FBI Joins Search For Mom In Abduction Of 8 Kids From Queens Child Agency

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) —  How could it happen?

Police continue to search for a mother who allegedly abducted her eight children from a Queens foster care facility during a visit.  Now the FBI has joined the investigation, CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

The questions remain: where are they and how did she pull it off?

They are the million dollar questions even the three foster mothers who cared for the eight children in three separate homes are asking as police continue the search for 28-year-old Shanel Nadal.

“She didn’t lead on that there was any problem — that’s why it’s so shocking. It’s devastating that this really occurred,” foster mother Barbara Emanuel told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

The Payne siblings, seven brothers named Nephra and one sister named Nefertiti, ranging in age from 11 months to 11-years-old, spent the last several years living in foster care until Monday.

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Suspect Shanel Nadal (credit: DCPI)

Nadal lost custody following allegations of abuse by the children’s biological father, 34-year-old Nephra Payne.

Police say Nadal, the children’s biological mother, snuck them out of the Forestdale Child Agency at 67-35 112 St. in Forest Hills during what was supposed to be a supervised group visit.

Police and the FBI have cast a wide net.  Sources told CBS 2 that Nadal and the children’s father once lived in South Carolina and may have headed there, but they may also still be hiding in New York.

The city’s Administration for Children’s Services said it has started an investigation into the incident.

Emanuel spent the last six months caring for Nefertiti as her foster mother, but says the little girl was much more.

“We share the same birthday so there was a connection with Nefertiti and I,” Emanuel told CBS 2’s Jay Dow. “I loved her like she was my own.”

A spokesperson for the ACS told CBS 2: “ACS and our foster care agency began working with the NYPD immediately after the mother absconded with the children…We sought and received active warrants from the Manhattan Family Court for the arrest of both parents and for them to produce the children to the Court. ”

Sources tell 1010 WINS there was no adult supervision during the visit with the children at the ACS center and there were no cameras in the room.

The ACS also said that it had “initiated an investigation to determine how this incident could have occurred during a supervised visit.”

The statement went on to say that “we have during supervised visits, an agency staff member should be present at all times while still affording the family personal time together.”

CBS 2 went to the Forestdale Child Agency offices Wednesday was met by communications director Michael Fagan.

He would not speak on camera but confirmed that their investigators, with NYPD detectives, have questioned the people at Forestdale, who were supposed to be supervising the visit.

The missing children include:

Nephra Payne Male/11-year-old

Nephra Ceo Payne M/10

Nephra Shalee Payne M/6

Nephra Umeek Payne M/5

Nephra Yahmen Payne M/4

Nephra John Payne M/9

Nephra Rahsul Payne M/6

Nefertiti Payne F/11 Months

Nadal allegedly took them all and drove off in a 1996 black Chevy Suburban with the license plate number EXZ-5896.

“She really do love them, so I don’t think she will harm them,” Emanuel said. “But I just would like, please, make contact, make contact.”

Foster mother Amieka Smith cared for 9-year-old John and 6-year-old Rahsul.

“I’m still in shock, that’s why I’m on my way to the agency,” she told Guzman. “I’m very concerned about the children and the welfare of the mother and everybody involved.”

The couple currently lives in a public housing building in the Manhattanville and investigators believe both parents are now on the run with their children.

There is no answer at the couple’s apartment and police say there is no sign of them in South Carolina where they lived some years ago.

Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), visit www.nypdcrimestoppers.com or text their tips to 274637 (CRIMES) then enter TIP577.

Those with information can also call the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services Missing and Exploited Children Clearinghouse at 1-800-346-3543 or visit www.criminaljustice.state.ny.us.

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  1. Peter says:

    they might be at the local KFC.

    1. Fresh Air says:

      @ Peter, your comment reeks of “stupidity…ignorance…narrow-mindedness…stupidity….racism and did I mention stupidity ?
      Why can’t they be on Marthas” Vineyard, basking in the ambience of the local produce or resting at the Bed & Breakfast ?

      Peter….DO YOU EAT AT KFC ?

  2. Moon Them says:

    To the Father: You are now a FUGITIVE. You had better climb on a Spacecraft and head for the MOON. If you stay on Earth they’re going to hunt you down and take you down just like the animal that you are. SpaceX gonna give it to ya.


      @ Moon HEAD, perhaps you dont realize exactly what it is that you have said. He is perhaps a fugitive because Children Services are looking for the children, YES, he is an animal. We dont know the accurate story regarding why his children were in the care of CS, but what we may possibly know is that he did what ANY ANIMAL would do for their young. Apparently, they are/were a close-knit family to produce so many children together. Could it be possible that he wanted to be with and continue to raise his children? So before you place your moronic comment, think first….if tha’ts at all possible.

      1. Pplrfunny says:

        Not for nothing, but child services are so over worked in NY that if these kids were taken from them, I am sure there was probably a very valid reason… either way, if they really cared about their kids well being, they wouldn’t have done this… did you ever think that the older kids are missing school because of this? A caring parent would have handled this a different way..

