1010 WINS’ 9/11 Series: ‘Truthers’ Still Contend U.S. Government Was Complicit In Attacks

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Ten years after Sept. 11, 2001, some conspiracy theorists still subscribe to a more sinister version of the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Luke Redowski, a 24-year-old from Bensonhurst, is among those who believes and argues the United States government and U.S. military were complicit in the attacks.

“The people who are supposed to protect us knowingly knew about this. There were many warnings,” Redowski, a member of the group “We Are Change,” told 1010 WINS’ John Montone.

1010 WINS’ John Montone Reports From Ground Zero

Largely ignored by the mainstream media, the 9/11 “truthers” have used social networking sites and YouTube to disseminate their views.

Redowski claims the government has evidence that bombs placed in the World Trade Center brought the towers down.

On 9/11, on that horrible day, we have over an hour, four airplanes off course and the best military, the best air defense stood down. And the people who were accountable were not demoted, were not fired, but they were promoted,” he said.

Redowski said a janitor in the North Tower, who helped rescue people believes bombs placed inside the World Trade Center brought the towers down.

“There’s William Rodriguez — a national hero — who heard a huge explosion in the sub-cellar basements and then heard the plane hit,” he said.

Though the so-called “truthers” have a significant following, former President Bill Clinton has referred to them as “idiots.”

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  1. Observer says:

    I’m not sure about all of the “Truther” claims, but I’ve often wondered about the attack on the Pentagon. That facility should’ve been the original No Fly Zone. If the hijackers could do it, imagine what the USSR could have done if they really DID want to fight us (if any former Soviet high command folks are around, thank you for not attacking my country–in the light of things, I really am very grateful). The person in charge deserves a stint in Guantanamo more than any of the dregs that are there.

    1. Brian Good says:

      Norm Mineta,who was Transportation Secretary at the time, says that ten minutes before the plane hit the Pentagon a young man kept coming into the emergency bunker telling Cheney “The plane is 50 miles out… the plane is thirty mile out … the plane is ten miles out …. Do the orders still stand?” And Chyeney said they still stood. Mineta thought they were talking about flight 11 and thought they were talking about a shoot-down order.

      But since the plane was not shot down, it must have been a “don’t shoot” order.

  2. Sarah says:

    I can’t believe I actually agree with Bill Clinton on something.

  3. michaelfury says:

    “former President Bill Clinton has referred to them as ‘idiots.'”

    Clinton is complicit in the OKC bombing cover-up.


  4. Reverend Rev says:

    Nobody actually “believes” any of this “truther” nonsense. They’re PRETENDING to believe it just to make a few dollars.

    1. michaelfury says:

      All these professors, scientists, architects and engineers are “pretending to believe” so they can put their careers on the line? Really?


  5. TomNJ says:

    These are the same people who believe in the loch ness monster and bat boy. Idiots.

  6. Bob Fowler says:

    How can anyone believe that our government was behind such a heinous act? These ‘Truthers’ make assertions that cannot be proven. What kind of lunacy must you ascribe to in order to think that 3,000 lives would be sacrificed to protect corporate profits? That would be like saying that we are involved in the Middle East for any reason beyond protecting democracy. How silly.

    Since 2000, how many BILLIONS of dollars have been given to Haliburton, much without the need of bids? Of course, this was to protect us, and keep us safe from the boogeyman. Since 2000, how many rights and liberties have disappeared, again to protect us from the boogeymen? How many people are still being held at Gitmo, without ever being tried? I know, it’s only been almost 10 years, but we are backlogged in the military courts.

    Why is it so hard to believe that a few rich people decided, that in order to better control the populous, we would sacrifice a few thousand lives? Life imitating arts? “Wag the Dog” and “1984” were pure fiction before 2000, or were they? FDR knew about Pearl Harbor the day before it happened, yet did nothing about it. Why? It was a great way to enter WW II with the full public support, and did wonders for the economy of the day.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, can it really be anything besides a duck?

  7. Brian Good says:

    There were many warnings, as Luke says. The Mossad warned of 19 terrorists inside the USA planning something big, and named names. Only four names have been released, but they included two alleged 9/11 pilots, and two other alleged 9/11 hijackers. 13 foreign countries warned, 3 FBI offices and the CIA. Behrooz Sarshar’s FBI team wrote a memo “Kamikaze Pilots” after warnings from assets in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    William Rodriguez, however, can not be believed. He stole his hero story from a true hero, Pablo Ortiz, who saved dozens of lives before he died on 9/11. Wiliie’s claims that he single-handedly rescued 15 persons and saved hundreds of lives by “opening doors and letting people out” have been shown to be fraudulent.

  8. steve says:

    9-11 wasn’t an inside job, it was an Islam job.

  9. Ang says:

    Can the “Truthers” back up thier belief?
    People are going to believe what they
    Want to believe. For all we know, the
    “Truthers” did it. Whomever did it, their
    Souls should burn for eternity.

    1. michaelfury says:

      “Can the “Truthers” back up thier belief?”

      Find out today.

      International Hearings on the Events of September 11

      Ryerson University, Toronto, September 8 – 11


  10. Don Juan says:

    So if more money was not given does that disprove your hypothesis?

  11. Eileen Tracey says:

    Complicit ??? The US Government were behind the whole thing !!! The only terrorists is in our own Government..

  12. Steve says:

    You guys spelled “morons” wrong.

  13. Joey Boots says:

    haha we need to people to laugh at don’t we.

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