Teenage Boy Levels Abuse Claim Against Longtime Brooklyn Monsignor

Thomas Brady, 77, Out On $1,000 Bail; Parishioners: No Way This Happened

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Brooklyn monsignor was arrested Friday and accused of having sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy.

“I’m shocked,” one Marine Park resident told CBS 2’s Lou Young. “Somewhere along the way I think it’s erroneous.”

Monsignor Thomas Brady’s family tried to shield him from view on the way into court Friday night, but there is no hiding from the reality of the criminal charges he faces stemming from an alleged encounter with a teen boy.

There was disbelief at the news the longtime former pastor of Good Shepherd Catholic Church had been arrested.

“This is ridiculous. It’s a crazy story. Who started it?” parishioner John Sweeney said, adding when asked if Brady is a good man, “absolutely. There’s no better. The kids hug him all the time.”

Brady is now 78, retired and is suffering from a series of health problem, but the Brooklyn diocese confirmed that two minors have leveled abuse claims against him, though he has been formally changed for his alleged involvement with just one.

Brady’s nephew, Dave Konig, told Young the old priest, who was released Friday night on $1,000 bail, has succumbed to dementia brought by his many illnesses.

“He’s had two strokes. He’s going through lung cancer now. He’s going through chemotherapy, is affecting and has a lot of trouble thinking straight. All I know is the man is having some difficulty upstairs because of all the illnesses,” Konig said.

The accusations are inconceivable to those who know the man.

“It’s definitely inconceivable that anything like this could happen at all,” parishioner Richard Pagnotta said, adding when asked if he believes the charges, ” no, not at all.”

“I started crying when when I first found out. It can’t be true,” Allison Perry added.

“I wish I was with Monsignor right now to tell him that the community, especially us young ones, our hearts are breaking. We know it’s not true,” Jamielyn LoBello said.

The arraignment took place in Brooklyn court, but District Attorney Charles Hynes has asked for a special prosecutor because he knows Brady personally and said his office cannot impartially handle the case.

The Brooklyn diocese has placed Brady on administrative leave during the investigation. Bishop Nicholas DiMarzo offered prayers Friday for the victims of misconduct as well as for Monsignor Brady.

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  1. Rodin says:

    Silence acquieces, and not a peep from his most vociferous excellency Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, other than “prayers.” I BET the bigoted homophobe is preying (sorry, prAying)!

    Bishop Indicted; Charge Is Failing to Report Abuse

    Off to Octoberfest. 7 o’clock reservation. Prost!!!

  2. Rodin says:

    Sorry, I was just checking e-mail and found all this fan mail. I’m going out to an Octoberfest celebration but I’ll try to answer as many of you as I can when I get back. Just a couple now while I wait for my wife to finish getting ready.


    1. Does she know what a winner you are? says:

      You know you come on here and attack all the people who you don’t know ranging from the Msgr to the congregation of GSS. You make accusations not based on fact, but based on a news story. This person has not been convicted of anything. As of now he is innocent until proven guilty. Tomorrow you won’t give a damn and all of these people will still be suffering. Show a little tact. Show a little humanity. Let it go because a year from now you won’t remember any of this while all others on here have had their lives changed forever by this.

      You’re pathetic and I refuse to believe anyone would marry someone as cruel and egotistical as you. Takes all kinds I guess.

      1. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

        Listen, TOOTZ!!! We, the public, have ridden this up-and-down roller-coaster now well nigh onto 7+ years! If this had been the first offense, or even the hundredth offense, we might be a bit hestitant about our disgust with the Roamin’ Catholic (Crutch?) Church. But when we read of entire dioceses around the world going bankrupt because of the shenanigans of these jokers, it gets a little old. You have a LOT of closets and porches to sweep clean, so get with the program and start cleanin’! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

    2. Kant says:

      This is fun for you? People’s lives are being ruined by this. You’re words are hurting people. Watching people in pain is fun for you? You’re a sadistic creep.

      1. Rodin says:

        Yes, debunking ignorance IS FUN.

        The sadists are the abusers and their defenders. Ever hear of the Catholic Inquisition? It’s always the ‘faithful’ who burn witches.

        Feel privileged (blessed} that I’m responding to you. Most I wouldn’t give a rat’s arse about. The rest I will answer ‘en masse’ tomorrow. I’m old. Gotta go to bed.

        Besides, Octoberfest is exhausting.

        1. Kant says:

          It is no privilege listening to you spit venom, you egomaniac. You accuse the faithful of burning witches yet you’ve seem to set up a little inquisition yourself. Condemning a man without evidence? That’s a witch hunt if I ever heard one.

          1. Kant says:

            Furthermore, you should save yourself the trouble of answering en masse. I doubt anyone here gives a damn what you have to say in your condescending, better than the rest of you, all-knowing tone. Anyone who would judge a man without evidence is undeserving of respect or attention. I personally, am done with you.

            Since you’re so old, you better spend your time more wisely. Maybe go accuse your neighbor of stealing something when you have no proof? That seems to be something you enjoy doing.

            1. Rodin says:

              Considering the size of my fan base here, I say you’re wrong. Or else, why would you bother with me? Me? I see opportunity to expound in you, tool. Thanks. What’s your excuse?

              The one advantage I’ve found in age is that I’m too old to die young … and foolish.

              Wish you as much.


              1. Kant says:

                As I said before… you’re an egomaniac. And I’m done with this.


