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Feds: Glitzy Riverdale Apartment Building Discriminated Against Black Renters

Justice Dept. Says 2-Year Probe Reveals Extreme Favoritism Toward Whites

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — An upscale Bronx apartment building has been accused of racial discrimination. A new federal lawsuit claims the owners and operators discourage African Americans from moving in.

The suit is accusing a Riverdale landlord of exercising the kind of quiet housing bias that keeps some neighborhoods mostly white — even when people of color have the money and means to move there. CBS 2’s Lou Young spoke to one woman was apartment hunting on Tuesday.

“You wouldn’t think they’d do it in this day and age,” the woman said.

The building in question is 72-unit apartment house where the Justice Department says black would-be renters were turned away while whites and Hispanics were encouraged to rent.  It’s a pattern the feds said they documented the pattern with four teams of testers posing as would-be renters. In all cases the blacks were allegedly discouraged and whites were helped — in one case with a suggestion of a getting a lower rent.

“I think that’s a horrible thing to do. You shouldn’t discriminate against anybody on the basis of color or anything like that,” building resident Todd Garvin said.

Like the neighborhood, the building is racially is mixed, but mostly white.

“Spanish people, black people who live here and the super, I think is Spanish as well,” resident Suzzanne Ljuljdjuraj said.

No one answered at superintendent Jesus Velascos’ door Tuesday, and at the offices of building manager Young got an abrupt, firm and spirited refusal to discuss the matter.

“No comment. No comment. No comment, please leave,” Young was told.

That was disheartening to Riverdale residents who consider their neighborhood a model of tolerance.

“I’m just kind of speechless. I mean people are still being judged by the color of their skin? That’s pretty said. I mean what happened to ‘post racial?’” resident Jennifer Secular said.

The building super, Goodman Management, and the owners, Loventhal Silver Riverdale LLC., are all named in the federal suit.

Federal authorities say they’ve been working on the case for two years. The lawsuit is asking for a court injunction, fines and damages for anyone who was discriminated against.

Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. mike says:

    We white people pay inflated prices to live away from black people!! If black people move in white people move out. Landlords know this!

    1. Janet Klien says:

      If this house has had black people in it in the past, and has Spanish people in it, Domicans are part black read Wikipedia, THERE IS NO DISCRIMINATION. Did you see the people who wanted to rent this mans house. Probably blacks who work at hot 97 rap station in New York. Do you want that king of African American living next store to you. This case will be dropped because people of color do live in this apartment. Its not just WHITES, Spanish, Arabs THIS IS BS in the age of Obama. Prove that the blacks renting this apartment looked like Middle Class people. GET OUT OF ARE FACE GOVERNMENT. We live in America. We own property pay are taxes WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO RENT TO WHOM WE WISH.

      1. J J H says:


    2. says:

      Yeah I bet they were blacks who worked at hot 97 in New York. Probably had there hat on backwords and were saying the N word to the oener.

  2. debbie says:

    If the owner is getting federal or state money then I can see government getting into his/her business.. If they do not receive any monies from the taxpayer, then the owner should be able to rent to whom ever they want to rent to.. I am white/black and have been turned away many a time from rental properties here in the Land of 10. 0000 lakes, but I have references whom say I have never been late w/ rent. Have immaculate rental history and cleanliness and have steady income… Those whom have denied me rental have lost out on a very reliable, non complaining, self supporting perfect renter and those that have have always thanked me and begged me not to leave…

  3. Sunshine116 says:

    I am a well-educated, professional black woman, married with one child living in a predominately white neighborhood. Until recently, I had no thoughts about moving until my new neighbors moved into their mother’s unoccupied home — WHITE, uneducated, receiving government assistance and the list goes on. The other homes owners (95% white) have also voiced concerned about this family. It’s not the color of your skin; it’s your upbringing, exposure, and outlook on life that determines behavior.

    1. carol says:

      Exactly Sunshine!! You said it in a much more concise manner than I did earlier.

