Tony Bennett Apologizes Again For 9/11 Remarks

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Tony Bennett has again addressed his controversial remarks made to Howard Stern regarding 9/11 attacks on America.

Bennett, 85, appeared on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM show on Monday night to promote his upcoming release “Duets II.” The conversation took a bizarre turn after Stern asked Bennett, a veteran of World War II, how the United States should deal with the terrorists who were responsible for destroying the World Trade Center.

“They flew the plane in but we caused it,” Bennett said. “Because we were bombing them and they told us to stop.” He also asked Stern, “Are we the terrorists or are they the terrorists? Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

Bennett apologized for his remarks on his Facebook page.

Appearing on ABC’s “The View,” Bennett was asked about his comments. He produced a card and read from it.

“I am sorry if my statements suggested anything other than an expression of my love for my country, my hope for humanity and my desire for peace throughout the world,” the singer said, echoing his statement on Facebook.

“Nobody loves America more than I do,” Bennett said, reading from the card.

On his Facebook page, Bennett wrote “My life experience… made me a life-long humanist and pacifist, and reinforced my belief that violence begets violence and that war is the lowest form of human behavior.”

That said, not everyone is pleased with the apology. On his Facebook page, some were critical.

“My brother died in one of those buildings, and frankly you are so off base in your views of who the terrorists are, I now question your patriotism,” wrote Ron Bogdan of Lawrenceville, New Jersey.

“Nice statement by your publicist, however, we heard you loud and clear on the Stern program,” wrote Brian Eades of Omaha, Neb. “You clearly equate U.S. actions with those of the terrorists and said the U.S. somehow caused 9/11. The 3,000 people that died that day were innocent people. They were murdered in cold blood. Nothing – no matter what you can point to in U.S. policy over the years – justifies what was done or somehow mitigates the tragedy.”

What do you think of Tony Bennett’s comments and apology? Sound off below.


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  1. Sal says:

    Can’t recall who we were bombing on 9/10/2001.

    1. Mother says:

      I was thinking the same thing.

      1. Mary Wright Pippert says:


        1. Rich says:

          The bombing Bennett refers to occurred only in his addled mind. He doesn’t deserve to be called a veteran. God, am I ashamed of these leftist wackos.

    2. Brian says:

      In the 1950s we overthrew a democratically elected government in Iran. Since that time we have occupied, meddled and bombed the Middle east into compliance with our demands. Imagine if China had overthrown our government and for the next six decades they occupied us, told us what our foreign and domestic policies would be, and bombed us and our neighbors when we didn’t do as they told us to do. Wouldn’t you get a little fed up and take up arms against the occupiers? That is exactly what we have done in the Middle East. Deny it all you want, but your denials do nothing but make us unsafe and destroy our liberty.

      1. Joe T. says:

        Well said – right on point.

    3. Brad says:

      EXACTLY! These socialists create/ fabricate history to suit their own views and then expect us to just believe them. It’s really sad.

  2. David Allen says:

    Tony Bennet was absolutely right. The US is the biggest Terrorist in the world, we killed 3 million people in Vietnam in what Robert McNamara said was a wrong war. 911 was an inside job pulled off by elements of the US Government. Do you home work and check out what really happened. Google Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth and you will find out what really happened. Anyone that believes that 19 foreigners who could barely speak English and whose command and control center were in the caves of Afghanistan, were able to hijack 4 planes and crash them into the world trade center and bring the buildings down in 1 hour and 30 minutes and then also bring down Building number 7, and then fly the jumbo jet 20 feet off the ground and crash it into the pentagon and then for their final trick they made the planes and the people disappear. And they did it all on $500,000. Anyone that believes that ridiculous US Government Conspiracy theory needs to get their heads out of the sand.

    1. Fargo44 says:

      What rock have you been living under David? What abysmally dumb remarks.

      1. Billy Boo says:

        You are under a pretty big deep rock yourself fargo44

    2. twistedsis says:

      you ar3e barking mad. The U.S. is not the problem. We have literally saved the lives of milliions . People like yyou that do nnot believe in the U.S. should leave. Move somewhere else. If you don’t love it, leave it and take Pelosi with you.

    3. Tony E says:

      David A. you are drinking something horrible please stop! I guess guys did not land on the moon either and Obama must have been born in Kenya! Come on! Don’t let the goons brainwash you like that! Did you not see the planes hit the building?! Also even the government doesn’t have enough money to keep that quiet! Again the planes hit the buildings and everyone but you saw it! Your premise is ridiculous!

    4. Carlos Juan says:

      David~ You’re comments above are so dumb and you are severely uninformed on the subject! You really should just keep quiet and stop making an ass out of yourself! Crack me up!

    5. Stechatte says:

      Hehe…love the Vietnam reference! PAVN admitted in 1975 that it would have surrendered if we would have bombed Hanoi 2-3 more times and killed a million more of those Commi savages. Then we would have won that wrong war, and 20 million South Vietnamese would be free right now. Grow up, you naive hippee!

    6. Phocus says:

      David is a glittering jewel of colassal ignorace. But, when the time comes, and it will, we’ll protect him and all the rest of the loons. Gotta love this country…it’s the best thing on earth…even with the Davids.

      1. I Love America says:

        Ahh Phocus, I recognize the old Limbaugh quote. You are my brother and a patriot. The rest of the conspriracy idiots just keep drinking the Kool-Aid and bad-mouthing MY country that has given you everything. You have no shame and no honor.

    7. Woverw says:

      David A., you fit the textbook definition of “emotionally retarded”. Let me guess, you worship at the feet of Michael Moore?

    8. Turban Bombb says:

      You are a sick person, clearly brainwashed by the far left/far right axis of evil which includes Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich. Keep apologizing for Islamic Jihadists you idiots, they not only killed 3,000 innocent Americans on 9/11, THEY HAVE ATTACKED OVER 18,000 times since!

      Islam is at war all over the world, stop apologizing for their brutal fascist “religion”

    9. Mike says:

      David are you high?

    10. steve sharkman says:

      i would rip your throat out you punk.

