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MUST SEE VIDEO: Extreme Subway Ride: Passenger Rides Outside J Train Car

MTA, NYPD Say Crackdown Against Latest Dangerous Trend Under Way

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Talk about rush hour.

One man’s thrill-seeking antics on a subway train are sparking a crackdown on what’s known as “subway surfing.” And as CBS 2’s Kathryn Brown reports, it was all caught on video.

They were some of the luckiest moments of a man’s life — the day he decided to try what’s known as “subway surfing” … and live to tell about it.

Stunned straphangers riding the J train captured the stunt on their cell phones and later posted it to YouTube.

Some were concerned it was an emergency until they saw the man interacting with them. He’s seen grinning and putting his fingers to his lips.

The man’s high-speed antics are part of a recent underground trend where thrill-seekers latch onto the outside of moving trains — risking their own lives as well as others.

“I think it’s stupid and crazy,” subway rider Brandon Santori told Brown.

“Oh no, hell no. Not even for a million dollars,” added Hector Lopez of Tremont Concourse in the Bronx.

“Definitely extreme craziness and I believe it also creates a problem for other people as well and I mean I can’t even imagine that someone could be so stupid,” another straphanger added.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority agrees, calling the man’s actions both stupid and dangerous in a statement: “We have referred it to the transit bureau of the NYPD for investigation.”

However, this incident was far from being an isolated incident. The fad is growing in popularity.

The MTA has launched a campaign warning riders not to try this — something, you might think, would be common sense.

“How stupid can you get?” wondered rider Marcie Buffington.

“It’s just crazy. It puts everybody in fear and panic,” added Myra Diaz.

Police confirmed Tuesday night people have been killed attempting these kinds of dangerous stunts, but neither the MTA nor NYPD keep track of those statistics.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen while riding the rails? Let us know below


One Comment

  1. Janelle Fox says:

    Darwin hasn’t caught up to this one yet, but I’m sure he’s not too far behind him.

  2. p8nt says:

    Hope that dude slams into a support beam, or gets crushed by another train. LOSER!!

  3. Kelly says:

    It is quite evident that this guy has a death wish. He wants to go out in a hail, he wants to feel what it’s like to be hit with 600 volts of electricity and stopped cold. It’s his parents that will suffer from his stupidity when they have to identify what’s left of his remains and have a closed casket funeral. Perhaps before it’s too late, maybe he should have his head examined or leave the drugs alone.

  4. LG says:

    It’s a shame that this idiot is probably able to reproduce.

  5. Nita says:

    I remember about 9 years ago a 14 year old boy was decapitated because he was showing off in front of his friends while playing on a moving train. I felt so sad for his family. I bet the so called friends that witnessed this are still hunted by this day.


    This is a good thing. Hopefully the fad will gain momentum and many idiots will be gone for good.

  7. Hillary J. says:

    This is not worth looking at but this is:

  8. John L says:

    Great 1010wins- by showing this video you are now encouraging copycats, who just might not be “professionals”.

    I expect better news reporting than this juvenile cr@p.

  9. sharp object says:

    Just kill yourself when it is not rush hour.

  10. Nick says:

    We should encourage more of this behavior. The faster the stupids die off, the better.

    1. Amazed says:

      Indeed. This will be great for the Darwin awards. Please just don’t do this during rush hour. What a jack ass. And please, don’t insult James Dean’s memory. He was never an idiot.

  11. Bman says:

    Good way of fighting the MTA (j bag s) who’ve been gouging and ripping off the people of NY blind for the latest 20 years… everyone should do it! lOL

  12. Smith says:

    …watch out for that (light) TREEEEE!

  13. Big Nards says:

    Getting to his next birthday are not in his plans.

  14. cglass says:

    Someone should have pulled the emergency cord and called the police. He probably does not realize how serious this is.

    1. They call me the grim reaper says:

      He will, but then it will be the last thing he realizes.

      1. Nita says:

        @ They call me the grim Reaper lol that’s a good one.

  15. NYCBOY says:

    Stupid deserves what stupid gets.
    Proof again that people – despite all their protests and discontent – really having nothing of any use to do. Thus…the state we are in.

  16. yknipp says:

    He should have been crushed!

  17. Michael Crawford says:

    Why do we reward needless and stupid behavior with coverage in the news. Not sure its responsible to post this video on the website. CBS is followed by many people, Im sure someone out there will get the idea to “better” this idiot and that person’s ride may not end so well.

    BTW – this is the DUMBEST thing I have ever seen someone do with their life. Many people each day fight to live – and he just puts his future on the line. Stupid – Just plain Stupid.

    1. retphxfire says:

      You dsif iy do erll, I will just as DITTO to your comments.

      1. retphxfire says:

        Wow, I read my comment before it posted and it’s llike the computer translated it into Klingon….:) I’ll try again. YOU SAID IT SO WELL, I will just add ditto to your comments. I expect I will still get some pithy observations.

  18. navin r. johnson says:

    would be cool to see him get hit with a piece of rebar stuck in the tunnel..

    1. Nita says:

      @navin r. johnson- No it would not. He a dummy but that don’t mean he should die. If that’s what it should be then there is a lot of dummies that should be dead.

      1. WILL he DO IT AGAIN says:

        IT would of been great to see his body get crushed on the parts of tunnel where there are only inches between train and wall.Do you think body would burst or just get sucked under train.I guess we have to wait till he tries it again next time.1 more time.The crazy part about this is when he gets hurt or dies his family will sue the city for millions .There should be a stupidity law.

        1. Kelly says:

          Stupidity seems to be a recurring thing. He will do it again, he doesn’t realize the severity of what he has done. He apparently did it for the “adrenaline” rush or to prove to his stupid friends that he’s a dare-devil. The reality of it is that between the outer train and the wall it’s only about 1 to 2 inche clearance or less depending on the station, he will ultimately die and become rat food because yes the train and its razor sharp wheels will tear him to pieces. The family will look for some wrong doing on the MTA but the video speaks loud and clear.

  19. what a moron says:

    Wow …no shortage of stupidity out there.

  20. John E Jurkoff says:


  21. MIKE says:


    ARREST HIS A**!!!!

    1. MIKE says:


  22. TheTruth says:

    What an idiot. Who is He trying to impress? Subway cars don’t have a lot of clearance, if He would have hit a traffic light that would have been it for him.
    This just proves that some humans are not a perfect creation like some would like us to believe, here we have this lowest form of human intelligence trying to be “cool” yet does not think of the consequences.

Comments are closed.

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