Police: Brazen Teenage Gang Robbing Straphangers During Rush Hour

Armed With Box Cutters And At Least 1 Gun, 17-20-Year-Olds Causing Havoc

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for teenage thugs targeting subway riders.

There have been at least three armed attacks recently. CBS 2’s Dave Carlin has seen pictures of the suspects and knows what they’re after.

A team of baby-faced bandits, young enough to still be in high school, is making life quite stressful in Gotham’s underworld.

Police circulating surveillance camera stills of four teenagers, including one female, allegedly working subway stations together, sometimes with a fifth suspect who has not yet been caught on camera.

“They look pretty young and it’s sad because they have such a great life ahead of them and there’s so much more they can be doing,” said Gwen Everett of Bed-Stuy.

The armed robberies are up to at least three since August, with a total of 10 victims.

Police told Carlin the suspects rob other groups of young people of their iPods, jewelry and cash, each time during crowded evening rush hours.

“By the time you know what happened they’re gone,” said Dan Parilis of Bushwick.

“It would seem there would be at least one officer or undercover on platform if it’s this large,” Midwood, Brooklyn resident Lawrence Colodney said when asked if he was surprised the gang was able to strike so easily during rush hour.

The first incident happened Aug. 15 at around 5 p.m. Police said the suspects, armed with box cutters, robbed four victims inside the Broadway/LaFayette station. Then on Sept. 24 at the same station they struck around 7 p.m., robbing three people at gunpoint as they came down the stairs. Police said that on Oct. 1 at around 7 p.m., the same four, joined by the fifth suspect, robbed three straphangers on a station platform. The victims said they believed the suspects had knives.

So far no one injured in these robberies, but police and straphangers said they are worried as the crime spree rolls on because suspects can get greedier and rougher.

“I’d certainly want it to be nipped in the bud sooner rather than later,” Bushwick resident Marcus Lowenhaupt said.

“A reminder that this kind of thing can still happen and does still happen,” Parilis added.

All four men are about 5-foot-10 and the female is 5-4. Police said she has the tattoos “Loved” and “Hated” on her arm. Some straphangers said those tattoos are half right.

The NYPD said so far this year crime in the subways is up nearly 17 percent compared to last year.

Complete descriptions of the suspects as provided by the police are as follows:

  1. Black male 17-20, 5-7 to 5-10, 190 pounds, tattoo on right arm.
  2. Black male, 17-20, 5-9, 180 pounds, earrings in both ears
  3. Hispanic male, 17-20, 5-10 to 6-feet with braided hair. He has an Eye of Horus tattoo on his neck and spider web tattoo on his left arm.
  4. Black female, 18-20 years old, 5-4, 120 pounds. She has the word “Hated” with a picture of a rose and the word “Loved” tattooed on her arm.
  5. Hispanic male, 17-20, 55-10 to 6-1, 190 pounds, with a piercing in his right eyebrow.

Police ask anyone with any information to contact Crime Stoppers. You can:

  • Call 1-800-577-8477 (TIPS). All calls are confidential.
  • Log on to the Crime Stoppers website
  • Text your tip to 274637 (CRIMES) and enter TIP577

If caught and convicted, what do you think the appropriate punishment is in this case? Sound off in our comments section.

  • David

    No, no, no. They were PAN HANDLING. They have a right to do that because they are black and it’s the fault of ALL whites that they are lazy and criminal!

    • freecheese

      IGeez, I read the headlines, and thought to myself: “I’ll betcha’ they are all black.” Can you imagine that?
      Now,go ahead and call me a racist! Also, I don’t like Obama, so that’s a double whammy !

      • Truth Detector

        No, you’re wrong. This one’s equal opportunity for two ethnic groups of non-white thugs — if you read the story.

        Two black males, one black female, and two hispanic males — they’re a melting pot.

        Only in America…

      • cheese

        of course they are black, they are only stealing ipods.

        whites steal money by the trillions.

