NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — For Bruce Springsteen, all the world is a stage.

On Thursday, “The Boss” apparently walked up to a busker in the Boston Public Garden and asked to borrow his guitar.

A video on YouTube show Springsteen sitting on the park’s little bridge strumming away.

Some spectators can be heard jokingly wondering if they should give him a dollar.

It’s unclear what Springsteen was doing in Boston though there’s speculation he may have been helping his son get settled in at Boston College.

Last September, Springsteen made it into Ed Dwyer and Jennifer Smith’s engagement picture after they recognized him sitting on a bench near the Manasquan Inlet during their photo shoot.

Dwyer was strumming his guitar when Springsteen apparently said to him, “Play that box.” Dwyer instead gave him the instrument. Springsteen played for a little bit and then posed with them with the guitar, in his bare feet and wearing a flannel shirt.

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