Mayor Bloomberg Warns Of Rioting If Unemployment Remains High

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Pedestrians were seemingly content on the streets of upper Manhattan Friday, but Mayor Michael Bloomberg believes there’s an undercurrent of economic distress that could upset the tranquil street scene.

“You have a lot of kids graduating college, can’t find jobs, that’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid. You don’t want those kind of riots here,” Bloomberg said on his Friday morning radio show.

1010 WINS’ Glenn Schuck With More On The Story

Mentioning these street protests overseas during a gloomy assessment of economic prospects in the U.S.

“The damage to a generation that can’t find jobs will go on for many, many years,” he added.

“I could agree with him. I know tons of kids that have graduated from Columbia who are having a lot of trouble finding jobs. It’s kind of a disaster going on,” student Tiffany Rodriguez told CBS 2’s Tony Aiello.

“I just don’t think it’s in our blood to be that way. I think we’re generally more mellow than that as a people,” said student Andrew Leonard.

The mayor mentioned Cairo. A student from there, however, disagrees.

“When you go to Egypt you can sense how frustrated people were. You just don’t get that feeling in New York right now,” said student Tammer Yamany.

Polls show many Americans are pretty skeptical about Pres. Obama’s ability to tackle the very problems Mayor Bloomberg was talking about. 62% disagree with Mr Obama’s handling of the economy. 51% don’t think the President’s jobs bill will lower unemployment.

“At least he’s got some ideas on the table, whether you like those or not,” Bloomberg said.

The mayor says a lot of economic problems could be solved if everyone paid a little more in taxes, and accepted a little less in the way of benefits.

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  1. marx engels says:

    throw out all the foreigners!!!

  2. SKIPPER Of NJ says:


  3. kiki says:




  4. Pigbitin Mad says:

    This is the guy who thinks only billionaires should even live in NYC. An apartment here is out of reach for anyone making less than $100.000 a year. What about the damage caused by 40+ year olds getting thrown out of their jobs. At least there is a chance that these college grads will still be in their early 30’s by the time this recession ends. The rest of us will just have to fill in the gap unntil retirement….oh yeah, but they want to take the Social Security away too. Employers do not want to hire young people or older people. The reason they don’t is they would rather outsource the jobs. And why is it that literature and other “useless majors” used to be OK? Most people did not actually work in their major. I too am beginning to think college is a waste of time unless you are going to be an engineer or something highly technical. What is really irksome are people saying “do something practical like be an engineer” when most people couldn’t do it with all the free training in the world. Only 1% have the brainpower for that (maybe not even that many). So what are the rest of us with “useless degrees” supposed to do? Everything else is not rocket science.

  5. Peggy Benjamin says:

    Michael Please lend New York a few of your billion, How about the children that did not go to college and want to work. How about the 700 lay off of city workers. Please help those hourly workers that make less then 17,000 a year.
    Michael get a few of your friends and get them to help in the states they live in. We can do this instead of blaming everything on one single President. Let put the differencce to the side and be the United States!

  6. Carl E. Person, Candidate for Libertarian Nomination for President says:

    Mayor Bloomberg, President Obama and the nation’s elected leaders are failing to create 3,000,000 to 5,000,000 jobs that could be created during the next 12 months if Obama gave small business a “head start” by eliminating payroll regulation (including withholding, reporting,insurance, audits) as to the first 3 employees of any business. Just change the IRS definition of “independent contractor “to “includes the first three designated employees of any employer”. Small business would start hiring, and soon there would be a shortage of people to hire.
    Carl E. Person, a Presidential Candidate, Libertarian Party, 2012

  7. Nick says:

    Is Hitler Bloomberg creating another “emergency” to extend his term in office? Presidente for Life?

  8. DaleAuburn says:

    Maybe those unemployed college graduates shouldn’t have majored in philosophy or “comparative literature” or other fields that don’t qualify them to do more than ask if you want fries with that.

    High school seniors take note: Stick with practical and EMPLOYABLE majors like accounting or engineering or nursing.

