Suspect In East Harlem Triple Shooting Caught On Camera

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police say they are looking for a gunman who was caught on camera shooting three people in East Harlem.

The shooting happened Wednesday just after 5:30 p.m. on 122nd Street. In the surveillance video, you can see the suspect running down the street firing a handgun.

Police say he hit three people. All were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive, though one of the victims who was shot in the neck is in critical condition.

Watch the surveillance video below:

The suspect is described as 18 to 20-years-old, about six feet tall weighing about 170 pounds.

Police say the man wore a black T-shirt, gray sweats and purple sneakers.

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Suspect photo (credit: NYPD)

Anyone with information should call police or Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS or visit


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  1. WHATevah says:

    GET A GRIP!! It is black on black crime – which means there is NO CRIME. Just axe the demagogues, more pacifically, Al Sharpton, Fairykahn, Too Old Glover, and that guy, that doesn’t matter any more……..what is his name……….osama youse knows…..da pesiden’

  2. Honest response from a REAL black MAN says:

    Catch him. Try him. Execute him. He lost his place on my planet.

    1. Honest response from a REAL black MAN says:

      I am liberal when it comes to social programs like feeding children and making sure the elderly are looked out for. I am straight up Sharia law when it comes to crime. An eye for an eye. He shot 3 people. Those 3 people should have the right to shoot him. You wanna end crime in America – do unto the criminals as they do unto the victim. Simple.

      1. Honest response from a REAL black MAN says:

        “Police say the man wore a black T-shirt, gray sweats and purple sneakers” That’s not a man. That’s a boy. Men don’t run around shooting each other. Only little boys do that.

  3. KKK is a bunch of F A G S! says:

    Little white trash boy Lets say we meet someplace and talk. I’d like to show you something.

  4. madmanny123 says:

    idiots like these born and raised in the USA have no morals, principles, or values. they always end up dead, permanently crippled, in jail, or in neighborhoods like harlem procreating more of the same; if not inside housing projects, on section 8 collecting SSI. they don’t want to work. they don’t want to go to school. they want to blame others for their short comings; listening to rap music while, robbing, and killing one another.

    illegals come to the USA with little to no education and end up with their own businesses, homes, and children who are doctors.

    why. it starts at home with principles, morals, and values………………………..


  5. Winter says:

    This is exactly why I will never bring children into this world. Now I can’t even walk down the damned street in broad daylight without worrying about some asshole popping off a gun for the hell of it and getting caught in the midst of it? I really want to worry about a child out there walking home from school or coming back from the store and getting killed for no reason at all? You can’t even be worried about normal parent things anymore. You have to expect the absolute worst and most vile things imaginable to keep your kids safe.

    Wanna know why I am disgusted seeing teen moms? Watch the video. People who have no damn business having kids they can’t look after or raise right so they become young adults who don’t care about anyone else’s life (or their own). People talk about civil liberties. Bull! Profile all you want. You won’t find anything on me that ain’t supposed to be on me. The only people who care about civil liberties are the ones who are doing things they aren’t supposed to. Your civil liberties are not worth my life or the lives of my family members.

  6. stever says:

    Do you think all those fools who want stop and frisk stopped, feel a little stupid this morning? I hope they do.

  7. Bigbrostyx Walls says:

    Unfortunately this insane activity keeps police working,but it’s destroying the fabric of our society.The police makes their career and retires off the misery of poverty strictened people.Which has been going on for far too long.Individuals have to change and stop putting yourselves in positions to be involved with law enforcement.Wake up!

  8. Flash Gordon says:

    The LIBS are destroying this place!! In a perfect world most of the ideas they have may work but this world is far from perfect. Some guy says they need tougher gun laws in NYC. This guy must be nuts because NYC has the toughest gun laws around. They fail to realize that only law abiding citizins are bound by laws!!!! These perps dont care!!!!!

  9. Peter says:

    a young punk that needs a bullet to his head !!!!!

  10. LiberalsAreEvil says:

    It’s just another in the ghetto!

  11. Manuel Ortiiz says:

    what is going on with these young people, they think that problem can be settle by gun. they need councilor teaching.

    1. Joe Schmo says:

      Military teaching more like it.

  12. Joe Schmo says:

    Have to get the hell out of this $hithole, liberally corrupt, cesspool of a city. Fairly close Philadelphia isn’t that bad. Or maybe tax-friendly New Hampshire or Delaware.

    The rest of you can have Harlem. Yeah, it is really upcoming. Guess this article is mistaken and referring to someplace else. SURE.

    1. Victor says:

      could be worse…could be Medford….or Columbine…..or…..

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