  • Louisiana Steve

    The good folks of NYC have absolutely no way to defend themselves. They are totally stripped of their 2nd amendment rights. Without concealed carry, an enterprising young “thug” can rob people with just about anything that looks threatening.

    • jlenta

      your right, I live in NY, grew up in NY, I want out for that one reason. I can’t protect myself, even with my fists, you’d be arrested no matter who started what, Hopefully I can get a job somewhere else or see the economy improving so I can afford to make a move…

      • cluelessinky

        I left NYC 20 years ago and moved to Kentucky. You can bet your last dolar that turds like this wouldn’t have a chance down here. We conceal carry and are ready, willing and able to defend ourselves, our family and our community from these punks. NYC will always be a cesspool unless the citizens rise up and demand that their rights to self-defense be restored.

        • mac

          Don’t forget the great BLUE state of Maryland as well. The gun laws are sooo restrictive here that one KNOWS only the thugs are carrying!

          • Reality Sandwich

            Oh no, you must be mistaken. No one can have guns because there are laws, right? How could the criminals get them if they are illegal. Our government is looking out for us, so we are safe. (Ok, I gotta stop, I’m making myself sick).

        • Jay

          There is also no subway’s….

      • Kent

        Indiana has some of the best gun laws in the country. Plus its a nice friendly part of the country. Just stay out of gary.

      • Kevin Pearson

        jlenta….. when there was discussion in the Senate about “pathway to citizenship”, the Congressional Black Caucus gave the “agri lobby” a dressing down because they don’t recruit in the inner cities for workers in the agri businesses instead of hiring undocumented workers. Of course, I realized that this was silly because many of those in the inner cities would never go to “flyover country” to work in a meat packing plant in Nebraska or a poultry factory in Alabama.
        Don’t let the wages deter you. If you grew up in NY you have no idea how much more expensive NY is to live than elsewhere in the country.

        I am hoping that with all the “Occupy Wall Street” going on, that the investment companies in New York get a grip and relocate to some place like Little Rock.

    • Jeigh-boy

      Yeah! this is the city that will put you in jail for a few years for defending yourself with a personal handgun.

    • Gatorfan

      That’s exactly right!! Only the bad guys have weapons that are used to hurt rather than protect. DC crime has gone down becasue citizens can now protect themselves!

    • yknipp

      Someone must have left the gate to the ZOO open!

  • sittinguy

    Its free, swipe your EBT it free! Swipe your EBT its free!

  • glenp

    If you don’t think this is a WAR, you are unable to think

    • losing faith in law and order

      bam! you got it-black murder stats dwarf the 911 attacks and the Iraq/Afghan war totals in the 10 years since 911. Some things eat at you worse than death and waiting for it to me or my kids time to be attacked is unacceptable.

  • Mike Alright

    Don’t B dissin me G. Da white women took all our jobs.

    • Jeigh-boy

      Mike Alright

      Don’t B dissin me G. Da white women took all our jobs.

      There are women trash collectors in NYC?

    • Jen

      You didn’t get the job b/c you don’t speak English like other Americans

  • Uncle Remus

    OO OOO OOO AH AH AH AH AH,….. a freaking zoo just like Chicago 20 miles south of me. These animals run wild and they take your weapons to defend yourselves from these cement jungle a p e s

  • Anon

    Ah! Strong Black men! Role models for inner city youth! Creme de la crime! What every Black youth aspires to! Nothing new here – this same thing has been going on in NYC for DECADES! Progress is being made! Blacks are moving forward! Media and Politicians tell us so! Look at the proof! Good job, Reverend Sharpton! You’re a credit to your race!

  • Rose

    2 words: Bernie Goetz

    • Ben

      Bernie Goetz – a man who refused to be a victim, a man who should be a hero. It is your duty to protect yourself, not the police. If you live in a non-firearm friendly state, it is your duty to vote to change the laws. If you can’t win the vote, I’d suggest you move.

  • MoCal

    Conceal and Carry would put a stop to this type of crime spree……

  • Herdculler

    These are Holder’s people, leave them alone. They will soon be guarding a voting precinct near you.