                1. R says:

                  What kind of “professional” would hide behind his computer, verbally destroy another human being without justification, and call another person a “tool”? Rodin, please come forward and grace us with your real name, credentials, and place of business so we may all come to you for your great understanding and healing powers. LOL!!!!!!

                2. DarthEVaderCheney says:

                  Ohhhh, this I find hard to believe!!! You’ll be back!

          2. Mr.IncredibleInJesus'Name says:

            Kant…! Pssssssst!!! Kant!!! Shhhhhh!!! Quit making a fool of yourself!!! It only goads the self-righteous persons like yourself to have upset stomachs. Go get some milk and cookies and unlax! You’ll get hemrrhoids and have to take an… e-n-e-m-a!

      2. Dakotahgeo, Pastor/Chaplain says:

        Listen, TOOTZ!!! We, the public, have ridden this up-and-down roller-coaster now well nigh onto 7+ years! If this had been the first offense, or even the hundredth offense, we might be a bit hestitant about our disgust with the Roamin’ Catholic (Crutch?) Church. But when we read of entire dioceses around the world going bankrupt because of the shenanigans of these jokers, it gets a little old. You have a LOT of closets and porches to sweep clean, so get with the program and start cleanin’! Grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!


      Each time I read the comments I get more aggravated. This has beome a page for this “Rodin” person to hide behind his computer casting stones. He thrives off of bad mouthing the Catholic faith and our wonderful parish and msgr. He calls himself a psychologist…maybe the degree came from a cracker jacks box. By respodning and arguing back we are feeding into this lunacy. He can not be reasoned with..he sees his one side just needs to argue and make a scene. Let’s do Msgr. a favor and NOT cave into this lunatic.

      1. R says:

        This Rodin person said he\she is a psychiatrist in an earlier posting God help his patients. He has them judged insane, in shackles, and commited to the institution even before they even walk into his office. Probably even before his secretary hangs up the phone after making them an appointment. Any patients of this egomaniac out there shoudl run for the hills ASAP. He obviously has more time to spend on this then he does on his patients.

  3. Mike Burke says:

    This can not be true.

    I know Fr. Brady personally…. My mother,father, bro’s and sisters know him personally as well. I served as an alter boy with Fr. Brady in a different parish…..I have been alone with this man many times as a 9-13 year old serving mass…..so have my brother’s. I don’t believe these ALLEGATIONS one bit!

    1. Rodin says:

      Maybe you were an un attractive 13-year-old … or just didn’t fit the victim profile.

      1. Pathetic Response says:

        ahh…very profound response from the “psychologist”

  4. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says:

    Do the parents of the molested boys get a refund on the tuition from the church or are they billed for the legal fees ?

  5. Meme Meyagi says:

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    1. Jamie Albano says:

      I think you mean MUSLIM*

      1. Rodin says:

        No, this bigot posts this no matter what the issue.

      2. Mr.IncredibleInJesus'Name says:

        Nope, lolol…she means mooslime… she’s kind of tilted and shows up every once in awhile on these conservative, right-wingnut christian Taliban blogs. It’s to laugh… don’t take him/her too seriously. She’s/He’s harmless.

  6. The Widowmaker says:

    theres no way this can be true

  7. Jack says:

    I do not believe these accusations. Msgr Brady has been a mentor of my entire family for numerous years and we have never witnessed anything inappropriate. He has always been there when we needed him (good times and bad). Anyone who knows him will say the same. The amount of support he is receiving throughout the Parish Community is well deserved, something “HE EARNED”! It may seem easy to condemn someone you don’t know so please wait until all the facts come out. I’m not here to debate with anyone. All I can say is that we will support him to the end and will Pray for all those involved as the Msgr would expect us to do.

    1. Jamie Albano says:

      Jack you are 100% RIGHT. My family and I belong to this parish and have been members as far back as I can remember.. I have had countless friends that have attended this school and now their children attend.. And still never heard anything as outrageous as this.. And to top it off, he had multiple strokes and lung cancer/Chemotherapy. Any one who knows anything about cancer or chemo would know a person can barely function on there own, let alone go out and abused children. I just don’t believe it.. Sorry.

      1. SF says:

        You may no want to believe it. Who would, right ! But there are countless of times it was true and people felt just as you do. I recall not long a go a manhattan priest (high in the church) and family friend had a girlfriend and lover for years before anybody new anything. And we didn’t believe it iether, but it was true. It’s a tough situation but hopefully the truth will come out.

      2. CHRIS says:


  8. kt says:

    The abuse happened Thursday. They are 13. We don’t know what happened exactly so its best to reserve judgement till all the facts are presented.

  9. anotherview says:

    The predatory homosexual priests continue to foist their hellish behaviors on the innocents of the Catholic church. Age, illness, and former reputation cannot rationalize or wash away the criminal sex acts of the predatory homosexual priests against the innocent youth. Rightly, the Catholic church holds homosexuality as a profound disorder of the mind. If the past instructs in these criminal sex acts, then we may expect other victims of this homosexual priest will come forward to describe his other criminal sex acts. To save itself from the scandal and the undermining of its credibility in such matters, the Catholic church must apply a strict project of identifying and purging itself of any remaining predatory homosexual priests. This purge will return the church to its integrity as an ancient institution still functioning in modern times as a moral compass.

