VALHALLA, N.Y. (CBS 2) — An 11-year-old Brooklyn boy has amazingly cheated death, escaped paralysis and is on the road to recovery after suffering a devastating brain injury.

Anthony Jeffarakos is about to be released from the hospital and his mother, Marie, feels as if she has gotten him back from the dead.

“I call him my miracle child,” Marie Jeffarakos told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “It looked grim. It looked grim.  I didn’t think he was going to make it.”

Anthony Jeffarakos was riding his bike when the car hit him near his home in Bay Ridge back in April. Paramedics had to restart his heart at the scene and again in the ambulance.

It’s been a long road since April for Anthony.  It has included three different hospitals and 6 weeks in an induced coma.  At the beginning of summer, the prognosis was grim, but by August, it was clear at Blythedale Children’s Hospital that something amazing was happening.

Anthony told Young that he has been in the hospital for five months. In those months, he has learned how to talk, walk and even ride a bike again. The speed of his recovery has amazed his doctors and therapists.

“It was difficult to really imagine that he would on his last day here be walking out on his own,” physical therapist Allison Joslyn said.

Anthony still has a way to go and doctors said they can’t predict how long it will be until he makes a full recovery. However, his therapists say they see substantial progress every day, behind a human spirit that is as clear as it is uplifting as he prepares to re-join his large family.

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