    11. MALOEBOO says:

      I guess the aircraft parts I personally recovered at Ground Zero were planted?

    12. rocky says:

      You ignorant jerk. You are a good mouth piece for the Muslim brotherhood. Don’t think for a moment the 19 that were chosen were not educated, they were and could carry out what they intended to do. You get your own facts checked you stupid ignorant SOB.

    13. Slang says:

      Wow’ I’m starting to believe what you’re saying now. I have carefully been going over all the evidence, and I’m sorry to say, but our own government is not looking too good on things here.

      1. j.j. says:

        Those buildings came down too neatly.

    14. Nelson says:

      Here is what I believe. You want to talk conspiracy theory. 🙂
      I believe that David is really Tony Bennett. 🙂

      An elderly man who should have left his MOUTH in San Fransico. No amount of policy this or policy that, this year, last year, or 50 years ago could justify the murder of 3,000 innocent people. Bennett’s comments coming off the 10th anniversary of 9/11 were offensive to say the least. I didn’t read anything about him voicing this opinion last year, the previous year, or any other year. So here is what I believe, that he is just looking for publicity so that people will buy his new album so that he could make some money since he doesn’t have a pension and is probably going broke. He may have been friends with Bernie Maddoff? 🙂

  3. Doug says:

    I’m 65 and just took a hammer to my Tony Bennett record albums.

    1. Robert says:

      I agree Doug. I don’t think he is sorry nor should any American support him by buying his albums or going to his concerts.

    2. Wilson says:

      Okay Doug
      Look at it this way. Let’s say, your next door neighbor comes into your yard and pokes your grandchild in the eye with a pointy stick. But; he is a local cop, and the DA’s office only laughed at your complaint.
      Are you going to let that slide, or are you going to retaliate?
      Which of you is then the ‘terrorist’?
      Or would you say that you are a freedom fighter, trying to protect what is undeniably yours?
      Think about that when you read the news.

      1. Sentry Virginia says:

        Wilson, tell that to the 9/11 pilots and their relatives who beat their wives who disagree with them or when they turn overweight after childbirth. It the entire culture, get a clue itdot….

        1. Sentry Virginia says:

          Sorry for the typo’s, which as a lib I know you will focus on…..

  4. Bob says:

    I’m so disappointed and sad. Have always been a huge fan of Mr. Bennett’s music. Same with Barbra Streisand and Paul McCartney and others. Why are these “celebrities” — so woefully ignorant of foreign affairs, economics, science, politics, business, and the real world in general — ever asked to give their opinions on these things? What a sad and disgraceful end to a career.

    1. Bob Is Ignorant says:

      You don’t seem to realize that all of these people are entitled to their opinions.

      1. Joe says:

        No Bob is not the ignorant man, you have no concept of the philosopy of defeat and sorrow you espouse. It is a disgrace that a man of 85 years can turn his back on this country that made his career possible in the first place. Bob’s opinion counts at least as much as this fallen entertainer.

      2. MikaMan3000 says:

        Hey Bob Is Ignorant…..Bob was just giving his opinion….why do we need to resort to name calling ?

      3. lizzie says:

        so am i. difference is that i don’t have a bully pulpit like the celebs.

  5. Hickory says:

    Tony is typical of most Hollywood elitists. He thinks his words have more value than they actually do. The next time he takes a snort, he should go sleep it off instead of getting on TV and shooting his mouth off.

  6. Chuckie D says:

    Hey Tony B:

    Next time , borrow one of PBHO’s teleprompters in lieu of using the poor man’s version—note cards.

    What’s the mattter—you had to read from the cards and not speak from the heart?

    Oh yeah, you left it in San Fran!!!

    1. TraitorBenedetto says:

      San Francisco, home of Pelosi and the “tolerant” loony left. How fitting!

  7. bogawk says:

    No apology necessary. Tony Bennett made a simple observation, and wasn’t excusing the terrorists for their actions.

    If someone murders another person for the color of the hair, are we suddenly to be in cahoots with them for pointing out the reasoning of their irrational behavior?

    No, we were attacked on 9/11 because of the perceived injustices of our country in the Middle East (no fly zones in Iraq in the 90s, boots on “sacred ground” in Kuwait during the first Gulf War). That’s what they responded too.

    No one is excusing it. No one is saying they were justified. So what’s the problem? Tony Bennett has a right to his opinion just as much as anyone else. And he was asked about it…he didn’t just offer it.

    1. bozo says:

      Aren’t you tired yet of blaming america? We do business in the middle east. Pay high prices for their oil, kiss their turbans – a no fly zone – really – that dangerous and callous huh! Gutless wonders all of you – i’m tired of hearing about the us bad policies – what about all the money and donations during tragedies we give – do we not get just a little respect. Demwits just have to be on the oppposing view of everything – get out of america if you don’t like it – do it – just do it. put your self rightous money where your mouth is – love it or leave it! especially since you can’t stand it. Only free speech for liberals. – you are just simply crazy and uneducated

      1. bogawk says:

        Where did I blame America? I pointed out their reasoning…I didn’t say for a single moment that I agreed with it.

        Maybe if you took a little bit of that anger that you have (and really, the anger and outrage that we ALL have), and focus it into understand the situation a little better.

        You’ve called me stupid. You’ve called me a dimwit. You’ve called me a liberal (which I’m not, but that is beside the point).

        But what you HAVEN’T done is told me how you actually disagree with me…

        Again, the terrorists caused the attack on 9/11 for a reason. You need to at least recognize that reasoning, no matter how irrational it is. Recognizing who a criminal targets and why is NOT the same as blaming the victim.

        1. Leigh says:

          TB made an equivalence in responsibility between the terrorists and America – that’s what’s so rebarbative. Truly disgusting.

        2. Ken JP Stuczynski says:

          Bogawk, you are apparently far too rational for the people her, LOL. Seriously, though, I thank you for your comments — they are spot on, even if only a drwoned-out voice in the wilderness of emotional reactionism.