  3. Emma says:

    This case seems to have been mishandled from beginning to end. Hopefully, the authorities will figure it out before this comes to a tragic end.

    The vitriol spit out by some posters here has me hooping that they are really all the same angry person hiding behind multiple screennames. One couple has 8 kids, 2 of whom seem to be twins and for that they are lowlifes, to name the nicest thing said about them, or more pointedly, her.

  4. Bullett says:

    Sooner, rather then later, ahe has to surface at some fast food joint. With 8 kids, their bound to get hungry, and in need of bath room breaks. Bet the car is beginning to smell by now.

  5. mo says:

    I’m going to go against the tide here and say, “Good for her!”

    If somebody took my kids away I’d want to take off with them too. Some of these social workers don’t know their arse from their elbow and they are going to sit as judge and jury over somebody else’s family life?

    Another part missing from the story. Supposedly her accomplice is the child’s natural father … the guy who supposedly told ACS the mom was abusive. Why would he help her if she was so abusive?

    1. yooo says:

      He would help her because he probably abuses her. Vicious cycle. Don’t blame social workers when he was the one who called the case in. 28 with 8 kids damn shame.

  6. Sir Peter says:

    Did 8 fathers show up all calling their kids, “Hey Tyrone #1, Hey Tyrone #2, Hey Tyrone #3” That makes it easier to remember their names.

  7. Peter says:

    she needs her tubes tied.

  8. Mitch Cumstein says:

    You see an irresponsible mother with 8 kids with little or no chance of making a positive contribution to society. Obama and the Dems see 9 votes to take from those who are productive in society and give to those who are not.

  9. bday55 says:

    “he Payne siblings, seven brothers named Nephra and one sister named Nefertiti, ”

    Can’t make this stuff up, huh? Imagine at dinner time: “Hey Nephra, pass the bread”

  10. chris h. says:

    Good! I grow up in the Brooklyn Home for Children (AKA Forestdale). It’s no play for childredn and they should not be allowed to monitor or place kids either. Go Mom! I wish someone would have broken me out.

    1. EC says:

      I agree. Go Mom!

  11. tnice says:

    Hope the kids or o k

  12. McNugget says:

    I nephra use condoms.

  13. M.A.D. says:


  14. bullett says:

    Another insane baby factory running loose on the streets of NY. Poster (C.Thomas) is spot on. With McDaddy soon to be sent off to the slammer, us hard working folk get to support her and her siblings. Unless of course she doesn’t run off with another 50 cent piece and spit out additions to the world; and Lord knows we do need any more on the dole!

  15. Steve says:

    So–let me get this straight– These kids are with their parents, and my tax money is not paying for them anymore…? SOunds good to me.

    1. terry6204 says:

      Your tax money will always be paying for them.

  16. C Thomas says:

    Perpetuating the cycle per usual. When will the people at the bottom of the totem pole start teaching their daughters not to celebrate sexual prowess over character? As in the case, MacDaddy is soon gone or in jail, and LaQuisha is left with a hoard of babies she cannot support nor raise, then straddle them with these ridiculous names which cleary identifies their background before they ever get an interview.

    Attention bottom dwellars, Snoopy Dog and Forty Cents are not role models and certainly not receptacles of knowledge to be pedastalized and celebrated. Very sad.

    1. Shane says:

      C THOMAS

      “FRIES UP”

      Now get back to work.

  17. ALW says:

    8 children at 28 years old and who is paying to support and maintain them,? The good ole taxpayer. This low life probably hasn’t worked a day in her life but she knows how to spit them out. She needs to be sterilized. Totally disgusting.

    1. Dana says:

      I’m thinking that YOUR repros aren’t working too well?

      1. Bridget says:

        Hey Dana, what is up with you? Did you take a nasty pill today? Whatever mood medication you forgot today please take it. You sound like a total jacka$$. You signed a previous post for another article “caring adults”. Making fun of people who don’t have repros working too well is not at all caring. ALW Dana is pycho mad and should be ignored. I totally agree with you post.

      2. Bridget says:

        Hey Dana, what is up with you? Did you take a pill to be this nasty?. Please take whatever medication you forgot for your mental issues. You sound like a total jacka$$. ALW, ignore this fool she is obviously crazy. I agree with you post.

      3. Bridget says:

        Dana, What is up with you? I think you took a nasty pill today to be this mean. You sound like a total fool. You must be a 12 year old.

    2. Believe Within says:

      Who the hell cares how old or how many kids…The childrens safety is the main concern here…wether she is a danger to them or just wanted to hang out for a while it is our job to find them so we dont have to bury 8 innocent children !!!!!!…Don’t judge people thats where the bulllying comes from

      1. Believe Within says:

        This is when it’s important for everyone to look beside them on the side all around where you are…ears and eyes…its kind of hard to keep 8 children quiet.. So everyone at work or at home whereever you are Take A Look Around and Listen… 8 children out there and they may need your help…….Take a few minutes please !!!

  18. this is not Kate plus 8 says:

    She should be arrested just for naming them.What kind of loser is she and does she think she can actually hide with 8 kids.this is the ghetto version of kate plus 8.

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