  • glenp

    a little SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL 22 or 32 to the skull will stop RECIDIVISM!!

  • Bernie Goetz

    Dont worry guys. I got this one

    • Rose

      Thanks, Bernie.

  • Andrew

    Hope and change, it’s just creative, self employed teens making Obamas’ 9.1% unemployment rate look a little better.

  • Barry bin Inhalin

    Blade weilding slasher/robbers: another reason for the Second Amendment (except in NYC of course, or chicago, or DC, hunh – this only seems to happen when the thugs have no fear of retribution). I’m sure if they were caught the likes of the Attorney Gen of the US would find a reason to let ’em all go.

    • googlemystic

      Yeah, there is only crimes where guns are not allowed. Good point.

      • SkyMan

        As a matter of fact, everywhere concealed carry is legal the violent crime rate has dropped. The stats are out there, but the anti-self protection crowd doesn’t want to pay attention. It will get in the way of their agenda.

        • ttrats

          SkyMan, if they let you protect yourself, it dis-empowers those who want to be in control / power. They can’t let that happen. They create their own need – they create the environment where they (government / police) are “needed.

          System works like this: you are forced to “need” bigger police presents. They say well they need your tax dollars then. They take those tax dollars and perhaps do hire a few more cops (or just shuffle manpower around) but the rest goes to pet projects or handouts and eventually police number return to “unacceptable” levels again thereby cause the “need” again. If they let you buy a gun and carry it than you don’t need them (as much) anymore.

  • Salharmonic

    they’re black?

  • Dr. Huxtable

    These five are permanently OFF my Kwanzaa-card list. Hmph!

  • Jewfromhell

    Why can’t comrade Barry have them to the White House for tea?

    • minniem

      Or a beer?

  • Vince

    Why is it that every time these animals commit crime on innocent people you immediate JUMP to attack white people?? WHO doesn’t condemn white people who commit crime? I don’t know of ANYONE who says, “it’s ok, a white person did it.” You live in a FANTASY world. Why can’t you condemn crime when you see it no matter WHO commits it? The fact is that young black males commit FAR MORE CRIME STATISTICALLY than ANY OTHER DEMOGRAPHIC GROUP. Those are FACTS. Live with it.

  • JT

    SHOCKED, SHOCKED I TELL YA that black men are involved here.

  • Phil Mckracken

    Funny how they emphasize that they are carrying box cutters but the fact that they have at least one gun is almost an after thought.
    Anyway, the “loved” and “hated” tattoos will be their downfall. Someone will recognize those tattoos and they will soon be in court (hopefully not juvie).

  • glenp

    Time for PAUL KERSEY ( Charles Bronson) to fire up his DEATH WISH scenario

    We need a Bernard Goetz except this time don’t listen to the stupid a$$ law enforcement to give yourself up

  • rob

    Maybe obama can talk to his homies and tell them to chill out, well he cannot do that because that would not be the panic he needs to terrorize Americans.

    This is yet another reason obama has to be fired next year. He is destroying America.

    • Chuck U Farley

      Degens will be degens

      • Robo Poveryt

        good name, just like Jack Mehoff

  • Vince

    Don’t worry, they’re just part of Obama’s civilian army who “have his back”.

  • Regulas

    And I suppose Jesus was black too, right dunkoff? Last time I looked at the Jewish race they are white and last time I read the Bible, Jesus was a Jew. Now shut your ignorant hole and go post your stupidity at CNN/MSNBC where the rest of the loony left like to hang out.

  • yiddishlion

    Where’s Bernard Goetz when you need him?

  • Mirriam Egglebrecht

    Maybe Obama can have a milkshake summit with these teens and talk things over?

  • Smash Crasher

    Sounds like another useless leech whose unemployment is ready to run out.

  • pug

    That’s right! The petty criminals get put in jail for robbing people of $100 worth of goods. The wall street criminals get promoted for robbing people of $1,000,000,000 worth of goods. The petty criminals take your ipod and go away. The wall street criminals take your house, your car, your food, your job, and throw you out in the street and say “it’s your fault you don’t have a job.”

