byrnes

    We were rocking in East Hampton, Long Island, New York too!

  • lisa

    i AM on the 28th floor of msg it was scary. thought i was dizzy for some strange reason. very scary

  • Darla

    We felt it in Kinnelon, New Jersey. My desk and everything on it was shaking, and I was slightly moving from side to side. What a weird feeling.

  • Ken House

    Felt the house shake sightlly in a east-west motion on tyhe south shore of Long Island (Nassau County).

  • from chanon gelber

    what caused the earth quake today in new york email me back
    did anyone get hurt today

    • Gigi

      An earthquake in Virginia sent tremors every which way. That’s why it is getting so much attention.

  • laurie

    thought one of my co workers was pushing against my desk
    then i looked over at her and saw that her hands were in her lap
    felt the shaking for about 15 seconds

  • Mathew

    I’m in Richmond Hill New York. I was working on my computer in my office, at first I thought someone is pulling my chair, my computer screen was shaking. There is a video screen in my office, it was swinging. I called my colleague, we both went outside the building for safety. It was around 1:55 PM EST.

  • susan

    My boss asked if I felt that …for a few seconds I just thought I was having a dizzy spell, then I felt the building shake and roll. I am on Long Island

  • sweet

    felt it on park ave…17 floor

  • denise

    I’m on the 12th floor in lower Manhattan. We all felt it here.

  • Mr. Wright 212

    I’m from Harlem, but this isn’t the first one I’ve felt. We had one last year and 3 years ago I believe. Strongest/longest one I felt to date, however. Felt motion sick for about a minute. My apartment was shaking like the platform on some of those elevated trains in the Bronx.



  • Ibrahim A

    We have felt it on the north shore of staten island. I was sitting in my car in the parking lot and the car started shaking. I thought it was the wind but trees were standing still. I realized that something was wrong when I saw people coming down from the building.

  • Sunita

    I’m in Rego Park Queens and I felt it about an hour ago, it felt like it lasted a good 30 seconds, I was in the basement and my desk chair everything starte to sway, but no one upstairs felt it at all.

  • Joe

    Felt it in Stamford CT

  • Tiffani Rosado

    I was playing on the computer and suddenly I felt something shaking. I thought it was my dog shaking the chair that I was sitting but my dad told me it was an earthquake. It really makes me want to throw up…

  • kamla

    iwas sitting on a webinar the conferece table and overhead lights started swaying my thoughts went immediately to JAPAN AND HAITI thank GOD it was what it was

  • Isabell

    Bohemia, NY here. We felt it too. Our second-story office was swinging. Crazy!

  • Mike

    I felt it in Richmond Hill, NY. The whole building rocked for 20 to 30 seconds

  • Joe

    Felt it just a bit in Commack. The gods are angry. Be prepared.

  • Darien, CT

    We all felt the earthquake. Signs that hang from strings, from the ceiling in our office, were bobbing around the whole time.

  • Evelyn Joy Shevlin

    I flet it too. I was sitting and my boss says stop that but i wasnt doing anything. Everything was moving in the office of his house in Forest Hills Queens , NY

  • BareBurger Park Slope

    I was in the basement of my restaurant in Brooklyn and I thought I was getting a dizzy spelll. Once the desk and my chair began to move, I knew it was an earthquake. What a strange feeling

  • Tony

    I was waiting at a light in Staten Island and felt the car moving. At first I thought it was the wind but it just wasn’t that breezy. Then I thought there was something wrong the vehicles engine. What a relief to know that it was just an earthquake!!

    Heard that it’s epicenter was 87 miles outside of Washington, DC. Do you think the man upstairs is sending a message to the politicians?

  • Consuelo Colon

    I am in Union City, NJ and all of a sudden I felt the building moving. I wasn’t sure if I was correct. Then I stood up and went to my grandson who was in his room & he felt it too.

  • Alexander Krivenyshev

    Felt strong shake in my apartment on 25th floor in Galaxy towers in New Jersey.

    • Tweet the Cosmonauts.

      Did you Tweet the Cosmonauts? Tell them to terraform Mars for you so you have a place to escape to when Earth goes to hell….…Remember, the Andromeda approaches.

  • Frank

    also felt in Montreal Canada

  • Patricia Lanesman

    I was lying on my couch when it started to move across the room. I am in Briarwood Queens

    • Tweet the !Cosmonauts!

      Did you Tweet the Cosmonauts?! Ask them to terraform Mars for you so you have a place to escape to when Earth goes to hell…. atmospheres.5u…Remember, the Andromeda approaches.

  • Madge

    I’m in the northeast section of the Bronx, 27th floor, and I was wondering why I felt so dizzy as the building was swaying, which I then realized it must have been an earthquake. It lasted about 15 seconds or so. Quite frightening!

  • jason

    11042 Lake Success; Inside a 3 story medical building with a 3 story garage i felt the shakes

  • CG

    Felt it in Times Square. Our office is on the 36th floor and it felt like we were rocking on a boat.

  • avi

    yes my desk shook it felt crazy

  • Natalie B

    I’m on the 5th Floor of a Upper West Side apartment and I felt it for about 10-15 seconds. I’m from San Francisco and so I knew what it was immediately. Never thought they got them here.

  • Vic

    The whole building at MTA College Point Depot swayed. Scarry. We had to evacuate, due to CNG tanks.

  • Bob

    I live in Toms River, NJ – my house shook west to east not once but twice – one after the other with a very slight pause in-between. I tried calling the local 911 but after 2 minutes of ringing I finally hung up. Scary stuff!!

  • teetotaler

    Same in Garden City, Long Island.

  • Rhino

    Construction Trailer was moving @ EWR – Eppa – keep it rocking

  • Kendall

    I felt the earthquake and I am on the 7th floor at Rockefeller Plaza.

  • Leesh

    I’m in Central New York. I was sitting at my desk at work, at first I thought I was dizzy. I felt the chair shake. It was over in about 20 seconds.

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