Report: Providence Hogan, Caught Embezzling From PS 29, Would Prefer Jail Time

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Providence Hogan, who used her position on the PTA to steal $82,000 from P.S. 29, now says she’d prefer to go to jail, according to a report.

Back in July, a judge ordered Hogan a chance to avoid prison time by simply paying back the money she stole, plus interest. As part of the deal, Hogan was to cut a check for $40,000 and pay the rest in installments.

“If the school thinks they can get the money [I took] they’re wrong,” Hogan told the Brooklyn Paper. “I might as well got to jail for as long as possible. That would be nothing to what I’m enduring now. [To me] this ordeal has been jail.”

The $82k isn’t the only debt Hogan’s carrying, the paper reported. She also owes more than $44,000 in taxes and $40,000 in rent.

“When I told my daughter what I did, she said ‘You made a mistake, you can fix it,'” Hogan reportedly said. “I’m trying to show her that I can fix this, but there’s no fixing this and I don’t know what I can do.”

Hogan faces up to 15 years in prison if she can’t pay the cash back.

Hogan’s attorney Stephen Flamhaft said personal and financial setbacks prompted Hogan to steal the money. She was attempting to keep her day spa business on Atlantic Avenue open, Flamhaft said.

Some folks have expressed sympathy for Hogan.

“I feel sorry for her family. I feel sorry that she was desperate enough to do something like that, but at the same time she has seriously injured the school community,” said Neil Wherle back in July. He was then president of the PTA. “Especially at a time with budget cuts. We could really use that money to support smaller classroom sizes.”

What’s your reaction to the case? Would you send her to prison or force her to sell assets to pay the money back, or both? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. Pplrfunny says:

    I have no sympathy for this woman. She stole so she could keep her business open… I’m sorry, but the majority of us can’t even afford to OPEN our own business, let alone bankroll it. If she stole because her child was sick or she couldn’t pay the mortgage, i’d feel a LITTLE sorry for her, but this seems like it was pure greed and she stole from CHILDREN! Throw her in jail and make her pay the fines when she gets out…

  2. Ryan in Carroll Gardens says:

    She is an awful human being. She deserves to go to jail for at least 5 years and be forced to pay back the $82,000 she stole, the $44,000 she owes the government, and the $40,000 she owes to her landlord. She wasted her life for what?

    1. Nick says:

      She DID NOT waste her life. She IS a waste of life.

      The only thing she can do to make this right is for her to kill herself and her whole family. Because you know the rot spreads if not contained.

      1. diane says:

        ok obviously what she did was horrible and wrong..and she should pay for what she did. but to say she should kill her whole family well u are no worse than her, she has a 9 year old daughter. your comment is pure stupidity

  3. bullett says:

    Some folks have expressed sympathy for Hogan!?!?!? Never, never feel sorry for a thief, unless if it’s a loaf of bread to feed a hungry family. This was outright greed while holding a position on the local PTA.

  4. Joe D says:

    If she goes to jail, she will still owe the money when she gets out. She is a thief. She deserves jail and being forced to repay the money. No way will she get 15 years. Terms of that length are usually reserved for violent offenders. She probably gets a year or two-and restitution.

  5. Surfin Bird says:

    she is beiing profiled

  6. Johnny Handsome says:

    She thinks that her ordeal is worse than jail? Providence , my dear, you have no idea what jail is! Do whatever you can to stay out of jail. At least on the outside you have options.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      How many people who steal $82,000 get the option to stay out of jail? Not many – well unless you’re white. If she thinks that her “ordeal” is so terrible, then she should be in jail. Lock her up for 15 years. When you get out, explain to your daughter why you were away so long. And why isn’t her husband helping out? I’m sure he benefited from the stolen money.

  7. kayjayj says:

    A lot of people are struggling financially…..this woman stole an incredible amount of money and is playing the sympathy card??? She is a thief. She would still be stealing if she hadn’t been caught. She better get right with God.

    1. vinster says:

      According to a Daily News article, she embezzled the money to pay for fertility treatments. C’mon Providence,you owe everybody and their mother money and your priority is to have another kid?

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