Gov. Christie A Little ‘Preoccupied’ At Paterson Judge Swearing In Ceremony

Questions About Possible Presidential Run Abound, But Answers Are Few

PATERSON, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – Will he or won’t he?

That’s the question still surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over a possible run for the White House.

On Monday, the normally outspoken Republican had little to say on the topic.

The frenzy over a possible Christie presidential run has reached a fever pitch, but there is still no word from the new hamlet on the Hudson. There’s been a lot of flirting but no official “I’m in” or “I’m out.”

“I walked in here today a little troubled, preoccupied, a little worried,” Christie said.

It was supposed to be a simple swearing in ceremony for a judge, but with the national fixation on a possible presidential run, the New Jersey governor’s lack of comments took on huge import and lots of screaming reporters.

Sources told CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer that Christie has still not made up his mind. He’s apparently torn between the public clamor and the twin difficulties of getting into the campaign late and still managing the state with severe fiscal problems.

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“With this kind of pressure, with this many people reaching out for you I believe he’s asking himself the question can I do this? Should I do this?” political analyst Dr. Steve Adubato said.

As Christie looks more presidential – he was seen here Sunday reviewing his troops — sources also told Kramer the Garden State’s governor also has to weigh the possibilities that his plans to wait until 2016 for a potential presidential bid may have been upended by current political realities — the present Republican field is perceived of as weak and President Barack Obama is vulnerable.

“Lightning strikes in my view once in politics. I believe he’s not convinced that 2016 would be as easy as this time or as doable as this time and this is his time. You know you have a shot now and people are begging you,” Dr. Adubato said.

New York State Republican Chairman Edward Cox said it would be difficult to be both New Jersey governor and run for president. The only way would be an non-traditional so-called “front porch” campaign.

“The only way he can do that is to run a modern day front porch campaign where he sets forth in speeches and debates and supporters get out his message to the voting public,” Cox said.

Adubato disagrees.

“I don’t buy it. You have to be there if people want to see you,” he said.

Kramer said she spoke to several people in the Christie camp on Monday and they said if anyone says they know what Christie will decide, they are lying.

Do you think Gov. Christie will run? Please offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

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One Comment

  1. republican four life says:

    where are the jobs? 9.4 nj unemployment…

  2. floyd bannister says:

    this is the most brilliant strategy the democrats have ever come up with. get inside christies head that he has a shot at becoming president so you get him to walk away from the people of new jersey who made him governor. This is a win/win for the democrats. get a republican governor out and then watch him get his butt kicked campaigning out in the heartland for a job that he couldn’t win in 10 lifetimes.

  3. not2bad says:

    Leave him alone. If he wants to run he’ll run, if not, he won’t that simple. The media sheepdogs are trying to goat this guy into running so they can have more to write about for their masters who care only about ratings and profit and not for the good of OUR Country.

  4. Glenn Erdmann says:

    He has to run, the Republicans have no other viable candidate. God forbid Sarah Palin should run, Obama would be re-elected in a landslide.

  5. Morris Bergen says:

    He’s trying to be coy. He already knows whether or not the Republican Party has decided to run him, but he can’t say anything until the Party lets him.

  6. mj says:

    i hope he runs we’ll get rid of him once and forever… as jersey gov , then when he loses the presidency. i’ll bet he doesn’t even carry nj if he runs

  7. george Scott says:

    Let the man make up his own mind. I believe there are dates he must meet to get the endorsement he needs.
    TIME WILL TELL !!!!!!

  8. Mark says:

    The rich would get richer, The common man will have no chance People will work 6 days a week 16 hours a day for an unlivable minumum wage. Hoovervilles will make a comeback

    1. teddy says:

      Wow Mark – that’s about the stupidest comment I’ve seen today. Fact of the matter is that democrats are afraid he will run, because he will defeat Obama.

  9. BOB says:

    He would be worse than Bush #2

  10. Rita Kupershteyn says:

    no, he will not win because of “bulliing” style. I would vote but no chance

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