Queens Mom, Daughter Facing Deportation To Bangladesh Can Stay For Now

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A mother and daughter from Queens who are facing deportation to their native Bangladesh will be staying in the U.S. for now, their lawyer said Thursday.

Supporters cheered as the lawyer for Nazim Habib and her 19-year-old daughter Nadia announced that an immigration judge would review their case.

Nadia, who is a student at Stony Brook University, said she’ll be returning to class on Monday.

“I’m just going to continue doing what I’ve been doing and keep living my life as I have and wait for an answer,” she said.

About 100 people rallied for the family outside Federal Plaza Thursday morning as they met with immigration officials to discuss their case.  As Habib and her daughter arrived for their meeting, supporters chanted “education, not deportation” while holding signs that read “No One Is Illegal” and “Nadia Loves USA.”

Unless granted a reprieve by immigration officials, Habib will leave behind her father and her three American-born siblings.

Nadia said she’s frightened, but hopeful she and her mother won’t have to leave the country.

“Hopeful that there’s so many people here supporting me,” she said. “We still have a lot of waiting and hoping to do.”

Nadia was just 1-year-old when she and her mother were granted political asylum and came to America to reunite with her father, Jawad Habib. He was granted a Green Card and blames a string of bad immigration attorneys for not getting documentation for his wife and daughter.

“I’m to die without children,” Nazim Habib told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

“My life, it break. And also my three children… they could not stay without my wife, without mommy. So I have very big problem,” Jawad said.

In Queens Wednesday night, Nadia prepared to leave her family and home.

“I’m scared. I don’t want to be like arrested and put on a random plane and then like deported to a country that I don’t consider my own,” she told Sanchez.

Habib and her mother would qualify for President Obama’s DREAM Act, which says undocumented students illegally brought to the U.S. as children by their parents would not be targeted for deportation.

However, Habib said her case was ruled on some 11 years ago.

In addition to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Reps. Tim Bishop and Joseph Crowley are also trying to help the family.

An official with Immigration and Customs Enforcement said the agency can’t discuss the case.

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One Comment

  1. S a n t aC l a u s says:

    Connect the dottheds.

  2. Reverend Rev says:

    So all those elected officials who “helped out” in this case have actually established a legal precedent that ALL IMMIGRATION LAWS NO LONGER EXIST. Way to go!

  3. fed up says:

    all you bleeding-heart ignoramuses and greedy opportunists look but do not see – 1. “they” all ran under the covers after 911, they were all laying low!
    2. Look at scam artists like CityTime ( wonder how much Giuliani and Bloomberg were paid off) – they ran back to India, and s***ucko taxpayers and city workers are left holding the bag!
    3. Look at the concrete-testing scandal owners, one wanted to kill himself!
    4. Can you truly know these people and their so-called credentials frrom overseas, often their credentials are “murky” to put it mildly, but they work for less and that’s what counts, until some major disaster, to be continued…
    Fakers = Fakirs

  4. Greg says:

    OK, who dropped the ball?? Sounds like they got here legally through political asylum, the father was already here on a green card. In my mind it sounds like a hack lawyer who took his money and failed to produce….also does not politcal asylum come with some automatic paths opened to resident status…I don’t know. Ordinarily I would be opposed to illegals staying, but in this case they didnot arrive illegally, so the path should be smoothed……more bureacratic red tape gone awry.

  5. Leigh says:

    If you read the other stories on this you will have learned that the daughter did NOT know she was here illegally until she started college. Her parents didn’t make her aware. Plus up until 2 years ago she was a minor, so don’t think this was something she would have been able to handle on her own.

    Some people need to get a clue!

  6. jimmy says:

    @John weiss

    It is sovereign and it is al qaeda …I am afraid your spelling proves the point of how uneducated someone with your opinion can be!!!

  7. jimmy says:

    I can’t believe there is so much racism and xenophobia on this site! I can’t believe that there is so much hate and stupidity…ignorance from people that their parents or grandparents once were immigrants…shame on these narrow minded…

    1. Dale Auburn says:

      My great-grandparents came here LEGALLY. They had sponsors, they learned English, they got jobs.

      Why do some people so bitterly oppose FOLLOWING THE LAW???

      1. Michael H. says:

        These people did follow the law. According to every article I’ve read they were duped by low life attorneys who promised to file the proper papers for them but never did. The father has a green card. The mother and daughter were her based on political asylum. These aren’t border jumpers. They came here legally.

  8. John Weiss says:

    Send all these invaders out of my country! They are draining our resources and
    crowding us. They are one of the main reasons for so much citizen unemploynent. Protect our soverign nation before it is too late! We will turn into a France or England. Go there and see!.
    As for our borders, mine them and you would stop all these illegal criminals from entering not to mention possible Al Quiada..