          1. Mary C says:

            Ken JP and Bogawk – thankfully your two small voices are those of reason….people equate rational observation with being unpatriotic – so frightening what has happened to Americans and how blinded they have become. A large part of being American and one of our greatest gifts is freedom of speech and the ability to not take things at face value. Unfortunately, most Americans just listen to mainstream media and allow themselves to become brainwashed by the rhetoric, then told they are unpatriotic when they choose to dig deeper. So frightening is the power of an ignorant mob. I am with you Ken and Bogawk!!

        3. Oregonian says:

          The terrorists attacked the twin towers because they are Islamic radicals who hate Israel and anyone that protects them. Big Satan and little satan, remember! They killed innocent people without warning because that is what cowards do when they are afraid to put on uniforms and fight. The Islamic jihadists in the Middle East danced in the streets with glee when they saw the videos of people jumping to their death from the buildings. No reason that you can advance to justify their actions is acceptable in a free democratic society, and your attempt to protray your reasoning as that of a devil’s advocate falls on deaf ears. If you can’t identify evil when you see it, your pathetic excuses to “explain” their anger makes you an enabler of terror. You’re either for America or against it, bogawk – make up your mind. I have already made my decision about you and Tony!

        4. chaps says:

          “They flew the plane in but we caused it,” Bennett said
          Sounds like blame to me. We need to remember that the terrorists hate western culture.

        5. paulnashtn says:

          We were attacked on 9/11 because we are the leading non-muslim country and the World Trade Center represented world capitalism which is morally objectionable to them and for no other reason — THATS whats wrong with both YOUR reasoning and Tony Bennett’s

        6. Steve says:

          Sweet…all you defending Old Dumb ass Tony would have to agree that a woman deserves to be raped because she dresses sexy, after all her actions brought it on, right????..Brilliant thinking Tony and those that agree with the old fool.

        7. Joe T. says:

          Correct me if I’m wrong (just in case some are uncomfortable to do so lol), but didn’t Bin Laden, himself, STATE the reasons listed above by bogawk?!?!?!? Is that not enough evidence, considering it’s directly from the source?

        8. C. George says:

          STFU you moral equivalency idiot.

      2. Michael A. Cox Sr. says:

        You pointed out their reasoning? Their reasoning? Reasoning indicates rationality. The behavior of the criminals on 9-11 was not rational, by any stretch unless you subscribe whole hog to the radical Islamic code. Now, if you actually studied the reasons other Islamic terrorists have given for the attacks it is basically that we in the west are infidels and we must be eradicated. You see, if you disagree with them them have to kill you. Neither you nor Tony B understands what happened and that makes you dangerous to yourselves and everyone you speak to.

    2. Steve says:

      Goody Goody, jerk. Guess what big mouth, we have a right to an opinion too. SCREW OFF!

      1. bogawk says:

        You’re right. You have a right to an opinion too. And I never said you didn’t. But all you’ve done is hurl insults. Why not offer a rational opinion on the matter instead of hurling feces like an ape?

        1. Mark says:

          You deserved every insult hurled at you and more. America is our nation, no matter what. You are willing to listen to accusations that are not only false but libelous. The U.S. has done more for Muslims all around the world than anyone else. We have sacrificed both blood and money for a group of incestuous pedophile worshiping monsters that enjoy killing women, children, elderly and anyone else who won’t fight back. Choose your side the USA or eternal monsters doomed to damnation.

    3. tony says:

      Tony Bennett was absolutuley exscusing the terroists even to mutter who are the terroists in this us or them?What is a direct threat to the terroists is the very notion of freer societies where woman and gays are respec ted,open assemblies can occur,voting can take place and religous toleration can flourish.western influences promote this and this is antithetical to the terroists notion of a medieval caliphate where modernity must be expunged.we are to them the infidel and that is why we were attacked.

    4. Ray says:

      You are absolutely right in your take on Mr. Bennett’s statement. He is in fact entitled to his opinions and they DO NOT have to coincide with the majority. The knee jerk reaction is to attack and not reason. No one wishes those who died on 9/11 to have done so. Why are we still so unable to look at the otherside of the coin. There is a reason that those who suffer in the Middle East are angry at the U.S. We give a lot of our money to a lot of people in that area. And our so called allies have done us wrong as well.

      1. Michael A. Cox Sr. says:

        You exhibit an amazing lack of understanding. People didn’t attack us on 9-11 because anyone was suffering. They want us dead, period. There is a myth about people suffering in the middle east. They are as they have been for 2000 years and while by our standards they seem to be suffering, they choose to continue the path they have chosen. The radicals have taken up the Jihadist cause because they believe, sincerely, albeit against all reason, that we are evil. Because you have a nice home and a flat screen isn’t why they hate use, it is simply because we don’t adhere to their beliefs. The 9-11 attackers were anything but poor, and, quite frankly, not very good Muslims, either. I am puzzled at you last sentences, which makes no sense at all — we give them money and that makes them mad at us?

    5. Carney says:

      Nobody, including you, believes this line of bull. Bennett openly questioned whether “we” (meaning the USA) are the real terrorists. Meaning he really thinks we are. He like you isn’t just neutrally or disapprovingly describing the terrorists’ real or claimed motives.

      He, like you, AGREES with them. That’s why you’re both un-American traitors, and we all know it.

    6. Richard Henkle says:

      That’s alright bogawk, people don’t understand cause and effect anymore. I guess trying to educate people as to Osama’s thought process is just not possible. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

      1. Mark says:

        If you claim to understand Osama’s thought process, you must be insane with hatred and probably just as dangerous. What a moronic thing to admit to! If I start to believe that I understand Hitler’s thought process, then I better start questioning my own sanity. Most people here do understand “cause and effect.” The cause was false and violent religious teachings and the affect was hatred, leading to the murder of 3,000 civilians.

    7. Vince says:

      All fine and dandy, except we did not go into Iraq and choose to have the no fly zone’s. The liberation of Kuwait and the subsequent no fly zone’s were UN Mandated (that would be the WORLD saying, Saddam, you can’t invade your neighbor), not the USA choosing to do it. No reason what so ever for us to be attacked like we were on 9/11/01.

