Duo Reportedly Told Staten Island Residents To Evacuate In Order To Burglarize Their Homes

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A former corrections officer allegedly tried to take advantage of Tropical Storm Irene, according to published reports.

Daniel DiGianni, 42, and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Linda Fleshner, allegedly knocked on doors in South Beach Saturday. Police said the duo told people to leave their homes before Hurricane Irene landed, according to reports. The area is a low-lying part of Staten Island.

User-Submitted Pictures Of Irene’s Wrath

DiGianni reportedly flashed a fake badge. Fleshner was allegedly carrying a knife and handcuffs.

Police reportedly believe they wanted to rob places once residents had cleared out.

The duo were arrested at around 5 p.m. and have been charged with criminal impersonation of a police officer. Fleshner also faces weapons charges.

If convicted of the charges, what is the appropriate punishment in this case? Sound off in our comments section.

  • Danny

    I know both of the accused. mr. digianni, a lifelong resident has never been in troublle in 42 yrs and holds several licenses in security, process serving and is a notary public. ms. Fleschner is a veterinary technician and primary caregiver to Mr. DiGianni. dont always believe what you read!

  • francesca

    Digianni is a lowlife..he has stolen and lied before and will again..thats all about drugs!!! they should get the max in jail

  • BFJ

    Life in prison. These people add to a break down of public trust in our society. In the NEAR future, citizens will take the law into their own hands and when they do DEATH will be their sentence. They’ve obviously done this before, and they’ll do it again. The residents who called the police responded with civility, but when you have NO TRUSTWORTHY officers to call, law-abiding citizens will pursue their right to protect themselves.

  • Robert Holiday

    Now we know where OBUMMER’S “lost uncle” bees at!!!!!!!

    • KPMc

      DiGianni from Staten Island and you think he has any connection to Democrats or Obama? You’re clueless.

  • Dawson

    off with their heads and private parts
    or 10 lashes in public

  • nelly

    They should be strapped up by their feet and used as pinatas.

  • thegoat1970

    shame on them…

  • John

    when i saw the title of this story, i thought: hmm, that’s interesting. i didn’t realize the obamas were in staten island.

  • Jens

    It’s the new Liberal entrepreneurship

  • nunya

    There should be no punishment, they were mearly attempting to spread the wealth. They new they were entitled to the things they wanted to steal and instead of waiting for their Obama money, they just decided to cut out the middleman and get some right now. It is their RIGHT to take from you. You have no recourse, assimilate. Believe we are all happy unique butterflies capable of wrenching our destinies from the hands of those greedy hard working middle class people.

  • Sherman McCoy

    They have already been hired by Goldman Sachs.

  • terry rohan

    freakin new york and new england, how can we get these states diconnected form the USA and given to Mexico?
    These clowns harbor people like Anthony Weiner, Charles Schumer, and Carolyn McCarthy, and think they have the right to dictate the way the other 40 states should act, pushing their diseases and bedbugs on everyone.
    Maybe Montreal will take you.
    We don’t want to carry you anymore.
    signed: the rest of the Union, the part that pays our taxes.

    • ham07

      Terry, we will leave and leave you to your “sameness”

      • John

        figures a liberal would be tired after making one comment. that’s probably the most work you’ve done all year, huh, cupcake?

  • j-bone

    This what happens when drugs take over someones life!! It’s a shame!!! I’m just glad no one got hurt.

    • Cogito ergo sum

      I didn’t see anything in the article about drugs. The guy was a former corrections officer, which is not too surprising to me, but that was the only info given. Stop spreading disinfo.

    • joey from B'hurst

      What else would it be besides drugs? Are they going to find a lost Rembrandt in South Beach? Why would someone say that they are not surprised it is a corrections officer—–do you know something I don’t.

  • John P.

    Oh yeah Rick, like the Repubs on Wall Street and in the banks never do any stealing. People like you need to think of what your saying before you say it.

    • MMathis6

      You mean republicans like Soros, Buffet, Madoff….oh that’s right they are Democrats, oh how silly of me!

  • Liam Steele

    Who in the world is chum? I’m not wanting any of that stuff. That sucks, Man. Get some real food, Dude.

  • Flynn

    And here’s Rick doing what he knows best…being an idiot.

    • afdadfaf

      so the Dems steal and Rick is an idiot and you’re a kunt – that was fun

  • Liam Steele

    Hey, who is this God that someone brought down here today to stop some of us from getting some good stuff. If you aint got the stuff then don’t get in our deal.

  • Cribster

    This is not unlike Al Gore’s scheme to steal personal wealth from people all around the globe by perpetuating his fraud.

  • Liam Steele

    That’s cool, Dude.

  • yoadrian balboa

    They should run for congress! They would fit right in and they would probably win knowing how intelligent the electorate is these days.

    • Liam Steele

      Hey, Dude, I’m not going to worry about it. If he can get his stuff then I’m all for him.

  • Ryan Mouk

    appropriate punishment for a bunch of cowardly thieves using terror to burglarize innocent civilians. Deport these wastes of life, sell their junk, and give the profits to the residents they failed to rob.

    • Liam Steele

      Give it to me, man. I figure that I deserve what I think I need.

    • John P.

      What country do you “deport” American citizens to?

  • Bernie Sanders

    horrible that people would do something like this is an crisis … they ahould be send to a ravaged country hit by a storm and make them serve the community for the horrible thing thay did ~

    • Liam Steele

      they ahould be send to a ravaged country hit by a storm , yeah man, that’s kewl. Like I say, get what fits in your wallet and then get what you want.

  • twistin

    him by his nuts.
    her by her tits.

  • twistin

    throw them in a hole.

  • Jane Louise Smith

    Question was “If convicted of the charges, what is the appropriate punishment in this case?” Answer: How about a job in the White House?

  • Marco

    hmmmmm… sound like folks that Bloomberg would hire at City Hall…….’ya think????????

    • Jane Louise Smith

      Exactly Marco.

  • Surfin Bird

    It is really sick if these indivduals were going to loot the homes.

    How do the police know that they were going to burglarize the homes? Do they have any proof of this?

  • Don

    Throw the book at them!

  • edy

    This can only happen in NYC

  • Giovanni

    It is sad that in times like this, we have people that like to take advantage of others. To me they are no different than terrorist. They both like to see people suffer and yet they do not care. They need to be put away forever. Both should be charge with the same. I for one work very hard for what I got, I do not need some LOW LIFES Stealing from me nor anyone for that matter. Get a Job and buy your own. If you can’t fine work dont steal. Use you brain for good, not evil. If I found them in my house, My friends Smith, wesson, and Sig will not be happy.

  • J. Ciotola

    3 years community service or 2 years hard time!

  • Marina Ios

    former correction officer? resigned or laid off/fired, etc
    can you imagine what sort of “correction” this one provided??

  • Jansen12

    They need to rot in Jail for a long time. Sickening.

    • Liam Steele

      Yeah, ur right. Let then rot, I don’t care about them. I just hope I can get some good stuff for me.

    • Liam Steele

      Hey, Man, lighten up. Get yours and I’ll get mine then things will be cool.

  • rocky


  • MikeD

    Shackle them to an ocean front pier!

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