McDonald’s Unveils Healthier Happy Meals In NYC

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — McDonald’s healthier Happy Meals have hit restaurants and kids are weighing in on the new and improved version of a fast food classic.

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Queens pre-schooler Amayja Latimore was among the first to try a smaller Happy Meal at a McDonald’s in Cambria Heights.

“And I’m eating nuggets and french fries,” she said.

But Amayja left out the apple slices that are now included in every one of these slimmed down Happy Meals.

Other changes include lower-sodium chicken nuggets, child size fries and low-fat milk.

“They’re making significant progress and significant progress needs to be recognized,” said Queens city councilman Leroy Comrie.

Comrie, who struggles with his weight, introduced a bill this spring banning toys from any kids’ meals with more than 500 calories.

“It’s not about me, it’s about the next generation of children,” he said. “It’s about the other people, people who don’t have the chance to speak up.”

The new Happy Meals will be available in all New York City McDonald’s by Friday and nationwide by the end of the year.

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One Comment

  1. Heather says:

    I think they’ll make the meals smaller and still charge the same ridiculous price.

  2. REAL TRUTH says:




  3. TC says:


    gluten free products too

  4. CamiBNYC says:

    The bottom line is that PARENTS are in charge not the children. If a parent suoersizes the Happy Meal dont blame McDonalds and Ronald McDonald. My 5 and 7 year olds like the toys so I will buy the toys only because you can buy it WITHOUT the meal. Sometimes I buy just the 4 piece nuggets or a plain burger and supplement it with fruits & veggies from home. You can let them have what they want sometimes but it is up to the PARENTS to make the decisions about they their children eat.

    1. mo says:

      I agree 100%.

  5. mak says:

    One thing that bugs me about this is this: How many kids throw out the apples?They got their fries, choice of burger or McNuggets and the toy. That’s all they want. Most kids, unless the parent admonishes them to eat the apples, will leave it on their trays. Can you imagine how much food is wasted this way?!?

    It’s the same thing with the school lunches. Has anybody checked to see how much in fruits and vegetables are tossed into the garbage each day by our kids?

    These kind of programs make the budinski’s in the world feel better but in reality, it just doesn’t work and it is a tremendous waste of food. That, to me, is a crime.

    1. Nicole says:

      This once again is an example of parents dropping the ball. How can you blame the kid for wasting food? If parents had their kids eating those kinds of foods early on then they wouldn’t wast it. My kids 6 and 8 were raised to eat apples, oranges, bananas etc if they wanted a snack or even with a meal. They now would rather eat the fruit and veggies over candy and junk. My kids learned early on what is really good an flavor full. They love eating all veggies and fruit. Good eating starts at home. Don’t blame anyone else for your kids problems but yourself. Look at all the fat moms with their fat kids at mcDonald’s…sick!

      1. mak says:

        I hope your not talking to me about blaming somebody else for my kids problems. My kids don’t have food issues, thank you very much.

        And, Nicole, don’t be surprised if your kids DO throw out the food that’s good for them if they have other choices to fill up on. Even the best of eaters don’t always go with what Mom thinks is best for them.

      2. Nicole says:

        Well “mak” if your kids don’t have a problem then what are you complaining about? Since your kids eat everything and never throw anything away I guess that would make you better than everyone else..

        BTW I know for a fact my kids would rather eat what’s good for them as opposed to junk….you know how I know? Everyone tells me that my kids at their house are the only ones that ask for the good stuff as opposed to the junk same for at home…so sorry you couldn’t “stick it to me”.

        Maybe if you took your head out of your A$$ you would know that not every comment is about you (well this one is) and that you assuming I ment you just prooved your problem…Thank you very much!

      3. Clark A says:

        Now, now, now, children!!!!!!!

      4. mak says:

        Okay, Clark. I hear ya …

        Sorry, Nicole. 😦

  6. Yvette says:

    As a mother of a four yr old, I”m a supporter. She loves to get the Happy meals..specifically for the toy. Quantity is everything when your children eat food, child-hood obesity is a huge problem. French fries in particular are very starchy and breaks down into sugar. We as parents have to pay close attention to our children, regardless of how much or less, just be aware of the “food”. White bread, white pasta, fructose..the “fake sugar”, its all bad. Be the advocate for your children, they learn and do based on what they see their parents do.

  7. A Compton says:

    Thank you once again, nanny state, for taking responsibility out of the hands of parents and giving it to the government. Good bye, sweet America! And AMEN to Vik’s comment, you’re right on the money, brother.

  8. cat on a hot tin roof says:

    They can disguise it all they want. That “food” is poison pure and simple…..ENJOY.

  9. Leonard says:

    Phase 1 of the Nanny State is complete. Heaven forbid if kids enjoy a burger and fries ONCE A WEEK.

  10. leave Ronald alone says:

    Really should be up to parent as to what to feed there kids.It should be our choice not the goverment.I think it is overstepping just a little.And just because 1 really overweight city councilman thinks it is right he should look after what he eats.Watch out Halloween is next they will make it only granola and fruit.Parent can make there own choices

  11. Nicole says:

    This is a great idea! I think that people that are commenting on buying more fries (Vik) need to learn how to say NO to their kids. Who’s the parent you or the kId? come on. If your kid has a health concern or weight problem don’t you think they should eat something healthy at home instead of McDonald’s knowing it’s harmful to the childs health? Come on people use your brains. Kids learn by example. Healthy eating habits start at home.

    1. we have rights says:

      Healthy eating habits start at home but should be parents choice not forced fed by some councilman.

      1. Anon says:

        Well then they don’t have to choose to get the healthier kids meal! Councilmen are just trying to give a “less unhealthy” option for those who don’t know any better.

    2. Nicole says:

      You guys are all missing the point. It’s for the health and safety of the kids. How many times do you walk into a McDonald’s and see a fat mom with her fat kids mowing down on a huge greasy burger and fries? Parents choice to bring them their and let them pick out that grease. If parents would learn to say no, they wouldn’t need these rules, but a lot of parents are too dumb to see that they are just harming their kids. Parents failed to make the choice. Too bad to sad. Is it really that bad to eat an apple instead of fries? You don’t have to order it that way..Duh!!

  12. Mari says:

    They shouldnt limit the amount of food in a happy meal. They should limit the amount of times that these lazy parents that dont want to cook take their kids to McDonald’s. Then maybe they won’t be so unhealthy and there wouldn’t be so much child obesity. No one ever thinks that maybe it’s the parents fault and not the food chains fault why these kids are unhealthy?

    1. Nicole says:


      1. Where do we stop says:

        I know plenty of fat vegans what do we do about them?

  13. belle says:

    oh yeah – apples and low-fat milk. fill them full of sugar. what a bunch of baloney (pun intended).

    1. Anon says:

      Wow you are cynical. Get over yourself. As if apples with natural sugar are worse than extra fries

  14. Vik says:

    Do you think apples in Happy Meals will stop people from eating more? They’ll just buy another order of french fries. As for toys, Comrie the Cow needs to mind his own business and join Weight Watchers.

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