    8. Robert Davies says:


      I completely agree.

      I just love how in a country founded on free speech, people are asked to leave when they speak something that someone doesn’t agree with.

      How many innocent civilians has our military killed in the last 10 years? How many American Citizens rights has our government violated in the last 10 years?

      What is really funny, is I don’t see these extremists at our airports feeling up our children, embarrassing our elders and the sick and stealing from our luggage… I don’t see these extremists telling our government that those of us that honor our nations freedoms and civil rights are more likely to be terrorists…

      Instead it’s our own nations run-away government that is using the ploys of terror tactics to scare us into giving up all of our rights under the pretense of protecting us! It has been this way for 10 years, and I just can’t believe how many people follow along like sheep.

      Lucky for us, this is America. Lucky for us, this is a nation in which the people are empowered. At some point, the majority are no longer going to be sheep, and we will all rise as one nation to reclaim the rights that were once stripped of us.

      1. Mozil says:

        Not many, check the actual numbers. Rights violated = few and dead civillians from coalition hands = fewer. The accusations of large numbers in either case are unfounded.

  8. Guido350 says:

    The “Rat Pack”, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Joey Bishop, and Sammy Davis Jr. were right about Tony Bennett, WHAT A LOSER. To all American’s who are totally embarrassed with the Liberal stupidity, I apologize to my fellow American’s including Mr. Bennett. Come 2012 every candidate who has a “D” behind their name is GOING.

    1. Guido350 says:

      Also, I personally did 9/11. SUCK ON THAT, AMERICA!

    2. VinagarJoe says:

      Is Pat Buchanan a liberal? He thinks the same way Ron Paul and Tony Bennett thinks. It’s called blowback folks. Read the CIA report on the causes of 9/11/. Nothing new here. Move alone folks. Nothing to see here.

  9. Lars says:

    I left my brains…in San Francisco.

    1. Dave G says:

      And the countdown begins for the Alzheimers announcement.

  10. K Foulks says:

    Pathetic old poop.

  11. Jd Noland says:

    Why is it when some celeb has a Cd or a book to sell they apologize!!
    Hanoi Jane can apologize till death but will never live that one down!
    Dixie Chicks and now Tony!
    Seems the dollar is tied to apology!
    Maybe entertainers should stick with entertaining not USA policy!
    Sean Penn comes to mind!

  12. Lee says:

    Another SanFran Nan moron. Dump Tony in San Francisco Bay.

  13. nick says:

    He has a point. We have killed over 2 million people in the middle east since 9/11. Who are the terrorists? Sounds like you guys are blind, rabid, patriotic sheep. I fear yall more then I fear ‘the terrorists’…

    1. Lars says:

      Wow…are you nick, or “el-nick?”

    2. kevin says:

      U R A moronic liberal – you should fear americans, since you are the enemy.

    3. Joe says:

      Where did you get those stats?

    4. Vegas Bears Fan says:

      You moron, our military fights their military. Our military follows the Uniform Code of militray justice. So even if one of our soldiers goes batty and kills innocents, they are punished.

      Those terrrorist animals on the other hand don’t follow any military code other then killing anyone and anything that doesn’t believe in their ways. Can’t you see that they kill innocent people, women, children, bomb religious building and gatherings, bomb police stations, bomb night clubs, bomb hospitals, anything that they can. That makes them terrorists and the scum of the earth, And then they hide amongst the civilian population like cowards cuz they know we won’t bomb them there. Get your view on the war on terrorism correct.

    5. zipity says:

      No, we killed eleventy billion kajillion people, in the Middle East with the help of the evil blood-sucking JOOOOOOOOOOs….! I read it a the Daily Kos…..

      There I cleaned that up for you Nick-come-poop…..

      1. Thanks Zip! says:

        Well said Zipity! But Liberals aren’t so good with math you know. That’s why they use a special Liberal Kalculator to get things just right. I liked that hope and change and free health care stuff so I sent Obama my daughters collection of 1998 dimes (in a sock) and he sent me a Liberal Kalculator! Running the numbers on this amazing machine (No electricity, its GREEN, but it does use allot of gasoline) I was able to come up with more accurate figures, as follows:
        Eleventy thousands of Triplized Kajillions of dead children killed by Bush.
        Fiftynine hundred thousands of a bazillion (X7) Iraqi retirees killed by Cheney.

        And all of that BEFORE Bush and Cheney blew up the Towers on 9/11,
        Just say’in.

    6. Chizh&Co says:

      You must be out of your mind! 2 million people? Where?
      Before you spout another idiocy, go sleep it off.

      1. Fluidizer says:

        Liberals Always make up numbers. Did you hear the “presidents” speech the other night? They are serial liars, one and all, and they are wrecking our Country.

    7. bozo says:

      nick – you are a stupid lieberal and liberals have ruined this country.

    8. Calvin says:

      Quoting fake numbers won’t win any arguments. You can say what you want about mistakes but the US has NEVER been in the business of just bombing people for no reason. If we bombed anyone it was for a reason and we tried to limit collateral damage. This was definitely not the case on 9/11. Civilians were the target.
      I respect someone who is a pacifist but when you automatically make a knee jerk values judgement you might as well have the same mental makeup as a bigot. No matter what the circumstances, you always make the same call.

    9. Sal says:

      OK nick, bennet said 9/11 happened because we wouldn’t stop bombing. Bombing who? Iraq and Afghanistan happened AFTER 9/11. And when we were bombing IRAQ in the early 90’s, that was a coalition of countries, including Arab nations.

    10. Ruth says:

      We also killed a lot of Germans during WWII. My uncle was with the army that liberated some of the concentration camps. If we had not gone and fought that war, you would be speaking German and not be living in a country where you can still spout stupid stuff. What a moron you are. If you think we are terrorists, pack up and go someplace else. Bets are you will be crying at the door to get back in to this U.S.A. the best country in the World. Go Pound Salt!!!

