Jerry ‘Rello’ Recco kicked off his first update with Tuesday night’s broadcast of John Sterling describing the action in the top of the 7th, when John Lackey drilled Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli.

If you listen carefully – and we did – you can hear Sterling’s radio sidekick, Suzyn Waldman, expressing her concern for the Yankees backup catcher.  From there Craig had his fun.

Then Jerry reported on Alex Rodriguez’s status for the rest of the Boston series. A-Rod received a cortisone shot in his ailing left thumb and according to ole Jerry, he will be out for a long while, like the whole season.

When Craig called him on his gaffe, the sensitive Jerry got very defensive, and even after he listened back to the mistake would not own up to his error.  Then – at the orders of Craig – Jerry quickly recapped the Mets’ 6-0 loss to the Marlins and somehow managed to include some audio of Terry Collins following his team’s 69th loss of the season.

After that the guys discussed the new contract Michael Vick signed with the Eagles yesterday and then wondered how he blew $100 million in the first place…

LISTEN: Suzyn Waldman Expresses Her Concern And Jerry Screws Up (8/31)

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