Day Of Rage: Protesters Clog Wall Street Looking To Affect Change

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – If the traffic trouble from the United Nations General Assembly wasn’t enough for you, add a protest on Wall Street.

Photos: Protesters Clog Wall Street

WCBS 880’s Alex Silverman On The Story

Their ultimate goal is to change the country’s financial system.

But for today, one female protester said the goal was, “Clogging up the streets. We’re confusing people. People are going to work late.”

Robert Siegel was wearing a pressed gray suit and yellow tie. You’d never know that since Saturday, he’s been sleeping in a park.

“Somehow I managed to keep the suit looking good. I have extra shirts,” he said.

He says eight years as a consultant for an investment bank were enough to turn him into one of the protestors.

“I just shuffled other people’s money around and took a cut. Nothing was being contributed. A lot was just being taken out,” he told WCBS 880 reporter Alex Silverman. “[I] watched the silliness compound on itself. At some point, I wanted a lifestyle that didn’t consist of going up to computers to deal with angry people.”

Siegel is one of the few hundred marching up and down either side of Wall Street.

As the workday started some were frustrated, but not all.

“Just trying to get to work. But, I’ll do the best I can and God bless America,” said one man.

Four men and one woman were taken into custody Monday morning under the provisions that makes it unlawful for two or more individuals to wear masks, and a fifth for jumping a police barrier and resisting arrest, according to the NYPD. That makes a total of seven arrests since the protests began on Saturday, with two of three other masked individuals arrested Saturday as they attempted to gain entry to a building that housed Bank of America.

Wall Street sidewalks have been opened  to all pedestrian traffic. Anyone who stops and disrupts pedestrian traffic is subject to arrest, according to police.  So far, six of the seven arrested have been out-of-state residents.

The protesters want to cause a paradigm shift in the world’s financial system, but so far, for the most part, they’ve just succeeded in making a scene.

One woman who works in the area was forced to use an alternate entrance to her office building and had to show her ID just to get through the door.

What do you think about the American and world financial systems? Do they need to change? If so, how? Sound off in the comments section below!

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One Comment

  1. nickgreyden says:

    Appalling. I’ve known a few guys that are there for quite a number of years. They have no trust fund and are far under middle class. I’ve seen ladies in the upward stretches of years. Perhaps they should go get a job as some of the above have stated. While we are at it, let’s trim a little fat off the constitution about free speech and peaceful assembly. While we are there we can remove the bit about slavery in the 13th amendment After all those that do not think like us should be silenced, and those that are under us should serve right? Not only was the right to question and peacefully protest important to the foundation of the country, it was protected under the Bill of Rights. Not only that, it was the FIRST rule laid down.

    Change can only be enacted once people stand up and say they want it. If it does not come, then they must gain volume. Short of having a lobbyist payed for by people who make six figures in fifteen minutes, it must be a massive outcry. Stay in your buildings and jeer at those that assemble if you wish. Turn a blind eye to brutality. However, if the day comes when it’s your career, your neck, and your body being crushed, under oppression, you will have no room to complain. After all, you should be walled up and kept out. You should shut up and go away. You should have your heads cracked by cops to send you away.

    I hope that day never comes. I hope you never have to wear the shoes of the oppressed and repressed in this country. Though the oppressed and the repressed have it good here in the USA, we can dream bigger. We can fight to make it better. We are the USA. We are America. We are better than this. And it’s time we collectively said it.

  2. Vik says:

    Here’s an idea. Don’t major in poetry, art, letters, history of trees, history of ceiling fans, history of squirrels. Go to trade school. Learn to work a computer, quit your annoying whining and get to work.

  3. DCLaw-1 says:

    One has to wonder whether any of these protestors does not own an ipod, computer, car, clothes, kitichen appliance, etc., not built by a publicly traded corporation?

    1. Brown Brothers Harriman says:

      Thanks for making a good point.

      1. DCLaw-1 says:

        It’s funny, but they dont look like they have taken a vow of poverty, or like Soviet factory workers

    2. Jasper says:

      ..or used such electronic communications devices to check the status of their trust fund portfolio that mummy and dear ole dad stuffed with securities.

      oh the horrors!

  4. man from old ways says:

    get out of my city you bum losers all you people come from out of ny you people are not wanted in ny the police should put you all in jail get out of my city
    garbage people

    1. Vik says:

      Love this comment. 🙂

  5. Brown Brothers Harriman says:

    We are working folks too…. Don’t blame us for the economy’s woes….