  4. LIC Guy says:

    My only comment is where is the “Glitzy Riverdale Apartment Building”, the building in the picture is quite a long way from glitzy. Why would anyone be wanting to fight over living in that mundane, somewhat downtrodden building?

  5. Fran Miller says:

    It is not a question of blacks being able to live where they want. It’s a question of the landlord or owner being able to rent or sell to whomever he wants.

  6. Www says:

    ITs called being tired of baby momma drama

  7. Guy who once saw Lyle A l z a d o at Newark Airport says:

    Burp..Oh, that Kraft mac & cheese was good!

  8. Carol says:

    I wish people would STOP stereotyping ALL people based on their race or ethnicity.

    I live in Riverdale & work in another Bronx neighborhood that is very diverse. This is what I have noticed: PEOPLE WHO ARE EDUCATED WHETHER WHITE, BLACK, PUERTO RICAN, DOMINICAN, ETC. are respectable, polite, and I have no problem being friends with or living as a neighbor.

    It is the UNEDUCATED, TRASHY, IGNORANT, white, black, PR, DR, etc. people who cause society to generalize everyone. These are the people who throw loud parties at 3am, TALK GHETTO, think it’s ok to use the gov’t for a check & NOT have to look for a job, have multiple babies in their teens, think it’s okay to have an iPhone, top dollar sneakers, multiple video game systems but can’t afford to pay the subway/bus fare. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO YOU DON”T WANT LIVING IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.

    I have worked with so many African American families (actual African Americans) who are polite, responsible, hardworking, who raise their kids to be the same way & would live in the same building as them before some white people I know just based on their behavior.

    And yet there are so many of you on here so quick to judge people just based on their skin color. It’s not skin color that determines behavior it is environment, upbringing, education, etc.

  9. goblin says:

    Why can’t management choose who they wish to rent their apartments to? I don’t know how this lawsuit has any merit and why the governement should be involved at all.

  10. Mortar says:

    I love black people and have lots of black friends but I can tell them to their face I won’t live next to black people .they too loud to live next too

    1. bubee51 says:

      you are two faced person…you only want to say you have black friends ……you are a prentender..

  11. NATIVE says:

    what the smuck does this has to do with the topic being disgust in this blog, nothing, you stupid smuck…please disappear.

    Oh, let the rest of you racist commentators stop putting your azz in your mouth.

    go read some history, europeans (whites/crakers) are the outsiders…get it together, WILBUR!

  12. Alex says:

    Blacks have right to live where they want. Why do whites have no right to live without blacks? Whites are minority now in NYC. As minority, do we have any rights to survive?

  13. george says:

    Worked in bed-sty. Was told EVERY DAY take a walk WHITEBOY! What do you call that……MY FAULT

  14. Ted says:

    Want to see real racism, try being a white guy walking through Newark NJ. You’ll be lucky to get out alive.

  15. Joe Schmo says:

    When is everyone going to stop kissing the blaxx asses? If they wanted to move here (or anywhere) bad enough, they would do just that.

  16. TeeJay says:

    Next they will put a DSS office and a methadone clinic in.

  17. Le Nwwaert says:

    Every neighborhood blacks have moved into in NYC they have destryoed…its all all about lower value system amongst the baby mamas….if you are strict about the rules…you are acting white…..also why do they want to destroy the last safe neighborhood in the Bronx?

  18. Aquila729 says:

    Growing up as a kid in Brooklyn, I always remember walking through various neighborhoods and noticing that Jews wanted to live amongst other Jews, Italians with Italians, Scandinavians with their kind, etc. It’s only been since the last twenty years or so that the government seems intent on FORCING people to live with people other than their own kind.

    1. MRS. REALITY says:

      @Aquila…’s a suggestion based on the fact you grew up in Brooklyn. Take a walk..not a long one in Williamsburg Brooklyn, IT HAS NOT CHANGED..just the denomination of children.