    1. Wow... says:

      Homosexuality is a profound disorder of the mind? The 1960s called and they want their antiquated psychology back. Freak.

      1. anotherview says:

        Psychology aside, we must respect the human dignity of the homosexuals among us, and accept them in terms of toleration, despite their disorder of mind. Meanwhile, we cannot define away or legislate to extinction or impose sanitized views regarding the condition of homosexuality as a clear deviation from the norm. Yet, fair observation will allow that even so, homosexuals experience the inherent human needs for routine social interaction, fellowship, and companionship. Nevertheless, we must acknowledge that homosexuals may find themselves sexually attracted to underaged individuals of the same sex. When a homosexual Catholic priest suffers this sexual attraction and follows it, to commit criminal sex acts on same-sex underaged individuals, and does so more than once or does so in a pattern over time, he self-defines himself as a predatory homosexual priest. In the process, betraying his calling, he becomes unworthy of his occupation. He does harm to innocents. The Catholic church must promptly rid itself of these deranged priests. Otherwise, the church itself becomes suspect for harboring predatory homosexual priests.

        1. I repeat, WOW says:

          It’s really hard to take anything you say seriously when you are being so insanely inaccurate in your views of homosexuality. It is not a disorder it is a sexual orientation. People who are gay are not classified as having a mental disease. You say “homosexuals experience the inherent human needs for routine social interaction.” You talk about them like they are a different species! I feel really sorry for you because you are just so blatantly ignorant and prejudice you probably wont even recognize what you’re saying is wrong. Again, read a psychology book and keep your ridiculous, uninformed, unintelligent views to yourself.

          1. anotherview says:

            Tit for Tat

            “It’s really hard to take anything you say seriously when you are being so insanely inaccurate in your views of homosexuality.”

            List the inaccurate.

            “It is not a disorder it is a sexual orientation.”

            I agree with the Catholic church’s assessment of homosexuality as a profound disorder of the mind.

            “People who are gay are not classified as having a mental disease.”

            Agree. Homosexuals deviate from the norm owing to their preference for sexual relations with another of the same sex.

            “You talk about them [homosexuals] like they are a different species!”

            You missed my statement: “[W]e must respect the human dignity of the homosexuals among us, and accept them in terms of toleration, despite their disorder of mind.”

            “I feel really sorry for you because you are just so blatantly ignorant and prejudice you probably wont even recognize what you’re saying is wrong.”

            Assertion and condescension do not an argument make.

            “Again, read a psychology book and keep your ridiculous, uninformed, unintelligent views to yourself.”

            I prefer to call things by their right name. Further, I follow a precept of the philosopher Spinoza: “In a free state, every man may think what he likes, and saw what he thinks.” Try doing both yourself.

            1. Rodin says:

              “I agree with the Catholic church’s assessment of homosexuality as a profound disorder of the mind.”

              Which is totally discredited. Need go no further

              1. Wow... says:

                Rodin, this may be the only time I agree with you.

                Another view, you’re taking psychology lessons from a religion written by people who fear homosexuality because it limits procreation. Everyone knows the main purpose of sex in catholicism is to make more catholics, hence why they forbid the use of condoms and other birth control.

                Again, try to expand your mind and learn from people who actually know what they are talking about ie: psychologists and not priests.

                1. anotherview says:

                  Again, you missed one of my pertinent comments:

                  “I prefer to call things by their right name. Further, I follow a precept of the philosopher Spinoza: ‘In a free state, every man may think what he likes, and saw what he thinks'”

                  As well, in my household, my parents urged me to think for myself. Hence, my view may ground itself apart from religion or psychology.

              2. anotherview says:

                Then please explain the prolonged deviation of predatory homosexual priests committing criminal sex acts against underage males. The monstrous criminal sex behavior of these predatory homosexual priests over time compounded by their breaking of their holy vows and their betrayal of the trust the innocents placed in them surely arise from a disturbed mentality, far from the norm, and akin to evildoing. A believer may rightly assume these predatory homosexual priests, on their demise, will spend a long time in the fiery caverns of Hell.

                1. Wow... says:

                  They are pedophiles. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles. Stop calling them homosexual priests. They are pedophiles. There is a HUGE distinction.

                2. Rodin says:

                  More to the point, most pedophiles are heterosexual, infantilized heterosexuals, who can’t deal with the realities of adult, mature sexuality, which is why they escape to safe, celibate priesthood. For that matter, I happen to know any number of homosexual Catholic priests who have NERVER looked at a child in a sexual manner.

                  My ‘educated’ guess is that the same proportion of homosexuals have pedophiliac tendencies as heterosexuals, 10% across the board.

        2. Rodin says:

          Homosexuality is NOT the issue, just the whipping boy. Pedophilia has NO SEXUAL ORIENTATION, just an individual’s preference.

      2. Brian Gabrielsen says:

        dont understand homosexuality or a same sex to desire the same sex but still i would treat them like everybody else never any different


    I am leaving this page. We who love and support Msgr. kow who we are. To those of you condemning and punishing him before the truth is even out should be ashamed. To the PSYCHOLOGIST on the page…shame on you! How do you treat anyone with such judgement?
    Let’s allow those who want to just cause problems and get attention to stay on this page and play with each other. I am going on with my life the way Msgr. would want me to…please join me! Msgr. knows our hearts and minds our with him. Let’s not fuel the fires of these losers.

    1. Rodin says:

      ‘Bye. Who needs enablers, except the guilhty?

