Report: Mets ‘Livid’ Over Portrayal In Newark, Yankees Triple-A Saga

NEW YORK (WFAN/CBS 2/AP) — In the latest battle between the Yankees and Mets, Newark ended up the biggest loser.

Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo said Tuesday that Yankees officials contacted him last month about having its top minor-league team play in Newark’s Eagles & Bears Riverfront Stadium in 2012 while the team’s regular Triple-A field in Scranton, Pa., undergoes a year of renovations.

It was an exciting prospect for New Jersey’s biggest city, DiVincenzo said.

But the Mets said no.

“Having a Triple-A team here would have revitalized the area and the stadium,” said DiVincenzo. “What makes me sick is it’s just a year, not a 20-year contract.

“They did everything in their power, the Yankees, to make it happen. And the Mets just wouldn’t do it,” DiVincenzo told CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.  “You know, it would’ve been a boon to the city of Newark. There’s no question. To put a price tag — I don’t want to do that. But to have 6,000 people come to the city of Newark every night, 72 dates, plus the playoffs …”

Because the Mets, like the Yankees, share a territorial claim to the metroplitan area, including Newark. The Mets did not return requests for comment. Danielle Dronet, CEO of the Newark Bears, said she would have moved her team out for a year.

“That’s why we’re here: because we love Newark. And we believe in Newark. I’m from New Orleans. And this is as close to New Orleans as you can get in the North, I believe,” Dronet told Guzman.

Residents, too, were not happy with the Mets’ move.

“Well I’m not pleased with it. I think they should be more cooperative rather than adversarial, of course,” John Martorana said.

According to the New York Daily News, Mets brass were “livid” Tuesday because the team felt they had been “painted as villains.”

“The Mets blocked us to go to Newark,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman confirmed. “That’s where it begins and ends on that one.”

The Newark stadium is owned by the City of Newark and Essex County governments and managed by the Essex County Improvement Authority. DiVincenzo, who said he is a fan of both New York teams but prefers the Yankees, said it’s “a huge disappointment.”

He said that his office, the Governor’s Office and the Yankees had worked out what improvements would be needed and even how to compensate the Can-Am League’s Newark Bears for spending a year on the road.

Now, the Bears know they’ll be at home next year.

“I (have) no further comment other than to say, I went there,” said Cashman. “I reviewed the place, a request was made, they have territorial rights that they have the right to invoke.”

Were the Mets right to block the move? Sound off in the comments below…

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One Comment

  1. george says:

    The Wilpons should be forced to sell the Mets and give back the money to the Madoff victims just before they go to prison for being such jerks.

  2. Rich from Lake Como says:

    There are reports that The Mets asked Yankee management for reciprocal, permanent territorial approval for a minor league affiliate in either Long Island or Connecticut. The Yankees said no. End of negotiations.

    1. Santa Claus says:

      And you really believed that so call report you’re talking about that you just made up. You must believe in Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, that Elvis is still alive and the Mets winning the World Series every year.

  3. Fred and Jeff W says:

    Ha ha ha, we told them they could play in our Coney Island Parking Lot! Ya shoulda seen their faces…another Met victory. Wanna buy some stock?

  4. nick m says:

    It doesn’t really matter, the METS WIN THIS ONE! HA HA HA YANKEE FANS

    In all actually, if the Yanks were serious about any of this, knowing the only real obstacle could be the Mets, I think the proper thing would be to talk to the Mets about your intentions…and see if something could be worked out.

  5. gman says:

    Screw the Yankees, why should the Mets approve of any Yankee farm team in the tri state area? The Yankees do more than enough winning and are told yes quite often. Just go back to Columbus where they were for so many years, to come to Newark would be a joke. No one would come out to see them in Newark, NO ONE!!!!!

    1. Errol says:

      That’s because the Mets were really hoping the Yankees would ask about the rental of Citi Field. It could use a better team then what they have playing there right now. God know the Mets could use the money from the rental & gate recipes from the Yankees & their fans.

  6. Marc Weiss says:

    If the Mets can have their AAA team in Flushing why can’t the Yankees have theirs in Newark ? Seems equitable, right ?

  7. manlet07 says:

    I doubt this was an emotional decision by Mets management… ie “Let’s spite the Yankees because…” I’m sure they had some concerns, for example scheduling. That said, if you look at it purely as a business decision, it’s a mistake. It’s very well known that the Mets are cash-strapped, so why not say “OK, sure, the Yankees can use our Newark Stadium, but you cover the rent for the year”. That gives the Mets a few extra bucks they can spend on something else… maybe some young talent…

  8. Mr. Baseball says:

    More reason to hate the Mess!.Pathetic losers

  9. JAMES HATER says:


    1. A says:


  10. Lou says:

    Stuff like this makes me sad to be a Mets fan….

  11. Fred Coupon says:

    A AAA team filled with retreads and a few actual prospects (most make the jump from AA to the bigs) wasn’t going to “save” baseball in Newark. Plus let’s see the response if the situation were flipped with the Mets wanting a team in LI.

    1. James says:

      Mets fans don’t even see the Mets play even at Citi Field in Queens, how much of a damage would Mets fans do to the Yankees by attending games in Long Island if the Mets had a minor league team there?

      The Mets know how much of a damage the Yankees can cause to their gates.

      When you’re averaging almost 4 million fans a year at the stadium, not including the post-season, which is every year, how much harm can a team like the Mets cause if they had a minor team in L.I.

      If anything, those Mets fans who live in Long Island would not mine a Mets minor league there. Why pay 100 bucks for a seat to see a major league team that plays like a minor league team when you can see a minor league team right in your own back yard and cheaper.

      1. Anthony says:

        There’s already a Mets minor league team on Long Island. They’re called the Brooklyn Cyclones. Last I looked, Brooklyn was still on Long Island.

        1. James says:

          Yeah!!! Anthony and they suck just as much as the other minor league team that plays in Citi Field in Queens, also in Long island. LOL

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