    2. the TRUTH says:

      forcing? who’s forcing?

      If somebody doesn’t want to move next to a black family, okay, but that’s because they’re a bigot, and they have that right. but black families, and people of every race imaginable, should be able to live anywhere they want with the same privileges as EVERYBODY else.

      1. Alex says:

        You are or naive, or stupid, or running for a political office. White and blacks have different mode of life, different approach. Yes, I’m white. I like my area to be quiet, people respectful to each other, no noisy parties, no guns, no cars racing, no teenage pregnancies, no sex at every corner, no crack, etc. This is exactly what blacks enjoy. Why do whites are going to whites but blacks are fighting to going not to relative blacks but to whites? Why you consider right if blacks can live in white neighborhood? Why do whites have no rights to live without blacks? Bronx is so large, and blacks have so much territory to reside here. Why do you try to make Riverdale mandatory black?

        1. Things Haven't Changed Much says:

          A classic case of the “pot calling the kettle black.” English obviously isn’t your strong suit. I have lived amongst “whites” who were ALL of the things that you just incorrectly described of “blacks” and I was more than happy to leave those areas. I’m guessing that if you actually took the time to visit throughout your current neighborhood and the surrounding ones, you will find a mixture of ethnic groups who do not “fit” your stereotypical opinions. You need to read the comment by “Carol @ 1:05p” and really do your homework. People like YOU are so caught up in your one-mind thinking that you couldn’t see the “forest from the trees” even if it grew up around you.

    3. Ching says:

      people are people their are no owr kind ! and if you think so I hope God see you soon.!

  19. MRS. REALITY says:

    You know this is a sad thing and the reality of it is that this is true. Before I proceed it needs to be known that there are “good blacks” and then there are “good whites”. AND YES THERE IS BAD IN ALL RACE AND CULTURE, I purchased a $600K home in what appeared initially to be a relatively quiet area, accessible to all major highways, malls and a major airport. Well, its been 4yrs and we have now sold and moved on. “People” can bring down not only the city but the property value and the quality of life. When we involve hanging out late at night, blaring music, unruly company and lack thereof of working class it can definitely become a problem. If perhaps you make effort to modify or re-finance, the bank could care less about “it’s a new home, the measurements,your payments are on time and how well you maintain the property. IT’S ABOUT LOCATION..LOCATION…LOCATION. $12,000 property taxes are far to high to put up with an array of headaches. I’d rather sell and take my money..what lack there is and move on !

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      If you purchased a home ANYWHERE 4 years ago, you lost money. That was around the height of the housing bubble.

  20. Bullett says:

    As for the heading of this article, I’m not surprised. I have to agree with the two previous posters that they (blacks) do bring down the value of property and values of the neighberhood.

    1. MRS. REALITY says:

      @ bullett..your “name fits perfectly”. To make such a statement proves racism is alive and well. There is bad in EVERY RACE…it’s wrong and not fair to directly state blacks bring down property value. Trailer park trash as they say and ghetto trash is basicly the same..just a different color. They all can do harm financially to homeowners especially when rentals are involved. It’s like a stray bullet it has no name, no color and no direction. You can only hope and pray to avoid it.

      1. bullett says:

        I’m not a racist, just stating fact. I can claim to have some blacks to call as a friend(s) and would open my door to them at the drop of a hat. What about you?

      2. Bullett says:

        BTW I did a Twitter to “Fifty-Cent”, says he wants to be your new neighbor, let me know how your property value works out……Wwwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhh.

  21. JOHN GENNA says:

    Is there a neighborhood in america that is equally white and black?? i doubt it.. the blacks always lived on the other side of the tracks with 10 to 15 percent blending in with the population…

  22. John Finsted says:

    bottom line is, as ugly as it sounds, most people dont want to live near black folk… It is terrible, but thats life……they also bring down property values

    1. bubee51 says:

      did they bring down your property value

Comments are closed.

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