Living Large: Inside Columbus Circle’s ‘Mansion In The Sky’

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — While 150 Columbus Avenue may have an unassuming presence in Lincoln Center’s shadow, behind its walls you’ll find 5-star living.

The homeowner calls it a “mansion in the sky” because it has everything a home offers plus all amazing views high above the city.

From the 26th floor you have spectacular views of Lincoln Center, you can see the reflecting pool, the Hudson River and down to Columbus Circle.

The living room has green Venetian plaster walls, oriental rugs and ornate Art Deco furniture mixed with contemporary Thai paintings.

A gracious staircase leads to a cozy family room on the second floor and more incredible views

And if you need 8 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms you’re covered.

For the full tour, watch the video:

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One Comment

  1. MM Parsippany says:

    This LIVING LARGE series is offensive in oh so many ways. What are you thinking? Producers of these segments should engage is some sensitivity training!!!

  2. Dr. SS says:

    Many people have lost their jobs and their homes. Why aren’t you featuring afforable homes? Is your purpose to help the weathy make more money by selling their homes? Or, do you feature these homes to infuriate the majority of viewers who are struggling in this economy? I will no longer watch your news programs while you air “Living Large.”There are better topics that you can broadcast. You certainly are not sensitive to needs of many of your viewers.

  3. Vito says:

    So I guess this is the reason that the CEO at our company has cut 1/2 the minimum-wage jobs at our company and outsourced the other 1/2 to India where they make $1.00 an hour. Because the more money he can put in his own pocket, he can afford an apartment like this. And the only apartment I can afford on my salary is made of cardboard and says “MAYTAG” on the side.

  4. Here's a good one says:

    yes of course. with the diminishing middle class, high unemployment levels and the constant worry of the people that are employed, losing their jobs we love to rub your face in the lifestyle of the extremely rich who can afford a fancy apartment in manhattan. Because thats whats supposed to be important to us. Not anything else thats going on but this apartment.

  5. msR810 says:

    Do you think we need this kind of living rubbed in our nose in this economy??????

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