Times Square Alliance Plans Redesign For Crossroads Of The World

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Times Square’s pedestrian plazas will be getting a sleek redesign.  The $27 million plan will head for final approval and is expected to be completed in 2014.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams With Reaction

The Times Square Alliance said the redesign is intended to simplify, de-clutter and create a unified identity for Times Square.

Among the crowds in Times Square, you’ll find plenty of New Yorkers who think sprucing up the area is a fine idea.

“As long as they don’t screw up traffic, I don’t mind it,” Fernando Vierra, of Rego Park, told CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown.

The just-unveiled re-design plan shows the new face of the Great White Way. The blue sidewalk paint and flimsy furniture that now covers what used to be Broadway will be swept away. The street will be stripped down and replaced with dark concrete pavement and large, sturdy benches.

The entire project is designed to bring back the gritty, urban feel of old New York .

Michael Keane, of Community Board 5, told Brown the plan is meant to “make this more of a place where once you get to this bow-tie intersection you know you’ve arrived — that its separate from the rest of the city.”

The Manhattan firm Snohetta unveiled its preliminary plan at a community board meeting Monday night.

“Times Square is the image maker for the rest of the city but there’s also a helluva lot of New Yorkers that work in this neighborhood everyday and we want to make it a nicer place for them to sit and eat or just pass through on their way to a Broadway show,” Tim Thompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, told 1010 WINS.

The plan is part of a redesign that began in 2009 when Mayor Michael Bloomberg banned cars from parts of the square and pedestrian plazas were installed.

“Currently what we’ve got is a little bit of lipstick on a pig,” Thompkins said. “This is really turning it into a world-class design and a world-class public space that reflects the best of New York.”

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One Comment

  1. Buttbisquit says:

    Why ? This city cries about money issues but then funds all these ridiculous projects.

    These are all deals with ties to private companies who gain contracts. We can’t even get people to build public bathrooms in this city yet we are overhauling stadiums making out of state residents pay for the WT center. We complain about traffic yet let pedi cabs clog up the city even more. We rent bicycles to tourists who ride on sidewalks yet citizens get heavily fined for it.

    When will you realize this city in not for it’s inhabitants. It is for the interests of whomever has the current “deal”.

    I would love this city to go back to the 1970’s condition. All you soft wimpy middle america types would run…we would be better off without you.

  2. Sean Patrick Brennan says:

    I love the ideas they’re suggesting but 27 MILLION dollars??? They should be able to do the same thing for under a million. I love Mayor Bloomberg and I think he should either re-analyze this plan for a drastically cheaper budget or foot the bill himself. He deserves a prominent pavilion with his name on it anyway. Bloomberg Way. Although other possibilities could work better. Bloomberg Bridge sounds cool. 😉

  3. None Of Your Business says:

    Homeless people are starving on the streets, the government threatens massive teacher lay-offs so we can have a nation of idiot-brains, governments are on the brink of bankruptcy — but!!! we do have $27 million to make Times Square look worse than it does already (but that’s OK, because the idiot-brain tourists will love it!!)

  4. NY NY what a town says:

    When will the bloomberg stupidity end. Sure, tie up the traffic some more while wasting more money putting in bike paths and pedestrian walkways. The city that used to move now crawls because a tyrant did not get his congestion pricing plan approved. Cant wait till we get a mayor with some balls and rips all this garbage out.

  5. 627 says:

    If you are going to spend all that money at least put in some trees or something, because a giant block of concrete is no better than blue asphalt. As for the slab style benches, how could anyone think that looks better than the current red chairs??

  6. Wilton Black says:

    And I’ve proposed this Times Square idea before to great acclaim. Do you what would truly make Times Square the heart of the world, and every tourist in the universe would need come here and see for themselves? A state of the art roller coaster! that would be created in a retrofitted office building.

  7. still the same says:

    27 Million and look the same if not worse.Way to spend money in this economy.

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