    11. George N. Weezie says:

      Exactly dude. You’re not alone in your beliefs. We have become what our founders feared. ! million dead in Iraq alone. Most people are clueless sheep. I too fear these pseudo-patriots more than the fictitious al qeada. These jack-wagons will be the ones calling in for the gub’ment “see something say something” BS when someone else complains about our police state. You have more of a chance of getting stung by a bee while being struck by lightning than being attacked by cave-dwelling illiterate islamists. We have entered the Orwellian nightmare. Oh yeah, how about some of you genius “patriots” explain WTC7 for me. Hmmm? Check out to see what 1600 engineers and architects have to say about the free-falling WTC7.

      1. Fluidizer says:

        Yeah! And those fake Moon Landings too! What about them, you :”jack boots”?

        You need to read what the architects of the Twin Towers have to say about all this, and then have a chat with Buzz Aldrin. Also, those people that tell you “see something, Say something, are the SAME crowd that want you turn in peopled that speak out against the nation destroying regime that is installed in our White House. Go to Attack Watch .com and turn in your neighbor. Maybe you can take out a Republican in the process. Eightball.

    12. Mary Wright Pippert says:

      No we haven’t. What are you on? Bennet was talking about justification for 9/11. I fear idiots like you.

    13. Ray C. says:

      You should fear Americans, because you are a traitor. Why dont you give live with your friends?

    14. Fluidizer says:

      Gee Tony, your getting a little long of tooth to be hedging your bets on “Humanism”. You may well have to explain that Hollywierd religion face to face to our Lord God pretty soon.
      Maybe you can use the “It’s America’s fault” excuse to explain why you rejected him for that nonsense.
      Or maybe you can blame it all on George Bush.
      In either case, I wouldn’t want to be you.

  14. tired of libs says:

    another liberal with a skewed viewof the world. liberals have killed this country. libleralism doesn’t work. appeasement doesn’t work. ask the brits how they feel about chamberlin. peace peace peace. sometimes you got fight for what is right. who the puck did we drop a bomb on? bennett lousy hair piece must be to tight on his head. him and that other piece of shatz streisand should just shut up and sing (if you can stand even listening to them). who did we bomb? another poster put it right. this is and has always been about our support of israel. we went to wat against iraq 20 years ago cause of israel. then bin laden got pissed cause we were in saudi. its all about defending a friend and ally. i would really love it if china would invade one of these arab countys. then who are they going to call for help?

    1. Brian says:

      Bombing foreign people until they bow to our demands doesn’t work. Why do you support putting America at greater risk? Why do neo-cons hate America so much?

  15. Bernie says:

    he left his heart in San Francisoc
    and his head up his butt

    1. Crank Sinatra says:

      I can’t improve upon Bernie’s comment but I sure hope this incident is the catalyst that relegates Bennet to doing two a nights in the Castro district.

  16. Diane Emmerich says:

    Just another Hollywood twit for Obama. And when were we bombing them? That was after 9/11 Tony you dumbass.

  17. TwistedSis says:

    Boycott this ignorant man. He has no idea what is going on in this world. Possitively ignarant. I necver heard of him before, somebody told me he was a singer. He is obviously not very well educated about other countries and he is reallty vapid about Muslims.

  18. shell says:

    Indirectly Tony is right, we asked for it. Our borders were open to terrorists for years, still are. We sold them weapons, taught them how to fly, and the list goes on and on. The problem was we didn’t expect these people would attack us as they did. We are wishy washy polically correct, but kill babies in the womb on demand.

    We continue to be polically correct and bow down to these people, here and abroad. If we continue to play games with these people, we will be attacked again, it’s only a matter of time. The liberals are killing our country. They are the enemy within. We have twice the amount of enimies locally, thanks to our current Aministratiion.

  19. StephaniePayne says:

    So glad Tony made this idiotic comment before I bought Duets II… so I won’t hand over my hard-earned (terroristic) money to him. He and all of Hollywood are full of nonsense… they need to just shut up and work on their craft.

  20. frank villano says:

    This is another example of why singers should “shuit up and sing”. Their views are usually tainted by the misquided, insulated and perverted world they live in.
    At 85, I think Tony has lost it.

    1. Mary Wright Pippert says:


  21. TwistedSis says:

    II will not be listening to Mr. Bennett. He has been in Hollywood about thirty years to long. He does not even know this country as he is isolted in califronia with idiots like Harry rry Reid and Nancy pelosi. Thjey are vile creatures. I have worked for the service and so has my brother, my uncle s and several cousins and other friends have served out country. We did not kill our our people, Islamic idiots with small, narrow minds did that .I understand the problems we brought on ourselves for helping the liars and thieves in Arabia They killed more than 3000 americans . What in the world did they think we would do; lay down and cry, not likely. We in fact did very little which is whay we still worry about an attack from Arabs. Wer should have killed a lot of people, more than the three thousand dead we had had killed. The count of dead Arabs should have been much higher, Israel should be a protectriate. America needs to man-up if it wants to live as a freee Nation.

  22. Mike Olitzki says:

    Hi Tony:

    Of a large family, I and my sister were the sole survivors of Nazi concentration.Without tliberation of US troops, we, the two survivors, would have neded up in crematoriqa as well.

    It is a fact that, like Hitler, Ahmadinejad woved to push ther Jews into the ocean and drown them.
    He would do to all Ame ricans who won’t accept Sharia law.

    To say hat you are an idiois not enuhg. Think before you give aid and comfort to our enemies.

    1. Robert says:

      Well said Mike. God bless you and your family. I pray for America and Israel in the face of so many evil nations that want to destroy everybody who does not believe in Sharia law.

  23. kurioz says:

    Tony Bennett has been one my favoriite sngers for over 60 years!!! I and many others idolized this man.

    Not in 100 years would I have every expectied him to make such a statement about our Country!

    Apologies aren’t going to make it, Tony, you’ve shown your true colors!!

    It turns out you’re no less a rabid radical then all the others bent on seeing our Country demeaned!!