      1. What an angry little person you are says:

        Who needs you? Someone who will throw nasty comments at people simply because they admire and love a man based on good deeds he has done? None of these people INCLUDING YOU, know what has actually happened. If someone you know what accused of something like this wouldn’t you support them until they could actually be proven guilty? That doesn’t make you an enabler. It makes you a friend. They aren’t going to turn on him just because he other priests have been found guilty. That’s ridiculous. How these people choose to act IF he is found guilty, will determine whether or not they are deniers and enablers. In the meantime, they are good people supporting someone they care about. Don’t sit there in judgement when you don’t know them or him or the kids for that matter.

        1. Rodin says:

          “But we should be outraged at what’s going on in the world. Anger is not negative. Why shouldn’t I be outraged? Why shouldn’t I be bitter and angry?”
          English vicar whose daughter died in the London tube bombings of July 2005
          (b. 1954)

          1. What an angry little person you are says:

            Why shouldn’t you be angry? Well for one raises blood pressure and causes heart attacks and strokes. More importantly why be angry in this instance when as of now it is unfounded? Accusations are not facts. They are accusations. You have no business slandering people when you have no proof. In fact,already the Times has addressed this issue as attempted sexual abuse. Slowly the truth is coming to light. When all is said and done then you can say whatever you want about pedophiles and enablers. In the meantime, why hurt people for no reason?

          2. What an angry little person you are says:

            Why shouldn’t you be angry? Well for one, it raises blood pressure and causes heart attacks and strokes. More importantly why be angry in this instance when as of now it is unfounded? Accusations are not facts. They are accusations. You have no business slandering people when you have no proof. In fact,already the Times has addressed this issue as attempted sexual abuse. Slowly the truth is coming to light. When all is said and done then you can say whatever you want about pedophiles and enablers. In the meantime, why hurt people for no reason?

            1. Rodin says:

              How’d you get this on twice?

    2. DarthEVaderCheney says:

      Well, LEAVE, damit!!! I get sick of these marble players who don’t like the rules, so “they’re” gong home! Gooooooo… and don’t let the damn door hitcha…!

  11. Kirk Douglas says:

    The devils show there ungly head again,going after two little boys these people need to go to jail from the leader of the flock (THE POPE) come down,I am waiting to here how many littie girls the NUN,S them play with,or another thing they can do is to go and MICHELE BACHMAN husband he might be able to help them.

  12. 123Martini says:

    You never get caught the first time!
    Hope you all enjoyed receiving the Host from his bare hands!

    1. na says:

      You’re disgusting and should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Rodin says:

        Pedophiles are disgusting.

        “People seem to be offended by facts, or what used to be called truth.”
        (1909 – 1992)
        Irish born British artist

      2. 123martini says:

        how does the dictate? That’s DISGUSTING!

        1. Wha? says:

          What the hell are you talking about? Everything you write on here is nonsense. You make absolutely no sense. Sounds like you’ve had about 123 martinis!

          1. 123martin says:

            I only wrote 2 things……….It bothers you? That’s your big comment on this situation…..find another thread to comment on……with more substance. Talk to Rodin….

            1. Rodin says:

              Typically, they prefer to rant at others. They don’t like it when they get answers they can’t answer to. When you can’t argue rationally, attack.

              1. Wha? says:

                No. You’re first comment was stupid and deserved no response. Your second comment made no sense. If what what you say doesn’t make sense I can’t answer you. Rodin can you respond to

                “how does that dictate???” please be my guest.

                1. Rodin says:

                  “how does that dictate???”

                  If I could figure out what you’re talking about and make any sense of it, I might.

                2. Wha? says:

                  That’s what martini123 wrote, since you seem to be siding with him. Look at the original post.

                3. Rodin says:

                  The original post was quite clear and accurate. What part of it did you noy understand?

                  “how does the dictate?” not quite sure.


    2. SAD says:

      You’re a sad, sad person. How do you judge without knowing all sides?

      1. SAD indeed says:

        I notice Rodin has no snarky defense for this comment. You have no right to sit in judgement of someone with no facts other than sparse details in a newspaper article. I appreciate you defending the potential victims in this case, but you don’t even know what was actually done or NOT DONE to these kids. You’re saying horrible things with no information. It makes you look like a fool.

        1. Rodin says:

          I don’t normally address imbecilities. If you have a valid or rational argument opf any kind, post it. I might consider the courtesy of a reply.

          1. SAD indeed says:

            So saying “how do you judge without knowing all sides?” isn’t a rational argument? This person is an imbecile because they asked you a reasonable question?

            Tell me. What’s it like living on that high horse of yours? Must get awful lonely.

            1. Rodin says:

              It’s no argument at all. Question, yes. Silly.

              Air is pure on the high horse, more so than in the muck.

              Lonely? No. Delusion is lonely. “Hell is other people,” said Sartre, should you know who that is.

              1. SAD indeed says:

                I know who Sarte is you pretentious pompous jerk. Delusion is lonely? Yes. Enjoy living in YOUR lonely delusion where you seem to believe to know everything.

                I really like how you continue to evade this question that has been asked of you several times on this board. I’ll ask again although I doubt you’ll answer How do you judge without knowing all sides? How can you sit there at your computer saying hateful things, destroying someone’s reputation when you don’t know the facts? I sincerely hope one day someone accuses you of something you didn’t do, and some ignorant reasonless jerk starts calling you horrible things like “pedophile” before you ever have the chance to explain yourself. You seem to thrive on using other people’s mistakes to condemn a man you know nothing about involved in a situation you know nothing about.