    • Smash Crasher

      Oh Shut up. What’s the matter? Mommy didn’t cook your Cream of Wheat for you this morning. People like you make me vomit. Blaming other people for your own pathetic, pitiful worthless mundane life.

      • Peteo

        Well said Smash

    • Regulas

      Go read some more of your Karl Marx book dinkoff

      • googlemystic

        You’re an idiot regulas. This man is defending private property. Karl Marx on the other hand, would not let you own a car or even a pen, hence the term communism. Righties like you are unimaginably uninformed about your own ideology. Seriosly though, what this man said was entirely opposite of Marxism! You’re just a hateful shmuck.

        • OBOZOSUX

          A bank cannot foreclose on a mortgagee UNLESS the mortgage is in arrears. It is STILL the property of the lending institution. Ditto in the case of the car, the bank holds the lien (owns the car) until the last payment is made.I’ve never heard of a bank repossessing food or a job for that matter, that assertion is simply ridiculous To sum up his (and your ) contention “regulas” may not be correct in his Marxist accusation, but he is much closer to the truth than you are. People who enter into contracts and then somehow feel victimized when required to pay their debts are worse than Marxists. They are PARASITES.

        • glenp

          it’s not that the left doesn’t know anything, it’s that all they know is so wrong—Ronald Reagan

    • Vince

      Yes pug, it IS your fault that you don’t have a job because you’re too busy complaining about people on Wall Street that you don’t know, have never met, and have no idea exactly what it is they do. So much easier to blame others for your own failures, isn’t it?

    • James Foye

      I am waiting to hear exactly how the wall street evildoers robbed everyone. They made some disastrous choices, but nobody was complaining while they were boosting the economy from mid-1980 to 2007. The only thing I can see is that they allowed a lot of people who should not have gotten loans to get them. This was abetted nicely by the democratic and liberal politicians through fannie mae and freddie mac. So please detail in a coherent manner the exact crimes that Wall Street is supposedly responsible for.

      • pug

        I suggest you start by reading “Looting Main Street” by Matt Taibbi: http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/looting-main-street-20100331?print=true

      • Vince

        James, unfortunately hell will freeze over before pug even understands what you’re saying.

        • OBOZOSUX

          Vince, It’s a shame, but you are so right. Pugs’ mindset is the end result of years of democrat policies . The entitlement mentality, pervasive throughout the democrat voting base, will be the downfall of this once great nation. Lady Thatcher said it best…” The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other peoples money”

    • meeester

      they should make rich people give them stuff.
      Maybe our beloved President will make this crew Czars of Redistribution

      • mac

        He already has, by Proxy!!!!

    • weew

      Give it a rest. No one is buying that BS any more.

    • Steve

      You need to get an E-D-U-C-A-T-I-O-N. Can you say “useful idiot”, lol.

      • Steve

        My comment was directed to “PUG”, you know one of those “useful idiots” who still support our “King”, lol

    • MichaelBee

      What a moron…

    • commieblaster

      you need to read commieblaster.com. pug you must be a commie.

  • gerkill

    Please kill yourself, you are profoundly ignorant. I never read such utter nonsense.

  • herb

    as a black man, i agree

    • Att. Hoar

      get yo hand out my pocket..herb!

      • Vince

        Hey Att. Hoar, did you not just read that herb AGREES with Ralph? Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • Att. Hoar

          Listen here Vincenzo….I could care less if he agreed or disagreed. My comment had NOTHING to do with what they were ranting about…..check my name out buddy

  • Buttbisquit

    Buttbisquit does not have the patience to deal with low life minority thugs who make life harder for decent law abiding citizens.

    The noise level goes beyond bearable when these kids enter the train…buttbisquit just wants his live his life in peace. Do not apply for jobs at supermarkets in white neighborhoods. Your work ethics are not appreciated and are counter productive to my weekly grocery shopping. either go home or BAG IT !