  9. Rhannon says:

    Rioting? A truly scary thing is when his magnanomous self-righteous Lordship, Imperious Majesticness Mayor Michael Bloomberg utter words of profound wisdom. “All I can say my dear Perce is that the eyes are open, the mouth is moving but Mr. Brain has llong since departed.”

    Just what were the people of this city thinking and what Kool-Aid did we drink when we voted for this fellow? !

  10. Reverend Rev says:

    The American answer to this is not rioting but LITIGATION. Just identify the specific job to which you are entitled, then SUE the employer for not giving you that job.


    They have ALL of the money, All of it!!

  12. Nexus789 says:

    There are also a lot of simple people like you.

  13. Rich says:

    Obama has set out to destroy our free market system and to make it over as a socialistic one. Obama must be removed ASAP. Obama is the most destructive President in our history.

    1. Nexus789 says:

      What ‘free market’ system. It does not exist as all markets are regulated and controlled to some degree or another. The US industrial military complex is the biggest planned economy in the world.

  14. goblin says:

    Don’t worry people. The city will give all of these people welfare, medicare, and other benefits to prevent an uprising. Remember, just because you have a job, you’re “rich” and share the wealth.

  15. Money Printer says:

    It will take decades to get US out of the mess Obama has made.

    1. Nexus789 says:

      The mess was created a long time ago and started in earnest with that intellectual giant Regan, followed by Bush 1 and then Bush 2a and Bush 2b. That is when all the debt was incurred through idiot tax cuts and expenditure on useless wars. Obama may be inept and a creature of vested interests but his contribution to the debt has been amateurish compared to the previous occupants of the White House.

      1. Rhiannon says:

        Try again . We can look to the spending spree under LBJ. One of the worst scams that gave a stain to the “Great Society” programs was raiding Social Security funding to pay for other programs. In 1966-68 it made cents (sense) as more people were paying into SS than withdrawing from it. That was then, and Congress never stopped – but those paying in soon eventually reached withrawal age. Good intentions; no forethought. Sad, and reckless. LBJ successors just made the problem wore and larger.

  16. John says:

    Why are they interviewing some elitest student. They should be talking to less privilage people. They are the ones suffering not here. Of couse, she will would not riot because she is too privilage. The government is worrying being the world police and fund oversees military action. Both parties are to blame, but the Tea Party and Republican Party are the worest offenders.

    1. Nick 1975 says:

      Yeah, these transplanted elitist, stuck up, douchbag trust fund kids should just pack up and go home to whatever square republican state they came from

    2. Nexus789 says:

      Yes….there are over 50m Americans on food stamps alone so there is a big pool of people to interview.

  17. daniel pearson says:

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg Don’t Go away Mad just go away and take your one dollar with you

  18. Art says:

    Funny that Mike “I will steal a third term” Gloomberg should bring up Egypt – after all, he is our very own Mubarak. A loathsome creep so high on himself that the will of the people mean very little. Yes, crime will go back to 70s levels, kidnapping of kids of the rich on their way to Horace Mann will become routine, and Bankers will be lynched in revenge killings by people who have lost their jobs, their homes. And Mayor Mike will swim in his billions like McDuck.

  19. E. DURA says:


    1. M.A.D says:

      AMEN TO THAT!!!!!1

  20. bill says:

    ROTFLMAO!!! Bloomberg is a big reason we have such high unemployment! He has been a huge backer of the H1B program which imports foreign workers into the US taking American jobs. What a joke!!!

  21. bob lee says:

    Horsewhip those chartcoal skinned rascals..

  22. david says:

    I feel soooo terrible for the spoiled little rich Columbia U grads who can’t find jobs…let them go back home to their rich parents (some of whom helped create this economic mess we’re in today) …what about the rest of us ? What about those of us who worked all our lives and now cannot find work ??? We’re the ones you should be writing about..we’re the ones you should show some concern about…but its business as usual in this country …only the rich, the overeducated, and the young who get any attention…Bloomberg can go f— himself

  23. Lock Himup says:

    Maybe Obama should lend another 500,000,000 tax payer dollars to a solar panel company with no profits and on the verge of filing bankruptcy, that will do the trick.