  9. Illegals Suck says:

    Habib and her mother would qualify for President Obama’s DREAM Act,

    How does Mama qualify? Every illegal has a sob story when caught. We have laws and they must be enforced, no exceptions. And why does every illegal think the laws shouldn’t apply to them? The signs with No one is illegal, is a joke! Immigration laws and borders make you illegal. Guess that free American education didn’t work so well for ya ! Deport all illegals!

    1. Michael H. says:

      They came here legally. The father has a green card and the mother and daughter entered this nation legally under political asylum. Read the bloody article next time.

  10. Red White Blue says:

    The LAW is the LAW. They had lots of opportunity to comply but CHOSE not to. They must now live with the consequences of their choice.

    1. Michael H. says:

      Read the article. They were duped by low life attorneys into thinking everything was being done by the book

  11. Sal Malnela says:

    She’san 18 year old COLLEGE student. She has 100 STUDENT protestors/supporters behind her…..Why didn’t one of the 100 help her do her papers for a student visa or push her for green card/ citizanship? I AM A BIRD WITH A BROKEN WING HELP ME HELP ME…..

    1. alli says:

      You must often feel frustrated as a result of your simplistic grasp of how things work in the world.

  12. Linda says:

    They had plenty of time to get citizenship. Time to learn your cultural language and go home! Living off of us like this, all these years, should be a crime.

    1. Michael H. says:

      How, exactly, were they “living off us”?

  13. LMAN says:

    The story makes me wonder…..”WHY didn’t they become citizens all these years?” They had to know that this day might come. So, her parents should have made sure it was taken care of in the legal system. You have to be your own advocate for everything that is dear to you, but especially for your own children. Ignorance is not bliss. Giving them the benefit of the doubt that perhaps they didn’t get decent representation and hoping that this gets handled legally. Imagine getting political asylum to come here and then going back…in some countries, it could make you an instant target for mistreatment and possible jail time.

    1. alli says:

      LMAN, if you read other stories, you will see that they have been attempting to become naturalized for these 11 years.

  14. Toy says:

    When does it end? EVERYONE who comes here illegally has a story that is heart breaking. However, entering the country illegally demonstrates a profound disrespect for our laws. Since it would be a pity t separate a child from it’s mother, they should both be politely and respectfully returned to their place of origin, without regard to their religion, age, or gender. Try returning in a LEGAL manner and see how that works. If our laws aren’t broken, you will be welcomed.

  15. Ellen says:

    Hey, I don’t like illegal immigration myself, but this girl lived here a good part of her life and why should she be penalized for the actions of her parents.

    1. John says:

      You are just plain ignorant….First of all learn how to spell, and stop judging people when you really know nothing about them!

      1. Flynn says:

        Reported your hate filled comments. Keep changing your screen name…we’ll keep reporting.

        1. Flynn says:

          While you’re at it Meme, if you are so unhappy…why don’t you move to one of those “True American” states — you know, the kid that hates everyone that’s not white, and has the highest divorce and out of wedlock pregnancies, despite all the bible thumping they do?

          You’d fit right in.

          1. Sarah says:

            Flynn, What’s with your hate filled comment? You are no better than anyone else delivering their own opinion. You fit right in with all the other left wing hypocrits of the country. Congratulations. Report yourself!

    2. meinbk says:

      I agree with you on this.

      1. meinbk says:

        meaning with Ellen, not the DORK Meme

  16. fed up says:

    Asylum, my foot! Millions of Untouchables suffer while scam artists like these rob their country’s coffers and come here and cop a plea! Hey Elmont, Franklin Square, New Hyde Park, and Floral Park “Patriots”, why not be a real Patriotic Flag-Waving Long Islander and sell one of your homes to them, for CASH, that’s the American way, right?

    1. meinbk says:

      I guess that you must know them personally if you are labeling them scam artists and saying that they “rob their country’s coffers”. Where did u get your info from or are you just labeling a whole group of people based on your clearly limited sight?
      Ignorance is bliss, eh?

    2. Ami642 says:

      Well I do actually know them and they are not “scam artist”, people like YOU need to be deported so the rest of us don’t have to hear you ignorance and stupidity anymore

  17. bil says:

    18 yrs how much u payyyyyy

  18. meinbk says:

    Jpop, you really are ignorant. You should learn to read though, it would help you in life. If you looked into the story you would see that they were given political asylum and the husband/father has his green card. Due to paperwork not being filed correctly, they are being deported. They are not using your taxes. This is not the same as someone who illegally sneaks in across the border.

  19. CSI says:

    They will probably get to stay. It’s already made public so to keep the media away and angry people they will not deport them. Truth of the US this happens everyday to other families. Difference here is this case is on the news.

  20. Jpop says:

    Get out!!! How much of our taxes did these people steal over the last 18 years

    1. Dave says:

      …did you pay any?

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