  24. Xavier says:

    Tony Bennett, now 85, may have left his heart in San Francisco years ago, but he’s left his brain in the seventies…HIS seventies. What Muslim country was the US bombing on 9/11?
    And what were the reasons for the ’93 attack on the WTC? And the USS Cole, the embassies, the Marine barracks? And who was murdering Iraqis and throwing them off rooftops and feeding them into shredders and gassing the Kurds? And who was chopping off hands, and beheading apostates and infidels, and hanging homosexuals, and blowing up historic, ancient statues of Buddha, and oppressing women and girls in the torment of the head-to-toe, dead-in-life bodybags with eye-slits called burkas?
    It is easy to wrap oneself in the mantle of humanism while turning away from the litany of human rights abuses and barbaric practices in the Middle East. But Mr. Bennett has a worldview, and it was revealed in criticism of Obama’s opponents and in his declaration of unconditional service to Obama early in the new president’s term..
    Now he croons a song of relativism and moral equivalency between terrorists who attack civilians without provocation and whatever he obviously considers to be wrong in US foreign policy.
    As for ‘bombing Muslims’ before 9/11…Mr. Bennet may have forgotten–if he ever knew–that it was the US that came to the aid of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo against the Serbians, when the rest of Europe, and all of the Muslim world, stood by…

  25. p3orion says:

    He left his balls… in San Francisco…

  26. ritpg says:

    Tony is getting old and has been isolated from reality by his celebrity cocoon for a long time. I say consider the source and more to be pitied than scorned.

    1. jazbo says:

      I agree with p3orion. However, it was mean spirited and caustic of him to claim that Pres. Bush confided in him that he (Bush) had made a mistake. Bennett is too senile to remember anything correctly, even musical notes.

  27. Jack Bellini says:

    Tony, Tony, Tony, what is the matter with you? I dont buy your so-called apology. I think youre one of many people who think America is to blame for our own people getting killed. Some, like Rosie O’Donnell thought the crashes were a conspiracy by Bush and shes never retracted that thought. She said never has fire melted steel. Understand the pacifism, but not your traitorous comments.

    1. Mary Wright Pippert says:

      How does Rosie think they bend steel. I imagine she flunked her 8th grade Science class.

  28. suibne says:

    the real reason for free speech is that it allows us to know who and who is not trust worthy. cbs is already hypocritically censoring posts to this site.

    1. letmepicyou says:

      Of course, they’ve already censored 2 of mine because I commented on the fact that CENTCOM federal government employees are trolling this site trying to sway public opinion.

  29. suibne says:

    the real reason free speech is so important is that it allows you to know exactly who is and who is not trustworthy.

  30. Eric says:

    I am so tired of hearing the political views of entertainers… who the F&CK cares what you think about anything other than singing

  31. Andy says:

    I Love Tony Bennett ! But Tony, But your history is so screwed up! Who were we bombing? We didn’t even know it was Osama bin lard ass until after the planes went into the buildings. Laura Ingram was right “Shut Up And Sing”

  32. suibe says:

    Now we know why his heart is in San Francisco.Hey Tony, I have Dominic Salvio’s head bandage. I’m a collector of pacifist memorabilia. Yours for a small price.

  33. derek says:

    note to all singers, when in front of a microphone…sing.

  34. SarasotaPete says:

    I thought Mr. Bennett died years ago.

    1. stechatte says:

      No, but all his fans have…lol

  35. sickofdems says:

    Time for the old peoples home Tony.

    1. Edward Morris says:

      Bennett was right the first time. Our aggession in the Mideast did ignite the anger that led to 9/11. Still, that was an unforgivable act of terror. The people in the World Trade Center didn’t create our imperialist policies. And Bennett was right about the Iraq war being wrong. Events have demostrated that

  36. Ed says:

    ALL are entitled to their own opioion. He was asked his opinion and offerred one.

    Interesting that “we” question his right to speak…by utilizing ours.

    Disagree with him, it’s his opinion.

    1. suibne says:

      what the ef do you think they are doing you moron.

    2. Ted says:

      It’s morons like you who are responsible for the state this country is in. No one has attempted to shut TB up. In fact, we want to hear more about how that old buffoon thinks. Everyone (even you) has a right to say what they think, and everyone else has the right to express their opinions of it – and to never buy another of Bennett’s records, btw. FYI, free speech only applies to someone vis-a-vis the government. Which is why I can’t use the words I want to use to describe you.

    3. elizabethrc says:

      I mistakenly hit report comment. I did not intend that for you also have a right to your opinion.
      I meant to hit reply.
      As to Tony’s opinion. Yes, he has addressed it and we are addressing ours. I don’t think it’s right to question his right to speak, but I wish we would just stop quoting the opinions of Hollywood types who have, for the most part, far too few brains to be able to form a rational opinion.

  37. larry says:

    IF he has to read an apology is it real? 85 years dumb. Howerver in reading comments like “very conservative” he is not alone in stupidity. The good news is I will be around after Tony is gone. He left his heart, and cant find it now.

    1. Ted says:

      Real or not, there are some things that can’t be apologized away. That said,, of course it’s not real.

  38. Stephen M. St. John says:

    I’m with Tony Bennett all the way! 9/11 was the first major cybernetic crime; i.e., a crime involving communications control of humans and machines, from media hype to telecommunications piracy of radar and on-board flight control systems to precision detonations of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7. Only with the truth can we honor the slain. The truth is certainly far worse than what we’ve been told happened. For starters, we must ask why the US Department of Justice used a bogus 9/11 “Dulles Airport” surveillance video to frame Arabs for the crimes of 9/11 and to fool Americans who are as dumb as nails and as used as screws into supporting unjustified invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq. Check out my discovery of governmental fraud on my website at And I stand and applaud Tony Bennett!

    1. Lee says:

      You and Tony Bennett should check in to the same mental hospital. By the way, you forgot to mention that the Moon landing was a hoax.