    Love the alt lifestyle thugs pimps and hoes but say NO to annoying minority teens who eat to much sugar and act wilding.

  • Bx Special

    Who are you kidding, the only way to stop them & NOT have to pay to feed & house them for the rest of their lives is to just POP them. Yeah big Al will make noise for a week or 2 but its well worth it. Besides, I love listening to him destroy the English language–what an idiot !!!

    • Vince

      Bx, the authorities would sooner pop YOU for trying to defend yourself than touch one hair on their nappy little heads.

  • nicademus

    Where’s Bernie Getz when we need him?

    • Jason Barlow


    • weew

      These thugs should target the “Occupy Wall Street” kids. They can get all the iPods, iPhones, and trust fund money they want from those hippie wannabes. And since those altruist lefties are such advocates of wealth redistribution, I’d bet they wouldn’t even mind.

  • Diane Nunez

    It is obvious that they want to get caught and go to jail where they will be fed and housed. It is easier for these type of youth to live in jail and be supported by the taxpayer than it is for them to make it in the real world. Yet the people in the city of New York do not even try to stop this behavior. It is encouraged every time someone turns a blind eye to this. Send the young men to Ogdensburg and the female to Albion for a long bid this may discourage the three hots and a cot crew

  • marc

    How are the police supposed to stop terrorists when they are not even around to stop these hoodlums? By the way, in my humble opinion, if the state/government really wanted to stop this kind of crime, the penalty would be an army uniform and their location would be Afghanistan or Iraq. Period.

    • Sidney

      I agree with your sentiment, but don’t sully an Army uniform with these miscreants. Maybe they could be dressed as Taliban and be used for target practice at Ft. Dix.

      • Vince

        High five.

    • Kent

      Thanks jackass. Morons like you think the military should be a dumping ground. We don’t want these criminals around us. How about we make them clean up around your neighborhood and interact with you and your family?

      • marc

        Dear Mr. Kent,
        Thanks for your reply and referring to me so nicely. Now about my suggestion. These thugs are already armed and don’t need training. It would be terrorists to fight terrorists. Put these young thugs in a situation to really prove just how tough they are. As for thinking that I meant to put them in the United States Army in a literal way, well, only a jackass (with little imagination) would think that.

        • Mcnertny

          You really are as stupid as you sound,,if you had worn the uniform it would be obvious to you,,aqnyone on the outside with a criminal intent will last a few days in the militsry and be an additional cost,,it was popular to sentance lowlifes to the military in the past where they shortly were confined and kicked out.,try not to be a complete idiot by ypour posts.

          • marc

            Dear Mr. McNerdy — Calling me an idiot is impolite. There is no need to point out my shortcomings so blatantly on the Internet. Only an idiot would do something like that. Instead, try hitting your pillow a few times and counting to 10. Then, when you have worked out your aggressions and are feeling a bit more level-headed, you can post here. Okay? Yes, that is right, just nod your head in compliance. Bye

    • mr e.fudd

      whooo there cowboy. These punk n*****s have no skill to be in the armed services. Short of stating theyre mother should have swallowed NY Finest loves crime. It means that the union can demand more police, pocketing it into union coffers and increasing the rank & file. You dopes just dont get it.

      NY Finest thrives on crime, that is why nothing is done. Take the wall street protesters as an example. 2 million so far in taxpayer monies lining the union & rank & file pockets. Duh.

      NYFinest should just let them picket, they will go away all by themselves. If not well, let them camp out.

    • edwardo

      STop them! hell, the police are on their side, they are members of the same union: progressive demonrats. The police no longer enforce our laws against the citizen. They are on the side of the illegals, the thugs, unions, Obamafreaks, and against anyone who does not want to pay more taxes to fund their bloated retirements and kickbacks to demonrats.

    • me

      No, a pink jumpsuit picking up garbage would be approriate. I don’t want these wastes of human life next to me in the foxhole.

    • Joey

      Yeah, give these fools military training and access to multimillion dollar hardware. Make them better criminals. Great idea.