                And for the record, the air is thin up there. I’d be careful while expelling all that hot air of yours.

                1. Rodin says:

                  Hey, you’re judging without knowing. I ‘lost’ gØd and found peace of mind and self-esteem. I lost gØd and lost fear of death. I depend on no outside influence to be content. I have my family, select close friends, three Dogs who think I’m gØd and two homes. What else could a man want?

                  No evasion. I answered you long ago in this thread. You just can’t accept my answer because it would destroy your myths. It’s faith’s way. The delusions are all yours.

                2. SAD indeed says:

                  What else could a man want? A little humility wouldn’t kill you.

                  I’m judging you based on the ridiculous things your saying. They are coming from your own mouth so therefore I can easily make the assumption that you are, in fact, a pompous jerk.

                  I have no myths. I’m of no religious denomination. I believe in realities. One of which involves the law something you seem to have no respect or awareness of.

                  I see nowhere in this thread where you justify saying a man is guilty of a crime when a) you don’t know what the crime is and b) you don’t know if he did it or not. For an atheist you seem to have an awful lot of blind faith in assumptions!

  13. Just saying... says:

    To those who defend him without an ivestigation. I hope this never happens to your chiild and no one believes him/her because the other person is popular, caring, warm, and has helped alot of other people.

    1. Rodin says:

      Brady’s nephew, Dave Konig, parishioner John Sweeney, “Marine Park resident,” deniers and enablers.

    2. Just saying back.... says:

      And to those who would condemn him without investigation, shame on you for believing everything you read in a newspaper.

      1. Rodin says:

        There is sufficient history to make the story very believable. Please note that the Diocese has not denied the accusations but “offered prayers for the victims.”

        Coming from the virulent, homophobic DiMarzio, this is tantamount to an admission.

        Please see “Bishop Indicted; Charge Is Failing to Report Abuse” in todays NYTimes,http://www.nytimes.com/2011/10/15/us/kansas-city-bishop-indicted-in-reporting-of-abuse-by-priest.html?hp

        DiMarzio, beware.

        1. na says:

          Nonetheless, to call him a pedophile and his friend enablers is inappropriate and unfair without evidence or before you even know the actual event that transpired. You are participating in leaving a permanent stain on this man’s character before you know any actual facts. The children are protected from such slander as of now. We don’t know who they are and they may get justice if it is true. In the meantime he is very public and you are part of the damage that a sick dying, and as of right now innocent, old man has to endure. That is why you should be ashamed.

          1. Rodin says:

            Child abuse is “inappropriate.” So is covering up for the perps.

          2. Rodin says:

            “…you are part of the damage that a sick dying, and as of right now innocent, old man has to endure.” The only damage sustained in these recidivist cases is by the victims, the abused, the traumatized, the demonized “accusers.”

            History repeats itself time and time again.

            1. na says:

              You missed the part where I said right now he is INNOCENT!!! HE HAS NOT BEEN TRIED YOU MANIAC! So tell me, if tomorrow you are accused of rape ,I can just say, “Well it happens all the time and if someone said he did it, it must be true.”

              What country do you live in?

              1. Rodin says:

                History is on my side. Religion is perverse and cowardly in this country and everywhere,

                What universe do you live in?

                1. na says:

                  The one where people are innocent till proven guilty. I’m not religious. That has nothing to do with it. It’s the law to not condemn someone without trial. Why be so blind and foolish to call them a murderer, rapist, pedophile until you know for sure?

                  Again, if history is on your side, answer my question. If tomorrow you are accused of rape ,I can just say, “Well it happens all the time and if someone said he did it, it must be true.” Or better yet, there is a long standing history of psychologists having inappropriate relationships with their patients. If someone just accused you of that simply because your patient said it was true and because historically it’s happened before, I can start calling you a pig and a power-abusing monster before I know any details? That’s acceptable in your eyes? I’ll just start slandering you without hearing your side or any of the actual things that happened?

                  You have a real backward way of looking at things.

  14. Rodin says:

    “Dementia” does not cause pedophilia.

    “The kids hug him all the time.” What great opportunities!!! With what’s been going on, I would arrest any parents who allowed children to be hugging priests (or any adult not a relative) and charge them with child endangerment.

    Good without gØds!

    1. Rodin says:

      “Bishop Nicholas DiMarzo offered prayers Friday for the victims of misconduct as well as for Monsignor Brady.”

      GØd personally told me that this was punishment for DiMarzio’s bigotry and homophobia.

      How about an apology, for starters? The arrogance of piety never ceases to amaze me!

      1. Rodin says:


        Why? Who’s covering?

        1. RRRRRRRR says:

          The video is not “Unavailable”. I just watched it. Not everything is a conspiracy.

          1. Rodin says:

            It was on this page when I tried it this morning. Maybe somebody got the message. Haven’t looked again.

            Not really interested in watching a senile pervert wheeled around and made excuses for.

            1. ? says:

              Really? Cause you seem pretty obsessed with it.

              1. Rodin says:

                I AM obsessed — with abuse of power, with pedophiles, with their deniers and protectors, with the arrogance of piety, with unaccountability, with injustice, with the Catholic Church, with the myths, fantasies, fairy tales, imaginings, lies, perversions, inequities and impositions and privileges of religion, all religions.

