Medal of Honor Recipient Won’t Apply To Join FDNY After Judge’s Ruling

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — The Marine who was awarded the Medal of Honor is refusing to apply to join the FDNY after a federal judge denied his request to reopen the application period for all aspiring firefighters.

Judge Nicholas Garaufis says a one-day application extension for aspiring firefighters without additional outreach efforts would create the risk of an “adverse impact” on minorities who want to apply.

The judge agreed Monday to a 24-hour extension for Sgt. Dakota Meyer to submit an application — but only to accommodate him. Meyer’s lawyer says he doesn’t want to be a “one-person exception” to the deadline and won’t apply.

Garaufis has previously ruled that the city’s firefighter entrance exam discriminated against minorities and has monitored the department as it reforms its hiring practices.

What do you think of the judge’s decision?  What do you think of Sgt. Meyer’s decision?  Share your thoughts in the comments section…

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  1. kevin says:


    I have to admit that I made a mistake and took what you said for granted. The FDNY is actually 77% white, 10% black, 11% hispanic, 2% asain and 1% other. This is taken from City Limits which is NYC’s leading civic magazine and news site. So your argument is because it is 3% black (which is wrong) then the FDNY has to have been discriminatory. You must of been on the speech and debate team with such convincing rhetoric! First and foremost over 40,000 people apply for the job and usually about 2,000 are hired of a list. The competition is high and the number of minorities that apply has always been very low. Historically under 10% of applicants have been black. Secondly, there is an education gap that exists between the black community and other communities. The black male high school graduation rate in NYC is under 50%. When you combine this with a pool of applicants that large (many of whom have much higher levels of education) you can see where the problem is. Case closed. It’s not discrimination by the FDNY.

  2. George Scott says:



  3. George Scott says:

    I wonder how it would be if the questions about race and gender were eliminated from the application process.
    In other words you would be selected by mental ability and strength to pass the physical. You wouldn’t want someone who couldn’t lift 40 pounds to be a firefighter, would you ?? Forget about being politically correct and do the right thing for the citizens who need help and rescue…

  4. needanotherliberal says:

    i have lived in nyc for 45 years and in my adult life have only seen black, latino, indian, and other minority traffic agents – no white. who’s discriminating?

  5. TSnotELLIOT says:

    I fail to see why the FDNY must TARGET specific races or elasticities for recruits. IF they open the jobs to all then they should be happy with whomever applies. Who cares if the percentages are off? IF I need a fireman all I care about is that he (or she) is there and is qualified.
    IF it can be proven that the FDNY discriminates then hit them hard and break the backs of the bigots….demand 100% minority recruitment until corrected, but otherwise why the hubbub?

  6. @2cents says:

    They should open it to ONLY those who were on deployment during the application dates, proving they were on deployment orders. This should avoid the whole race issue

  7. Tommy says:

    That is why we need to stop electing liberal judges like Garaufis, those of us who pay the bills are sick of paying for their hand-outs to the have-nots.

  8. JR says:

    Dakota Meyer continues to show why he is a Medal of Honor recipient. His integrity and wisdom are well beyond his years. By putting others before himself again, he gives us yet another reason to be proud. Let’s follow his example and open the registration for ALL potential firefighters. FDNY are the bravest, and who better to have the opportunity to represent them than Dakota Meyer? Who better to inspite others, who may have missed the deadline, to have one more shot to apply? We are the ones who lose out New York!! OPEN REGISTRATION FOR ALL!!

  9. kevin says:

    NYC employs approximately 300,000 workers. Blacks represent 36% of this workforce but are just 24% of the population. Statistically they are by far the most over represented race employed by NYC. However, judge Garaufis has ruled that the city intentionally discriminated against blacks and hispanics applying to join the FDNY. The logistics of pulling off a conspiracy to actually accomplish such a goal would in reality be next to impossible!

    1. Kris says:

      Try again Kevin. Blacks only represent 3% of the FDNY. Garaufis was correct in his ruling.

      Get your facts straight and stop trolling.

      1. Tommy says:

        Thats only the Fire Department Kris. Have you ever seen a white NYPD Traffic Agent?

        1. Kris says:

          Yes, I have. Regardless, this lawsuit and article aren’t about the NYPD, it’s about the FDNY. So what’s your point? That the 3% of blacks in the FDNY have it good because the NYPD hires more blacks? Try again.

      2. kevin says:


        I would love for you to give one reason to back up your opinion but I’m guessing you can’t! My facts are correct. The FDNY is 3% yes, but overall blacks represent 36% of the 300,000 city workers. Therefore, they are very well represented and in fact the most over represented group in the overall workforce. The Dept of Corrections is 65% black and the FDNY is 3%. Does this mean the Dept of Corrections discriminates against whites while the FDNY discriminates against blacks? Obviously not. The applicant pool is different.. The FDNY is internationally known and people apply from all over the tri-state area as well as from many other states. Every city agency does not have to reflect the make up of the city. The bottom line is those who apply have as fair of a shot as anyone else.

        1. Jack Kennedy says:

          uh oh. look out for the racism whine …………… the quota loons only defense when they can win the argument with facts or reason

          1. Steve says:

            You are so right Jack… GREAT point Kevin regarding NYC Corrections. Any ‘YES’ I retired from FDNY not to long ago…never had anyone ask me what my nationality was when they needed help (OR had someone tell me to go get the BLACK firefighter to rescue whomever is requesting help).It seems we are getting off track a little, I REALLY don’t think Corp. Dakota is going to have a problem getting a job anywhere else LOL, chances are the feds are going to pick him up ASAP. VERY good argument from Jack,Kevin,Kris and Tommy. Enjoy your day everyone.

        2. Kris says:

          Not an opinion. FDNY is 3% black, which you agreed with. And again, this article and lawsuit is about the FDNY, not Dept of Corrections, not the NYPD, not the entire city workforce. None of this is my opinion. These are facts. I would love for you to explain how the FDNY being 3% black is not discrimination (without bringing up any other city agency), but I’m guessing you can’t.

          1. kevin says:

            …still waiting kris?? i guess it’s obvious that you stand corrected.

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