      • marc

        Joey – I appreciate your input. I would appreciate it even more if you read the posts that came before yours. I never said they should be armed with expensive equipment. In fact, I wrote:”These thugs are already armed and don’t need training.” Have a great weekend!

        • NeitherRepublicanNorDemocrat

          Marc, I must be missing something here. First you said, “the penalty would be an army uniform and their location would be Afghanistan or Iraq. Period.”

          But then you said, “As for thinking that I meant to put them in the United States Army in a literal way, well, only a jackass (with little imagination) would think that.”

          So the original comment was NOT “in a literal way?” If not, then just what does it really mean?”

          And you also said, “I never said they should be armed with expensive equipment.”

          What do you think the Army trains soldiers with in Basic Training – $39.95 air pistols?

          And you actually VOTE? No wonder we’re in such a … oh, never mind….

    • Stan

      Bingo !The police aren’t the answer … people are now becoming more and more responsible for their own safety / defense. A gun, knife or any weapon used in these “attacks” warrant a decisive response. The aggression removes the “they’re just kids” argument. That said, should they make it to a courtroom … I agree with you completely. I’ve seen several young, wild lads turned. It’s amazing what the military can accomplish with some of them.

      • NeitherRepublicanNorDemocrat

        Stan, it’s obvious you’re another one of those that proposes solutions about which you lack any significant information. I have also seen some amazing transformations in the military. But when you get down to punks who act out life-threatening violence, you’ve gone beyond what the military can accomplish. Nor do they even have the time to deal with these low-lifes while simultaneously doing their very best to have soldiers ready to go into combat in a period of only about three months. If you had half a clue about what the inside of the military really looks like at a day-to-day level in training, rather than what you seen on TV or in movies, or perhaps even just visiting the National Infantry Museum (or similar facility), you’d know that your little band of reformed “wild lads” that grew up and turned out NOT to be armed robbers has no relationship to sticking these thugs in critical situations where they can threaten even more lives.

        I’ll stick with proper training followed by legal concealed carry. I feel much less apprehensive about my wife being out by herself (she’s well trained and carries too – you’d never guess!).

    • dn

      we don’t want dirt like this in the military

    • ObamaIsGodAwful

      It would be wrong to poison our military with these vermin. Concealed carry is the solution.

    • Gordon Kuhne

      I agree, if everyone in NY had a right to conceal and carry a gun , those punks would think twice about robbing someone.

    • Darryl

      @ Marc No thank you I would not want one of them in a tent/foxhole with me hard to concentrate on the enemy when they are both in front and behind you don’t want a knife in my back.

    • American CowboyX

      If you were in charge of an Army battalion, would you trust these punks with automatic weapons and grenades? The answer is no, correct response is a rope in Times Square.

    • Alexander Moon

      You want to punish an honorable military service by shoving criminals into their ranks? Why not choose any other industry … say, Pepsi or NYC Dept of Sanitation? Would THEY want criminals in their midst by court order?

    • Robocopper


      Understand the sentiment but the Army and the rest of the DoD do not want them .

    • afox

      Actually, the penalty should be having your hand chopped off.

    • Ed McGonigle

      The Armed Forces of America don’t want these pieces o s–t, they would run like the cowards they are at the first sign of the enemy.

    • Rocky Mountain

      Would you really want this type of individual in the armed forces?

    • Bruce Frykman

      The armed forces have even less need of ignorant criminals than you do

      What they need is intelligent, fit, and moral soldiers, sailors and airmen.

      If you think crime is difficult to deal with in a civil society, try dealing with it on a battlefield.

  • Ray

    OMG you can’t say they are black and hispanic!!! Even though it is factually accurate, that is racial profiling!!! Better call Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to protest and blame this on society rather than the actual perpetrators!!!


    • Right back at you

      Yea because those white guys downtown that ruin the entire country and are trying to destroy other countries so that they can get a boat the size of Manhattan should keep up the good work and no one should say anything about either

      • Ray

        I guess we know who you blame your life’s failures on. Keep blaming everyone but yourself!

