With the Mets’ season having come to an end, Ron Darling has been freed from his SNY duties, which has allowed him to work as an analyst on TBS for the playoffs.  Craig took issue with an article by the Daily News’ Bob Raissman suggesting Darling is working with TBS because he needs the money.

When Darling joined the program shorty after 9 a.m., Craig asked him about the Raissman piece and Darling didn’t shy away from answering the question.  He explained that you gotta earn while you can, so take that Raissman.

With that nonsense out of the way the guys picked Darling’s brain on last night’s Yankees loss and tonight’s Game 4 in Detroit.

We also learned that like everyone else, Darling too likes Inge – or ‘tattoo boy’ as he affectionately referred to the Tiger’s 3rd baseman as.

Craig also brought up Jose Reyes’ unceremonious early exit from the Mets’ season finale against the Reds and Darling held nothing back when ripping into Reyes for his decision.  He also stated that he does not expect Reyes to return to the Mets next season and sees San Francisco as a possible landing spot for the free-agent to be…

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