    2. Jo Mama says:

      Conspiracies are for the weak minded

      1. Matt says:

        It’s really more of a theory with the amount of evidence involved bud

        1. Jo Mama says:

          No it’s a conspiracy chief. There is no real evidence. Google popular mechanics 9/11 article and see how they’ve all been debunked

    3. Tomas says:

      I checked out your website, Stephen. Always like to see what kind of nonsense the conspiracy theorists are throwing up these days. Your page purports to use the existence of what you call a “shadow” to prove fraud. However, as can be clearly seen in the pics your site provides, you have mistaken a reflection for a shadow. The other reflections in the floor to the right of the individual clearly show this. The reflection also contains sections of brightness, which shadows never contain. Your mistake destroys, in its entirety, your accusation.

      Stop grasping at phantoms. You only make yourself look foolish.

      1. Chizh&Co says:

        Tomas, some people are sick. This is the case. Your rebuttal does nothing to him, people like him will always find something else to hang onto. Great job, though, in debunking the “theory” right away.

    4. Seriously???!?!? says:

      You may wanna change out the battery on your beanie — the propellor is slowing down.

    5. Frankie D says:

      When the aliens took you to the mother ship and probed you, it resulted in your brain turning into mush. I do wish you well in your recovery.

    6. Twistessis says:

      Please go back to your padded cell before you hurt yourself.

    7. MDWhite says:

      Please…just shut up and stop proving to the world what a completely certifiable moron you are. It’s embarrassing.

  39. Xavier says:

    Tony Bennett, now 85, may have left his heart in San Francisco years ago, but he’s left his brain in the seventies…HIS seventies. The US was bombing what Muslim country on 9/11?
    And what were the reasons for the ’93 attack on the WTC? And the USS Cole, the embassies, the Marine barracks? And who was murdering Iraqis and throwing them off rooftops and feeding them into shredders and gassing the Kurds? And who was chopping off hands, and beheading apostates and infidels, and hanging homosexuals, and blowing up historic, ancient statues of Buddha, and oppressing women and girls in the torment of the head-to-toe, dead-in-life bodybags with eye-slits called burkas?
    It is easy to wrap oneself in the mantle of humanism while turning away form the litany of human rights abuses and barbaric practices in the Middle East. But Mr. Bennett has a worldview, and it was revealed in criticism of Obama’s opponents and in his declaration of unconditional service to Obama early in the new president’s term..
    Now he croons a song of relativism and moral equivalency between terrorists who attack civilians without provocation and whatever he obviously considers to be wrong in US foreign policy.
    As for ‘bombing Muslims’ before 9/11…Mr. Bennet may have forgotten–if he ever knew–that it was the US that came to the aid of Muslims in Bosnia and Kosovo against the Serbians, when the rest of Europe, and all of the Muslim world, stood by…

  40. jme says:

    moron is now officially senile – put him out to pasture. what a jerk. hope no one ever goes to his performance again

  41. Richie says:

    There goes your album sales Tony… really messed up on this one.

  42. You're an idiot says:

    You’re an idiot

    1. Dave says:

      Yep, he’s an idiot!

  43. Tony Bennett or Rosie O Donnell says:

    Who is Larry Silverstein, and what did he mean by deciding to “PULL” building number seven?

    1. Chizh&Co says:

      Stick your conspiracy theories into your arse. You’re dishonoring those who were murdered, by Islamo-nazis, on 9/11.

      1. Mathew says:

        No, actually you are dishonoring them by refusing to acknowledge the truth. Do some research on what happened on 9/11. Bldg. 7! Ever heard of it. Wasn’t hit by a plane. How did it fall in its own foot print? Ever heard of critical thinking? Who had the authority to get NORAD to stand down for an hour? See trans. secretary Leon Panetta’s testimony to the 9/11 commission.

      2. Dakotahgeo says:

        Unfortunately, you weren’t in any of the buildings that fell 9/11/01.

  44. Steve says:

    Why apologize? He obviously believes this. Apology not accepted, old Geezer. Time to fade away pal.

  45. Preacher says:

    Mr. Bennet what you should know about the human heart of ALL people is we are Sinners in need of a Saviour and that is only found in the Lord Jesus Christ. There is NO excuse for what those Terriost did at all ! None, it was an evil act. They just hate the U.S. and Israel.

  46. Karen says:

    If you take the time to find out who the real Tony Bennett is you would not be surprised by his comment. He is a humanist with a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong. He marched for civil rights and has long been known for his pacifism as strong as his love of country. We need to examine ourselves. Pray for peace on Sunday and the rest of the week? He is no hypocrite that’s for sure. Love you TONY!!!!

    1. Plasgash Morgavian says:

      Still does not excuse the fact that his comments were ignorant, ill considered and naive. Who cares what he marched for if he can’t get his facts straight? He is another limo liberal and a hypocrite. His comments show how out of touch he is with the real world. Like his moron actor friends, all he is good for is reading words other people wrote for him. When he speaks without a script, lyrics or TelePrompTer, he shows what a vacuous stunade he is.

    2. Pedro says:


    3. Lorenzo says:

      Karen…nice try. Why don’t you go sing cumbaya while wearing a star of david or a cross in the Mulim world, then come back and tell us again how we need to examine ourselves….you clueless dolt.

    4. Fred says:

      He may not be a hypocrite, but he sure has it all wrong about what happened on 9/11. One of best friends growing up, Peter Fry, was murdered that day along with 3000 others. We know these Liberal types. They make these outrageous statements about our country and than try to take it back once they see the public is pissed because of it. The true you comes out when you speak off the cuff, not when you deliver a rehearsed apology.

    5. Lars says:

      He’s no patriot either!!!

    6. Ted says:

      As one who no doubt shares Mr. Bennett’s “strong sense of what is right and what is wrong,” perhaps you can explain how he could have A) gotten it so wrong, and B) didn’t think it was wrong to say it?

    7. Sal says:

      ..but can you please explain to me who we were bombing that caused 9/11?

      1. Laloba says:

        We were not bombing anyone. Bennett is misguided, misinformed, misstating the facts. Yet, his quote will be printed in the history books and our grandchildren will click their tongues and say “well, I guess we deserved it”. He was totally irresponsible in his remarks and his defenders are as irresponsible and ignorant of the facts as he showed himself to be.