                You bet I am!!!

                1. R says:

                  You are only obsessed with hearing your own voice, or reading your own words. Make you feel good to convict a kind and generous who has done noting but watch over the children of Good Shepherd for many years and through major illness until his body could no longer handle it? Does it give you a sense of power, control? I know ypou said you are a psychologist, but not knowing that one would think you NEED a psychologist based on your rants and ravings on this site. You find it hard to believe that we, the parishoners, support him 100%. Well consider this, we know and respect the man. We are posting our support for the Msgr., not slandering the boys, or condemning them for their accusations. What we find hard to believe is that you already judeged his fate and found him to be 100% guilty. We also find it hard to believe that you beliieve the boys 100%. Let me ask you this…do you know the boys? Didn’t think so. So, what makes you right and us wrong? Maybe we are both wrong. Why don’t we agree to let it all unfold and be handled by the authoriites.

    2. Jen says:

      Redon: arrest parents who let their kids hug priests? Are you an idiot? No dumber comment has been posted on this whole site.

      1. Rodin says:

        Your Art Appreciation is atrocious. Redon was a painter, Rodin a sculptor.

        (April 20, 1840 – July 6, 1916)
        French symbolist painter, printmaker, draughtsman and pastellist.

        (12 November 1840 – 17 November 1917)
        French sculptor best known for his “Gates of Hell”, where abusers belong, and The Thinker,” which you obviously are NOT.

    3. What's Wrong With You says:

      SO easy to judge someone you don’t know isn’t it? He has been my mentor my whole life and never touched me or anyone I know. Dementia causes confusion on a scale that you clearly don’t understand. You’re incapable of telling reality from dreams. People you know your whole life become strangers to you. YOU become a stranger to YOU. Half the time I talk to him he barely knows where he is and gets lost in conversation easily. He also cannot walk unassisted. Please don’t comment on things you know nothing about. It just makes you look stupid as do comments like “arrest any parents who allow children to be hugging priests.” You are a complete and total ignoramus.

      1. Rodin says:

        No, you are. I’m a psychologist and I repeat: Dementia does not lead to a character disorder of any kind. If anything, it might loosen inhibitions and controls that might have been in place. Pedophilia cannot be the RESULT of dementia. The instinct was already there.

        1. Really? says:

          “No you are”? Solid comeback. Learned that one in 1st grade I bet.

          First of all I find it hard to believe you are a psychologist based on the stupid things you’ve previously said. If you are, you should have a better awareness of how dumb/ arrogant you sound. Do you judge your clients before you talk to them? If you do, you must be a really awful psychologist. Second of all, here is a little description of dementia from the U.S. National Library of Medicine:

          Dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases. It affects memory, thinking, language, JUDGEMENT AND BEHAVIOR

          Dementia symptoms include difficulty with many areas of mental function, including:
          Cognitive skills (such as calculation, abstract thinking, or JUDGEMENT)

          The early symptoms of dementia can include:
          Language problems, such as trouble finding the name of familiar objects
          Misplacing items
          Getting lost on familiar routes
          Losing interest in things you previously enjoyed, flat mood

          Here’s another from Alzheimer’s.com
          Individuals with Alzheimer’s may experience reduced sexual interest or — less often — sharply increased sexual interest or acting out, known as hypersexuality. Problem behavior can include sexual overtures to a nonspouse or masturbation in public.

          Other inappropriate behaviors, such as use of vulgar or obscene language, exposing oneself or undressing in public (collectively termed “disinhibition”), may not be sexual at all but can be construed as such by others….
          Sometimes a person with dementia may appear to lose their inhibitions and make sexual advances to others or undress or touch themselves in public.

          I’ve also read studies where stroke victims who have damage to their right temporal lobe have sexual confusion and lack complete inhibition. There is the possibility that the pedophilia was a predisposition, but there is no proof either way. As a psychologist, you might want to read up on this before you just make accusations against someone you know nothing about and a situation which you have no details about. Did you think for a second that this could simply have been him unknowingly exposing himself? I’m sure you didn’t. I guess that’s what makes you such an all-knowing and wise psychologist.

          1. Rodin says:

            Where do you cite newly acquired character disorders?

            “I’ve also read studies where stroke victims who have damage to their right temporal lobe have sexual confusion and lack complete inhibition.”

            So, isn’t this what I said?

            Get yourself a valid argument and I might listen. As long as you twist, I’ll turn.. to reality.

            1. Really? says:

              No it isn’t what you said. The study said you can’t prove if pedophilia was a predisposition or an onset symptom due to temporal lobe damage. Get YOURSELF a pair of reading glasses and read an entire argument before you try to come back at someone.

              You also didn’t take into account the fact that you don’t know what actually happened as you continue to act like a champion for children you don’t even know in a situation you know nothing about. You know vague details from a newspaper articles yet you’ve become judge, jury, and executioner when you know next to NOTHING about the situation.

              My argument is valid. I’m saying there is room for misunderstanding and doubt due to his illness. Again I will emphasize that you must be a terrible psychologist (if you are one) since you clearly don’t listen to what people are saying to you. You have no interest in the truth. You’d prefer to just cast aspersions and make assumptions based on what others have done. Get a clue.

