2,753 Empty Chairs In Bryant Park Honors Those Who Died On 9/11

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — There is a moving tribute in Bryant Park to honor and remember those lost on Sept. 11th.

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There are 2,753 empty chairs in Bryant Park in remembrance of those who perished in the World Trade Center attacks. When one woman saw the rows of empty chairs, she began to cry.

“My brother died, that is why I am crying,” she said. “It is a simple and touching memorial. I would like to thank the designer, it’s a nice way to remember my brother.”

Near the chairs is a row of manual typewriters where people can stop and record their thoughts about that awful day, asking New Yorkers “What would you like the world to remember about 9/11?”

“A lot of loss,” said Ivy Eig. “Tremendous loss, heartache.”

The exhibit was created by artist Sheryl Oring.

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  1. michaelfury says:

    Don’t honor them with empty chairs. Honor them by putting the insider conspirators in the dock.


  2. t dubs says:

    im going to be in that area today and if im really tired, i might have to take a seat on one of those chairs.

  3. JFK says:

    Read som emore never told stories:

    “Destruction of the Twin Peaks: 9/11 Stories”

  4. Reverend Rev says:

    Is it really legal to honor ALL of them? I thought that only First Responders were allowed to be honored.

  5. Stop this says:

    Emty chairs wow where does these tributes stop enough already .Some people involved in 9/11 want closure not everyone needs to more every day for rest of our lives people die you live to make them proud.

    1. Peter says:

      The most pertinent thing you said were the words,”Some people”.If this is not to your liking,then please ignore it. There may be others who are comforted by this gesture.Interestingly,your post evokes memories of two Broadway songs,Empty Chairs and Empty Tables from Les Miserables and Some People from Gypsy.And the words of each song really do apply to your post.

  6. David says:

    About conspiracy theories…


    During the Clinton era, the long debated truth regarding the bombing of Pearl Harbor was finally established and the issue put to bed; http://www.independent.org/newsroom/article.asp?id=103

    The revelation wasn’t that our politicians are capable of public deceit and winning at any cost, it was a confirmation of government policy to hide and hold the truth of decisions and events for apparently an average of 50 years, or until the people who participated in such secret activities are either dead or too old to matter.

    Given America’s adeptness at monitoring potential enemies, which was certainly the case with the Japanese (see article), the fact that Pearl Harbor could be successfully attacked without prior warning was considered impossible; and indeed it was.

    Opinions at the time and after that conflicted with the official view were called ‘conspiracy theories’ or worse by politicians and the news media. And in the hysterical frenzy that accompanied Roosevelt’s push for war and the usual accompanying hyper-patriotism, those critical of the ‘official line’ were forced to bite their tongue and the matter went away for a while as events in Europe dramatically unfolded.

    The lessons learned about such historical ‘state secrets’ considered expedient for the public’s safety and welfare, is that you won’t learn the truth from politicians or the media; and that those who question and suggest alternatives to the official view are always in the minority.

    In its aggressive effort to keep potentially volatile information away from the public, the government has new and more challenging antagonists, in the form of Wikileaks, internet hackers and others. We will never know the complete price tag for security efforts to keep sensitive data from being leaked to taxpaying citizens. These new ‘truth foes’ mentioned above haven’t yet leaked hidden data regarding 9-11 and other sensitive events tied by the governments to terrorists. However, it’s an issue that you can bet is on the minds of among others, our politicians, redundant security forces, and the military.

    The next time we read where politicians or the media have decided to use the ‘conspiracy card’ to discredit free-thinking individuals or groups that don’t necessarily blindly believe the official message coming from those who in the past have made a habit of hiding the truth, perhaps we should view this overworked tactic of name-calling for what it might very well be… a conspiracy theory of its own.

  7. Salón Benito says:

    Clovis Clodoveo. This brutal attacks was tremendous loss
    for all american people. Remember for life.!!

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