  24. Donnatella Soleil says:

    Well maybe the mayor should end the hiring freeze on all civil service exams…that would be a start.

    1. jose says:

      dcas should be eliminated they are throwing out tests like water only to steal
      money from the ones less fortunate. they wait five years to put out a list so
      the prior ones become invalid. and the people who took the test have to
      give up more money to take another test and hope they call before it expires again
      what a bunch of crooks. they should also get rid of a new law regarding provisional employees.

  25. Glen Bangedher says:

    obama is an idiot, train unemployed 50 plus yr olds to be engineers, that will work, throw 500 billion dollars into construction, the mafia will be grateful, he is a dope who never as much as ran a lemonade stand in the private sector – when and only when government gets out of the way will the jobs come.

  26. Carl Weber says:

    I am surprised is has not happened already!

  27. The Facts says:

    The mayor’s comments about rioting are irresponsible. We have enough violence in this city without provoking more of the same.

    1. decalman2009 says:

      wow I thought the same thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Nick says:

    Is that why Columbia U students are having lunch with Iran’s dictator? To kiss arse for jobs that they are not smart enough to qualify for here?


      Columbia U. students are having a luncheon with Mahmoud the a-hole because they have like minds.

    2. Columbia Stinks says:

      Columbia University is turning into a disgusting place to be. Their students shouldn’t be lunching with Ahmadinijad… they should be kicking him in the balls.

    3. Wig Wam Willie says:

      To reward him for holding American hostages in 1979-1980.

  29. Dave says:

    Well, considering NYC & NYS gave massive tax breaks to developers and let them over-build these mega-condo buildings which are earning zero income, I guess I agree with Mayor Mikey. Of course! Tax everyone who had nothing to do with nonsense and give them good reason to leave NYC. After all, only the little people pay taxes, right?

    1. Dve says:

      And btw, we’re already seeing rioting, in our own NYC way. Crime has risen through the frigging roof. Those Labor Day shootings did happen because the spectators were offended by the fashion and food you know. See what happens when you stop hiring police. Wait until the fires get out of control. We’ll probably forget that you closed a heap of fire houses.

  30. midi-man says:

    Mayor Mike is almost right on paying more taxes, He and his fellow rich people should pay a little more and give back to the country that made them filthy rich. He is already committed to giving it away when he die’s better now to help the people in need.

  31. TerrA says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is absolutely right. We have a major problem with unemployment amongst the younger generation including those who have gone to college and graduated. The employment statistics released monthly by the BLS report employment by age as well as other demographics. It is a frightening snapshot

  32. Gee says:

    Silly and pointless comment. Avoid class-based generalizations and stereotypes, and respond to the substance. You sound bitter.

  33. PJ says:

    Convenient that this little speech comes a couple of days before the toll hikes on Sunday. Why doesn’t Bloomberg put his money where his mouth is and create more jobs from his multi-billion dollar empire? He needs to take his dismissive Napoleon complex somewhere else.

  34. Nick 9075 says:

    What does Cairo & Madrid have to do with NYC?? The unemployment rate in NYC is under 8.5% and much lower than in the early 1990s

    {{{“I could agree with him. I know tons of kids that have graduated from Columbia who are having a lot of trouble finding jobs. It’s kind of a disaster going on,” student Tiffany Rodriguez told CBS 2′s Tony Aiello.}}}

    Sure if you majored in Poetry or Art History you may have trouble finding a job but many of these kids have trust funds & family connections who pay their rent for their apartment in the East Village, Lower East Side or Williamsburg.
    The only rioting that will take place is if people can’t use internet on their Iphone for longer than a day

    1. Juanita says:

      Instead as a billionaire offering to provide even more jobs to help; this rich dictator
      is irresponsiblly predicting doom. What has happened to the quality of leaders or should I say non-leaders or a poor excuse. Americans can do anything they set their mind to do. Jobs will come just give this President a chance.

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