  15. Jen says:

    BM…I’m sorry that you were ever a part of the same parish as I am. Tell your mother she didn’t hug you enough and then go find a new website to be “ANTI” everything. Welcome to the real world buddy: people would do anything for money and if your don’t believe me, watch an episode of jersey shore. This man can’t stand up for more than 2 seconds or think straight half the time. This isn’t blind love parishioners are showing him: it’s pure facts.

  16. Jen says:

    Msgr. Brady is a kind giving man. I have known him for 26 yrs and worked w/ him for many years in various capacities as a student and parisioner. The fact that this family would make these accusations is completely selfish, and they should be ashamed of how they’re ruining this man’s life. I do not believe it and support msgr. Brady 100%. I have hugged msgr my whole life and never once was there anything even questionable about it. Stop the witch hunt and get a life!

    1. Rodin says:

      Denier! Blame the messenger.

  17. Mark says:

    Should anyone wonder why those molested as children often take years (IF EVER) to come forward. Just read the reaction by his parishioners. To attack the victims in such a way…it’s time to put some things in perspective.
    Less than 1.5% of clergy abuse cases reported from 1950 thru 2002 turned out to be false, this according to a report the Catholic Bishops commissioned done by John Jay College of Criminal Justice.
    Perhaps these people haven’t read anything about what has taken place in Ireland, (and the whole of Europe) probably the most devoutly Catholic country on this earth. The multitude of priests and religious who molested the children for countless years…do you think nobody liked or trusted them? Of course these men were revered and too often placed on a pedestal, that’s exactly how so many children were so abused for so many years. Our society and others have given way too much deference and power to these men.
    I don’t know Msgr Brady but the likelihood these boys are lying is extremely low. The likelihood that a popular, well liked, even beloved priest might have molested some boys as teenagers, unfortunately much higher.
    Look deeper into the culture of your faith, the clericalism, the secrecy, the long history of abuse world wide, the bishop who was indicted just yesterday for covering up and destroying evidence of a pedophile;e priest he was warned about years earlier. OUR CHURCH, has not changed…only in word, not in deed.

    1. Former GSS Student says:

      HE HAS DEMENTIA!!!! You are not taking into account the fact that his mental faculties are almost nonexistant. If you don’t know him, please don’t post generalizations.

      You think boys won’t lie? You think families won’t lie to get money? You so easily believe them, but don’t you think this could be a misunderstanding of some sort based on his illnesses? Don’t you think it’s odd that he would be accused NOW when he is mentally unsound vs. oh I don’t know, the past 50 years of his service to the church? Everyone I knew growing up was an alter server including half my family. Why did he do nothing then? Why did all the children love him so much and run to him for advice and hugs in the school yard if he is this awful boogey man that you speak of? YOU DON’T KNOW HIM.

      All I can say is I hope you are not a lawyer because you clearly like condemning people without evidence.

      1. Rodin says:

        I repeat: Pedophilia was already there, if inhibited, latent or repressed. Dementia loosened whatever restraints may have been in place.

        1. Former GSS Student says:

          Ok so let’s say that’s true. IT STILL WOULDN’T BE HIS FAULT! HE WOULDN’T KNOW WHAT HE WAS DOING! There would have to be precautions taken to make sure nothing like this happened again, but it would not end in him deserving jail or having his entire amazing life’s work destroyed. Why do you enjoy reveling in the idea that this man is 100% guilty? You leave no room for doubt or possibility of a misunderstanding.

        2. People in Glass Houses says:

          By the way..for those of you who are convinced that he is guilty…Msgr. is on chemotherapy. If you have ever been or had family go through this, it kills all sorts of sexual urgency.

  18. R says:

    I lived in Marine Park for 30 years and belonged to the Good Shepard parish and do not believe any of the allegations. Msgr Brady is a good happy loving man towards all persons that entered his path he baptized my children and married my brother after 9/11 he helped so many parishiners that were suffering and embrassed the community his irish humor was delightfull to be around. So please do not judge him and wish him well with this baseless acusation and hope his health improves with his reputation.

    1. Rodin says:

      Shame on you!

  19. GINA FALICA says:

    My Family Has known Monsignor Brady for over 50 years. He has officiated over marriages, communions, confirmations, and graduations for my family, as well as funeral masses. My daughter and my nephew were altar servers for him at Good Shepherd School and parish.Never have i seen more joy and smiles from the children that attended school there than when Monsignor would come ou to the schoolyard upon dismissal from school. He has been a beloved figure in the community for more years than i can count. justice will be served, and I hope these boys will be punished when the truth comes out. They should be ashamed of themselves. TOTALLY LIES! We love u monsignor, and your community and parish stand with you!

    1. Dale Vani says:

      Thank you Gina, I could not have said it better. . I am just grateful that he probably doesn’t fully understand the negative, unfounded comments regarding him. God will take him home soon enough. He was and always will be my hero.

      Dale Vani

      1. Rodin says:

        If I believed in gØd, I’d believe in the devil and that’s who would feast on him.

