Police Deny Stray Bullet In Brooklyn Came Close To Striking Woman, Child

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A New York City police officer accidentally shot a bullet into a Brooklyn apartment narrowly missing a mother and her 4-month-old daughter Tuesday afternoon, according to a neighbor.

“It was really frightening, they were pretty shook up,” Becky Kay told 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks.

However, Wednesday afternoon, the NYPD told 1010 WINS that there was a stray bullet fired, but that it didn’t come close to striking Holly Morrison or her child.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks Speaks With A Neighbor

Kay, who lives next door to Morrison said the entire incident was shocking.  The stray bullet shattered the window of Morrison’s second-floor apartment on Atlantic Avenue. Morrison, a schoolteacher, was hosting a play date with other moms and their children at the time of the incident.

“It was in the middle of the afternoon. I’m pretty sure our neighbor, she told us they were having like a mom and baby group over — there were about six moms there and six babies and they’re new to the city to top it off,” Kay said.

The incident apparently occurred around 1 p.m. while officers were in pursuit of a man who was allegedly behind the wheel of a stolen 2011 Nissan Rogue.

The vehicle apparently got stuck between an ice truck and a trailer being used by a film crew near the  production set of the show “Pan Am” in Downtown Brooklyn.

The officer’s gun apparently discharged after the driver put the vehicle in reverse nearly mowing the cop down.

“I was sitting on the couch with other moms and their babies when a bullet came through the window, above my head,” Morrison told the Daily News. “He could have killed us. Two feet lower and it would have killed me.”

Kay told 1010 WINS that police were at the apartment “for a very long time.”

“You know, they’re really good people, but they were shook up about it and we were all just shocked that it was actually police officer’s gun,” she said.

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One Comment

  1. The Facts says:

    It was reported on Labor Day that eight police officers were involved in a shootout in Brooklyn and that the officers discharged 72 rounds while hitting the target only twice. More practice is indeed in order.

    1. No money to train! says:

      Practice costs a ton of cash when you have over 30,000 people who are to be trained. The City, constantly crying poverty, will not pay for this life saving training. The training has to be done while working so that standards are kept and the city knows that a cop was actually trained to hit a target, The City Council should mandate training in firearms at least four times a year to keep city residents safe from poor shooting by the cops.

  2. MJ says:

    of course they are going to deny it … they are cops … THEY ARE LIARS

  3. Bklyn mom says:

    What does it matter why she was home at 1 pm? Whose business is that? Maybe her husband makes a lot of money that allows her to take an extended maternity leave. How are any of these factors pertinent to the story? No one got hurt. Scared, yes, hurt, no. End of story.

  4. John McGee says:

    Luckily no one was hurt. The City should pay the few hundred bucks to replace the window and repair the damage to her wall/ceiling. Also, the NYPD needs to train all its officers on the consequences of not obeying the safety rule of “keep your finger off of the trigger until you are actually firing.” This is easier said than done because combat circumstances are MUCH different from training on a firing range. I advocate more practice for the NYC cops with their service weapon. From my observation of cops on the shooting range and statistics on shots fired vs. hits, the cops on the street (in general) need better familiarity with their pistols.

    1. Thug life is not conducive to the NYPD. says:

      Half the cops today are MTV style shooters who turn their guns sideways like gangsters to shoot, while their Dreadlock wrap around their heads and cover their eyes while they shoot. It’s a disgrace. Thanks Ray Kelly, you ruined the NYPD.

  5. gene says:

    what is the difference where she was and why.the fact remains that the cop should have held his gun on bay.and yes,she should claim lawsuit if she can

    1. Bklyn mom says:

      You want her to file a lawsuit so that we spend more of our hard earned tax money on this? Thank God no one was hurt. The NYPD should do what’s right and pay her for damages and such, and hopefully give this officer additional training, but a law suit in this case would be frivolous.

  6. Kenneth Moreno Retired NYPD says:

    No one is perfect…We all make mistakes.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Yeah but he mistakes these keystone cops make usually end with someone dead, raped, shot, run over by a drunk cop… Opps, sorry i killed your granny! Get over it!

  7. Perico Palotes says:

    It does not even matter if she was hosting couple of people in her apartment, or simply taking a crap on the toilet. The fact is that the cop violated her space by being a TRIGGER HAPPY. I work on TV business and I can picture the commotion he might have caused on the set. What was he thinking? that he was a TV COP? This Mark guy posting here is as lunatic as the cop in the news piece. Justifying the bullet on the lady’s apartment by arguing that the tenant should NOT have been there at the time of the shooting. What do you think she is? a bystander? what a Looser

  8. John Yaya says:

    The Police today are not familiar enough with their handguns. They carry them everyday but are required to shoo these handguns only twice a year.
    Police training with handguns should be weekly. Practice, practice and when done practicing, practice some more.

    1. Dale G says:

      Practice, yes: shooting, not necessarily
      The practice is with placement of the trigger finger when not explicitly about to fire.

      Poorly written story; no conclution paragraph stating whether the officer was injured in the “near mow down” or if the suspect was caught.

    2. Cos says:

      I’m not a police officer, but I do have experience with firearms… The first thing they teach you is that you treat your weapon as if it’s always loaded – even if you’ve just unloaded it! This prevents accidental discharges and horrific accidents. The next thing you’re taught is that you NEVER put your finger on the trigger until you’re ready to shoot your target. The third thing is to never fire your weapon unless you’re absolutely sure of what’s beyond your target – in case you miss. This ensures the safety of others beyond your target. Apparently, this particular officer needs to review these rules. Next time he might not be so lucky.

  9. Bridget says:

    I meant 4 month old

  10. Bridget says:

    I smell a lawsuit. Its not usual for a mom of a month old to still be home with the baby. Some women add their vacation, personal & take extra family leave

    1. Dana says:

      Dear Bridget.

      You are a moron.

      Caring adults.

      1. Bridget says:

        Dear Dana

        I can guarantee you that this woman has already consulted a lawyer, which she should Why don’t you grow up and stop resorting to calling people names under the name of caring adults. You don’t sound very caring to me.


        1. Legal Eagle says:

          Any lawsuit would be frivolous. There is no injury! This is what they call “negligence in the air.” Google it. Her after the fact realization that she could have been injured is not actionable.

        2. Omar says:

          Dear Bridget,

          You are an enormous moron.

          The World

          1. Bridget says:

            So Dana, you are now Omar. Back at you babe.

      2. Alx1775 says:


        How incredibly rude. Nothing Bridget said here leads me to think she is a moron. Police have an attitude of impunity and have become careless with their weapons and our lives.

        While I hate lawyers, the mom has a right to have her window fixed at the very least, and the officer with the apparently negligent discharge needs some discipline. I find the police denial especially galling.

  11. Tired ot Foolishness says:

    I guess she wan;t at work because she’s hone on maternity leave with her four month old baby…duh! If the bullet entered her apartment it was too close.

  12. Mark says:

    Tuesday afternoon…1pm….school teacher….why was the mother not at work as a teacher at 1pm on a Tuesday?

    And exactly how close is “narrowly” a few inches, or generally in the same apartment?

    1. Bucs says:

      How early for you to be off your meds, MARK.
      Take your meds, nap and then come back to post.

    2. Bucs says:

      Mark? Are you off your meds again?

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