  6. Andy Moore says:

    Fair play to the protest people have to stand up and be counted more so than money . I wish some would come over here to the emerald isle ??

    1. DCLaw-1 says:

      We hope they all go over to the Emerald Isle. They would be perfect Europeans: viceral outrage without logic or answers; an unearned sense of entitlement; the belief that responsibility and consequence need be permantlybreplaced by the welfare state (without any idea how to pay for it); and plenty of time to eage sometime viiolent protests if told they can’t have everything they want

  7. edy says:

    The world is in GOD”S hands…not man.

  8. Reverend Rev says:

    How much are all those protesters getting paid to be there? And who’s paying them?

    1. Julisa says:

      Answers below:

      1) Not much
      2) Your mom

  9. Prospect Ave says:

    This country will collapse soon 😦

    1. Morris Bergen says:

      Is that a COMPLAINT or a GOAL?

  10. Bear Stearns Manager says:

    Those protesters should go out and get a job…. Don’t blame us for the economy’s woes.

    1. Garth says:

      Most of the problems with the finanacial meltdown was caused by Wall Streets greed and buying up of bad debt. And then you all reward yourselves with fat bonuses and lavish vacations, while everyone elses 401k’s eroded. Keep up the great work. If I had my way, Wall Street would be dismantled, and a system put in place with much more checks and balances. Wall Streets motto, ‘Greed is good’……….

      1. Brown Brothers Harriman says:

        You are wrong. We are working folks too…. Don’t blame us for the economy’s woes….

      2. Lehman Brothers says:

        Not our fault…401K’s involves risk…everyone knows this…you signed on the dotted line no one forced you. So don’t blame us. We are working folks too

  11. g,gekko says:

    There are no more parachutes……the smug greedsters will regret not supporting this or at least paying attention.They might be shocked that NY State unemployment is a whopping $405.00 a week.

  12. Steve says:

    The Cops need to crack the mellons of a few of these trust fund baby malcontents. That will send them back to Seattle and the hinterlands.

  13. Reds says:

    When fences go up and people are arrested, well, thats when people like me come to play. Then you will see a true big boy, then Hell.

  14. Bear Stearns VP says:

    The world is at our hands.

  15. Ahmad Charife says:


  16. Average Joe Boxer says:

    How come Al Sharpton is not there with the protesters?

    1. DCLaw-1 says:

      Hair appointment?

    2. Dana says:

      ..or Chuck the shoe?

  17. Goldman Sachs CEO says:

    They should build a Wall or a Gate to keep outsiders away.

    1. Kramer says:

      Hey, aren’t you one of the “giant squid” people Matt Taibbii wrote about? GS should go the way of Bear Stearns.

    2. Give me Money or Give me Death says:

      The Great Wall of Wall Street.

  18. Morgan Stanley Exec says:

    The police should arrest them and put them all in jail.



    1. Kramer says:

      Play, exactly. What you do is not significant work, you useless shuffler of money. Take off the caps lock while you’re at it.

      1. DCLaw-1 says:

        Kramer, don’t bother. Most of those that live in Manhattan are not New Yorkers (they come from the Mid-West, and other places). True New Yorkers are smart enough not to pay $7,500 a month to live in a walk-in closet with a view of a homeless guy defacating. They do this because they were raised on movies like Wall Street and Sex and the City? Given that all of the police officers, firefighters, sanitation workers, utillity workers, and others that are truly important live in the boroghs, this guys wish should be granted. The first time he is mugged while drinking a latte, and there is nobody there to help, he will realize what a useless human being he is.

        1. Whiz says:

          DCLAW….how’s it look from over the river?

          1. DCLaw-1 says:

            It looks way overpriced. Upon closer inspection, it looks dirty, smells like a combination of bus fumes and p*ss, and Is overcrowded with out-of-town arrogant looking hipsters who believe they are relevant, because they get robbed monthly by laughing landlords and developers, affected artsy-fashion types, and diseased homeless people. You can see the hipster and fashion people standing in a sixty minute line waiting for average cupcakes, because they saw them on Sex and the City. The homeless can be seen licking the disgarded cupcake wrappers.

  20. Wall Street Bond Trader says:

    I started work at 9:30am today and by 9:45am I made SIX figures….

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      How many of those figures were to the RIGHT of the decimal point??

    2. michaelfury says:

      Six figures in 15 minutes? Not bad. Are you the same guy who made nine figures in 102 minutes?

    3. dan says:


    4. Vik says:

      Oh Really — how much of that is YOUR money? Bet it’s OPP.

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