      • koreanoak

        Do you not comprehend the difference between violent crimes and crimes of the white collar? They are different because you aren’t being attacked with box cutters and guns! And you are nothing more than a defeatist, please blame wall street because you can’t make it in this world. It is much easier to do so.

        • Finbar

          Don’t you know when the sarc option is on?

  • Tim C

    What ethnicity have the victims been, I wonder?

  • Joe

    Maybe they should be studying for the upcoming FDNY exam so all the civil groups can then complain when they are disqualified for being felons, I mean minorities.

    • Right back at you

      Yea your right and what do you think should happen to the majorities that destroyed the world economy and raped and enslave every countries natural resources including your ancestors home land?

      • Retired SOF guy

        “Whites” are a minority in the world, but they’ve led the world in civilization, culture and education for the last millennium or so. Yes, mistakes were made, but every part of the world that has had a significant European presence during that time is better off. Even India is at a point, post-British rule, to admit the influence was ultimately positive. It doesn’t excuse the violence or slavery, but the world is what it is (See the last chapter of Roots of Obama’s Rage for a succint exposition.) Please stop blaming Africa’s backwardness on whites. Mugabe is the latest to ruin a nation, and don’t even start about the travesty that is Liberia.

    • Charles F. Bolden, Jr.

      Post pictures of Charles F. Bolden, Jr. everywhere. He was appointed by Obama himself to be the new NASA Administrator. These kids should be looking up to Mr. Bolden, as a shining exemplar.

      • Jason Barlow

        Right…this is the same man who said that one of NASA’s main goals was to “reach out to and engage the Muslim world”..

  • Killdee Mooleez

    Time for change. Top dollar paid for _______ ________s.

  • farrock boogaloos

    these boogaloos have far rock written all over their faces – find them on the A train

  • Very conservative

    I’m assuming that at least one of these lowlifes hails from a high-crime neighborhood. Maybe signs in such (and also low crime as well) areas should go up warning any potential criminals that there are cameras just about EVERYWHERE and for a monetary reward-someone WILL turn you in.



    wvwnews.net (western voices world news)

  • Peter

    McDonalds is hiring!!!!

  • jb

    these morons are why people want stop and frisk

  • Chrisie

    Yup, there goes that Yankee’s logo again. It seems that the thug’s and the Yankee’s have an endearing relationship. Hope it makes the Yankee’s proud to see their logo is being worn by criminals in lot’s and lot’s of pictures.

    • Right back at you

      Its not because of the Yankees, its because its NY, it just so happens to be a Yankee hat

  • Gigg ZZZ

    These 4 look like the spooooky eyed giggs Bernie Goetz shot up, maybe they will run into someone with the same ballzz

    • Shute Emup

      20 years later, some things never change, 4 new gigzz to take their place.

    • Joe Schmo

      Long live the grreat Bernard Goetz! Never forget that one.

      • Right back at you

        Or Colin Ferguson

        • Jim Tucker

          Next time you start a race war there is no money left over to rebuild. You are all going to die.

        • JEFF GORDON

          Bernard Getz was defending himself against a pack of animals – Colin Ferguson IS an animal.

  • Peter

    thugs they are !!!!!!!

  • Smith

    now now..the unpictured white fifth one is the meth head behind the railroad parking lot.

  • bklynchica

    Those photos really illustrate how young someone btwn 17-20 is. They are kids.

  • VoteSharpton

    NOT BUYING THIS! Just another attempt of the racist MTA to depict young people of color as nothing but thugs.

    • LaQuisha McRibb

      Agreed, these kids look like kind church-going teens. Why, I’d even wager that the unpictured fifth one is white. I’m sure they were just engaging in harmless wholesome hijinks, which we’re misunderstood by the folks around them at the time.

      • Finbar

        That’s right! White people can’t appreciate this type of hijinks and have no right to criticize.

    • m.

      OH PLEASE! They look like what they are – THUG TRASH.

      • animal planet

        i thought monkies

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