Study: Approximately 1,000 Pedestrians Struck By Bikes Annually In New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) – As Mayor Michael Bloomberg moves forward with his initiative to add bike lanes throughout New York City and a proposed bike-sharing system, a new study may have some wanting him to hit the brakes.

Two Hunter College professors have produced a study that shows roughly 1,000 pedestrians are struck by bicycle riders each year state-wide. Half of those are in New York City.

The authors of the study only counted pedestrians who were hospitalized after being struck. The authors believe, therefore, more than 1,000 people in New York are hit by bicycles each year.

The study didn’t count the number of bicyclists who were injured.

The study was done on behalf of the Stuart C. Gruskin foundation. Gruskin was killed by a delivery biker who was riding in the wrong direction on the street in 2009.


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  1. MPlew says:

    Whenever I go out for a bike ride in NYC I have to deal with literally hundreds of jackass pedestrians out in the street when I have a green light. They are endangering my safety. And every time I ride, Taxis and private and commercial vehicles endanger my safety by not respecting right of way, are negligent and some try to run you over intentionally. When will the police start ticketing pedestrians crossing against the light and prosecuting bad drivers? In Europe cyclists respect traffic law because they are respected as vehicles. Until this happens in NYC, cyclists will not respect the law. There is no excuse for bike riders to ride the wrong way. I will ride all the way around the block or walk to avoid doing it.

  2. old way of doing things says:

    f u bikers get these bike lanes out

  3. Sydelle Houston says:

    They need to do a study in Nassau County where cyclists, afraid of riding in the street because of those crazy car drivers, ride on the sidewalk. They need bike lanes in Nassau too.

  4. rayski says:

    let s replace all bikes with cars

  5. dr. meh says:

    nothing like a silent bike going 20 mph blindsiding you when crossing the street. At least you see a car, the bike has no warninig. They shoot out of nowhere and curse you for the near miss.

  6. ddartley says:

    Look at the study. In the years that protected bike lanes started really expanding, bike on pedestrian injuries went DOWN. At the same time that the number of cyclists was growing.

  7. Onenotreported says:

    Yes, I was hit so hard by a bike, speeding the wrong way on a one way street,
    running the light, and then riding up onto the sidewalk and slamming into me.
    The cop a block away thought someone had jumped off the 20 story building
    next to me when he heard the impact. He was amazed I could even get up. Had
    I not been in decent shape and knew how to fall I would have
    been killed. There is no question that an elderly person or child would have
    been killed. But, bikers in this city think that they should be able to break the
    law with impunity and endanger or injure whomever they choose. Bikes may
    be more “politically correct” than cars, but there is nothing correct about the
    reckless, rude, lawless and irresponsible behavior of way too many cyclists.

  8. goblin says:

    Cyclists should be held to the same standard as motor vehicles. You want extra police enforcement, red light cameras, speed bumps, speed cameras to only apply to vehicles? Transportation Alternatives opened Pandoras box by railing against motor vehicles and demanding extra enforcement only to have it backfire on their two wheeled friends. Suckers.

    1. BklynBiker says:

      Everyone knows that the cops are going after bikes because one of their own knocked a cyclist off his bike in Times Square, it got on YouTube and he got fired – somehow this is every other bicyclist fault. Cyclists should go by the law, but the cops are ticketing because they’re ticked.

    2. Roberta Katz says:

      I agree completely. I was struck down , causing $20,000 worth of damage to my teeth (implants) and the offenders got away. Police didn’t even take down the correct info. Cyclists do not obey rules and no one enforces their infractions.
      To whom can I address my concerns?
      Walking has become hazardous in NYC.

  9. boof says:

    Ah yes, the horrible scourge of things that almost happened.

    I’m gusesing motor vehiciles injure 1000 people a DAY in nyc.

  10. BklynBiker says:

    80% of automobile drivers speed, go through red lights and double park – these actions actually kill people daily in NYC. BTW, my 80% statistic is made up, just like rich’s, but it’s probably higher.

    1. Ricky. says:

      Rich is a couch potato 80% of the time.

      1. true NYC says:

        You are so wrong. I drive 50,000 miles a year in NYC. More than 80% stop, dont speed. By the way people are not kill daily by cars in NYC. The only solution to the so call issue is education and respect. However most people in NYC dont respect anyone and dont have a clue on how to treat another human. Dont blame one side i see crazy drivers and i see crazy bikers.

      2. BklynBiker says:

        true NYC, it’s actually less than one pedestrian killed daily by cars in NYC – at least it was in 2009:, but if you also count drivers and passengers, much more than one “people are kill”.

    2. true NYC says:

      I’m sure if you play with the numbers a little it would workout to something like that, The report is not blaming anyone for the bikes and peds hits. I see crazy things everyday on the streets, and i really believe that if bike,cars and peds would just follow simple rules. The numbers of cases would drop a whole lot. I do not agree with blaming one side or over enforcing another.

  11. Nick says:

    Where’s that media wh ore Schumer to announce a bill to ban bicycles?

    1. Ted says:

      …give him a few mins, he’s on arsenic in apple juice this morning.

  12. rich says:

    80 % of bicyclists go to the wrong way. When you look at traffic when crossing the street, the odds are pretty good that you almost be creamed by some person on a bicycle not obeying the rules and its not just the delivery people

    1. Michael H. says:

      let’s not make up statistics on the spot, please.

      However, while we’re on the subject, there are a lot of bikers who will go the wrong way down one way streets. I almost t-boned one a few months back when I pulled out after stopping at a stop sign and did not check to see if there was traffic coming down the street the wrong way. I missed him but the jerk still had the nerve to curse and scream at me.

    2. ddartley says:

      and 90% of statistics are made up.

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