Eli Manning threw for 200 yards last night against the Rams, all while playing with wide receiver Brandon Stokley for the first time (the Giants just signed him last Wednesday).  Stokley was only targeted by Eli once and finished the game with no catches.

Following the game Eli didn’t seem all that concerned with Stokley’s lack of production, pointing out that throughout the game the 13-year NFL veteran’s package started off small but got bigger as the night went on…

Wait, what?!?!?

From there Boomer expressed his concern regarding the safety of NFL players after the heroics of Tony Romo in the the Cowboys’ overtime win over the 49ers on Sunday.  Despite suffering a broken rib and a collapsed lung, Romo returned to the game.

Boomer feels that there should be some sort of rule in place that protects players like Romo from themselves and the macho, tough guy mentality associated with the NFL…

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