    8. Chizh&Co says:

      Being a humanist (what exactly does it mean?) does not make one smart, apparently. Tony just stuck his foot in his mouth, and it will take him the rest of his life to dislodge it from there.

    9. John says:

      FU Karen. How ’bout that?

    10. Ruth says:

      He is a stupid Liberal is what he is. You examine yourself. I know I love my country and my family fought in World War II to make sure you are free to be as stupid as you are!!

    11. Bob says:

      Liberalism is a very serious and very dangerous mental illness. I pray for a cure.

    12. Chief49 says:

      His next concert should be before all his friends in Guantanamo.

    13. chigal says:

      Have always liked Tony Bennett…………however his comment and apology(so called) are extremely offensive to me and any other red blooded American. Save your apology please! Go back to your painting or to San Francisco!

    14. Larry says:

      So much for “DUET” sales. I think that is what the apology is all about.

    15. Wally Keasler says:

      I agree in that he is not being hypocritical – he said exactly what he thinks on the Stern show. However, he couldn’t think of the right words on The View, so he had to read cards that were prepared for him ahead of time, which just makes him a common liar. It’s just sad. I used to enjoy hearing Tony sing – now, he’s just another Hollywood liberal.

    16. Tony says:

      Tony Bennett will not sing our national anthem because, in his words, “It is a song that glorifies violence.” I think he is a misguided, confused individual who has lost his bearings. People with his views do nothing to stop violence. They just let it go on and on.

    17. Chuck says:

      Bennett,is a senile old man who should stay silent in Frisco!!

    18. realist says:

      Just pure ignorance! What people kill other people totallly for religious purposes, Muslims stupid! Do idiots like you follow what goes on in the world. Every major conflict in the world today involves Muslims! If you loons on the left think that Muslims are somehow misunderstood, go live in any Muslilm country and openly practice Christianity. You will find out who the bad guys are real fast. Get your head out of your arse, you are not some kind of hero because you want to save the world, you are just ignorant. Ask Neville Chamberlain, he thought Hitler was harmless. Learn from it fool.

    19. Joe says:

      Tony has apparently, been indulging on the Bay-Area extreme left nectar a little too heavily…

    20. stechatte says:

      Why is this a “featured comment”?…more like a “featured commie”…

    21. George Schumacher says:

      Karen, I participated in integrating two different establishments during the civil rights era. That does not make me any more or less able to see that three thousand people were not merely murdered, they were in many cases GROUND UP ALIVE when those buildings fell. There is no excuse not to be able to see the evil that is against you and I and even Tony Bennet. For a peson of such well known stature not to be able to tell the difference is pitiful. Its like a German citizen in 1944 seeing snoke from a very distant smokestack at “that PLACE” shrugging and saying ” Well, they must have done something wrong…”

    22. Laloba says:

      He may be a wonderful man, but it is irresponsible, when you are a public personality to spread misinformation. We were not bombing “them” when “they” flew into the towers. Nor were we bombing their countries of origin. Stalin said that a lie repeated often enough becomes truth. My grandchildren need to know that this country was not at war with the people who attacked it….in fact, my country was sending my tax dollars to help subsidize the countries where the attackers came from. The people who stole the aircraft and murdered nearly 3,000 innocent Americans, civilians, men, women and children, were sick, twisted, perverted, hateful, destructive, misguided maniacs who had no respect for life.

    23. Minorkle says:

      Tony is dead wrong in his views and he can’t carry a tune either!

    24. Bill says:

      your an idiot.

    25. Navyguy says:


    26. Joe says:

      October 31, 2012

      Tony Bennett has broken the existing record for apologies, with his most recent apology, he has now surpassed the former king apologist, Mel Gibson..

    27. Jack says:

      Sounds like a traitor to me.

    28. AV says:

      Karen, get a life ! If Tony would of realized all the true Americans who gave their lives for this country and the suffering shared by families of victims caused by terrorist and terrorist actions…he would of kept his big mouth shut or just keep to singing !

    29. steve says:

      Wake up and smell the coffee lady.

  47. michaelfury says:

    “They were murdered in cold blood. Nothing – no matter what you can point to in U.S. policy over the years – justifies what was done or somehow mitigates the tragedy.”


  48. ed says:

    Not sure who’s a bigger waste, Stern or Bennett. 2 cowards that hide behind a mic

  49. Ronin says:

    Not a problem, Tony. I will accept your apology on the behalf of 23 NYPD, 37 PAPD, 343 FDNY and THOUSANDS of men, women and children who were murdered on September 11, 2001 and the thousands of men and women who have died since then in Iraq and Afghanistan with one minor clause. YOU DIE!!!

    1. ANIMAL FARM says:

      who did the murdering?

      The Pigs

      1. Orwhellian says:

        You mean The Givelte Fishermen

      2. Chizh&Co says:

        I can’t believe this discussion is degenerating into raw anti-Semitism. Pigs likeyou should really be slaughtered,

  50. Very conservative says:

    No need for him to apologize. We all know that the US support for Israel was the main factor in causing 9/11.

    1. Ted says:

      AH, that’s how we caused it. If only Bennett had said that! Perhaps we should solve the problem then by making Israel our 51st. State.

      1. TexasRick says:

        Actually it would be our 58th state according to Dear Leader.

    2. Robert says:

      Israel has nothing to do with the attacks of 9/11. Islamists hate America, hate Jews, hate Christians and seek to take over the world. Israel is a great ally of America, and millions of Arabs live there and enjoy full freedom. They are much better off than the Muslims who live in Iraq, Iran, etc.

      1. Billy Bob says:

        They hate each other as well.

      2. The Facts says:

        Israel and America enjoy a friendly relationshp but there has never been a treaty of alliance. We are not allies.

    3. BarrysHypocrisy says:

      If we would have let Israel take care of things years ago, the attacks on 9/11 would have NEVER happened.

      1. OoogaBooga says:


    4. boB says:

      Uh-huh. So I guess what Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda says themselves is a lie too then right? They both said that main reason was because of our involvement in the MUSLIM countries around the world as well as their desire to spread Islam everywhere to hasten the 12th Imam. Learn before you talk!

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