Gas Prices Jump After Irene, Tropical Storm Lee

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — If you filled your gas tank this Labor Day weekend you know it cost a lot more than it did last year  and as you return home from your holiday weekend make sure you have some extra cash to fill up your tank.

The national average for a regular gallon of gas is $3.67 — a dollar more than Labor Day last year — meaning drivers will have been paying more for gas this weekend than in any other year except 2008.

The average gas price in New York has gone up three cents to $3.97.

The weather is partly to blame for high prices.

Hurricane Irene caused six East Coast refineries to have to close down temporarily. Also, Tropical Storm Lee, which just slammed the Gulf Coast, forced 23 drilling rigs in the Gulf of Mexico to be evacuated.

“The national average has also been moving up about six cents in the last week,” Patrick DeHaan, senior analyst at told CBS 2.

While fewer people are traveling this Labor Day overall, AAA says the number traveling by car is up 3 percent from last year. It’s estimated nearly 32 million driver hit the roads over the holiday weekend.

“It’s pretty cost-effective to go within a 50-mile radius and I think that’s why people are taking short road trips so they can enjoy the holiday weekend and spend more time there than on the road and save a little money on gas,” Joanna Newton, AAA spokeswoman, said.

Experts say prices may begin to fall in just a few weeks but don’t expect to see the drastic drop we usually do heading into winter because there’s more demand for gas coming from developing countries.

The instability in oil-producing Libya is also expected to keep gas prices higher than normal.

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  1. Jim Horak says:

    Articles about gas price projections are great but doing something to help the consumer save a buck is a whole other story. Who the hell knows what gas prices will be the next time we go to the pump. All I know is that I am tired of paying huge gas prices. Here is a tip about a new type of Auto Club. I use their membership gas card by sticking it into gas pump and it gives me 10% right back to my account for the gas purchase and I guess some other benefits too. It is easy, no hassle. With money we save, we enjoy more trips, movies and family fun stuff. See for yourself like I did. , the more people that are using this, the more they can discount – it’s kinda like Cosco or Sam’s Club in that way. Learn more – save more; feel free to ask.

  2. MJ says:

    gee… i wonder WHY , ALL industries were effected by irene but ONLY the gas industry sees a need to raise its prices ? proof once AGAIN …ITS ALL BS

  3. Bullett says:

    Just your basic price gouging by “big oil”.

  4. BOBBY says:

    Yeah blame Bush ,This Fool of a President that we have is worse then Bush hands down .Obama is getting a free ride because of his half black side .

  5. Mike Baldwin says:

    The oil companies are gouging us again,pure and simple.

  6. Jo Dean says:

    Those middle east oil people arent stupid, they know we will continue to buy gas no matter how much it costs so might as well jack it up!

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