        “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”
        ~ OSCAR WILDE
        Irish playwright, poet and author
        (1854 – 1900)

    2. Patricia says:

      I had the opportunity to meet Monsignor Brady while he and my niece were both in Nuero ICU!!!! I can’t tell you the amount of friends and family came to visit and support him during that time!!! People of all ages, I saw then, that he was a very loved and respected man. I myself spent almost 30 days in that ICU along with his family and friends and saw him everyday, he couldn’t walk, talk or eat he – he didn’t understand things — he was very ill!! God Bless him. We were so happy to see him when we moved my niece to the Rehabilitation Hospital to find that he was there too right across from her bed, it was a blessing from God – he prayed for my niece and she beat the battle for her life, and I always thank god Monsigner Brady was in the room right next door. He was and is a very ill man I can vouche for that!!! – pray for him – my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. Geraly’s Aunt Patricia ❤

  20. The Green Hornet says:

    It is devastating to hear that Msgr. Brady has been charged with serious offenses. I will pray for both the accused and the accuser. In the meantime, I will refrain from passing judgment on Msgr. Brady’s conduct until all the evidence has been presented.

    I will also pray for the parishioners of Good Shepherd in Brooklyn. This is a difficult time for them as well.

    1. Rodin says:

      Prayer leads to despair. And is the offspring of ….

  21. michael says:

    have the pleasure of knowing Monsignor Thomas Brady’s for the past 15 years and I do not believe this for one moment. If he was never accuse of doing this when he was in the right state of mind. What makes you believe that a man that is very ill would do anything like this now Also to BM if you are saying this was going on since you where in the parish why didn’t you every say anything.

  22. Carol says:

    Msgr. Brady has been in failing health for years, struggling to relearn how to walk and talk. The man has been ill for a better part of decade.
    Sexual abuse, no, over active imagination of misguided youth, yes!
    I graduated from Good Shepherd over 35 years ago and our community would not have tolerated this type of behavior without severe repercussions.

  23. H.K. Manners says:

    The RC Church just in this country has paid out more than
    a billion dollars to sexual molested/rape victim’s ,so why is
    this still shocking? Most people when they find out their priest
    had zipper fever are surprised ,it’s not like they have a sign
    around their neck saying “I am a pervert “.

  24. Jack Moseley says:

    To the enforcer and bowel movement aka bm, You should be ashmed of yourselfs for just being human. You have wrongly convicted this man and
    tarred and feathed him without due process of law. Instead you should be praying for him.

    1. GSSer says:

      Please don’t call them “human.” As a human, I find that very insulting!!

  25. mike m says:

    it’s about money half of the allegations made about priests and laity there are just as many allegations made about others denominations but they are able to keep them under raps because each church is it’s own entity

  26. the deacon says:

    Fight this fight with all your might. Jesus is your trainer and we are in your corner.

  27. My parish says:

    I have lived in this parish for years, we and the kids are active in the church, and I can’t even imaine this man doing these things. Any other priest, maybe, him, definitely not. Everyone loves him and the poor man is so ill with cancer, and can barely move or talk. . There is no way I would believe that this man in particular did these things.

  28. enforcer says:

    Its amazing that these people will defend him with no knowledge of the evidence .I would bet that the same parents the defend him would allow there children to be molested by him. You can bet that these boys are telling the truth and these parents would allow this to happen.

    1. Paul says:

      Innocent till proven guilty,

  29. bm says:


    1. My parish says:

      Msgr. Brown?? If you lived here for 21 years I think you would know his name.

    2. YouFail@Life says:

      Must you yell? What kind of a Christian sees danger in a hug? Seriously, get off your freaking pedestal and get a clue.

    3. Loren Vanportfleet says:

      Kinda nice. You managed to convict and hang the Dude before he’s been tried. That’s pretty cool, man you saved the judicial system all kinds of money. And probably secured financial success for the boys!

    4. bm says:


      1. GSS graduate says:

        can you stop using caps lock.

        1. Rodin says:

          Yes, please.

      2. Former GSS Student says:

        If you have been to see him or better yet tried to talk to him recently (I’ve known him my whole life and he has no idea who I am anymore) you would know that he is neither physically or mentally capable of doing these things. Shame on you for condemning someone with no evidence. You know a lot of little kids screamed accusations during something called the Salem Witch Trials. 25 people died because of that. You’d trust a child without any proof? You clearly don’t know kids very well.

        P.S. . BM is a perfect alias for you. You certainly remind me of one.

      3. Rich says:

        You unjustly convict the man because he is a priest and based on generalizations. That’s like calling all cops corrupt, or all firemen drinkers. I know many good and decent hard working cops and firemen.Who are you going to call if your house gets robbed or catches fire? I have known Msgr Brady for almost 10 years and have seen him on an almost daily basis, health permitting, in the schoolyard watching over the children, making sure all went home with a parent and were taken care of. The children in Good Shepherd all love him and were there to greet him with banners and balloons the last time he came home from the hospital after suffering a stroke.I am having a hard time believing these accusations made against him, but will give the boys the benefit if doubt that you don’t seem to be giving the Msgr.

    5. Really? says:

      Can you please tell me what exactly is wrong with Msgr Brady giving me a hug in the school yard at dismissal when I was little or kissing me on the cheek when he handed me my diploma at graduation, because I don’t see anything wrong.

    6. Lou says:

      You are a true asshole

  30. Steve Thornton says:

    I have known Monsignor Brady for 50 years. I was an altar boy under his guidance at St. Edmunds when he first became a priest.My youngest son Michael was an altar boy for him 40 years later at Good Shepherd. I have since moved to New Jersey. We have returned to the Monsignor and Good Shepherd for my 3 children’s weddings, my wife’s funeral mass, and 2 of my grandchildren’s baptisms.
    Whatever the reasons God has for making Monsignor go through this ordeal,he will always have my and my familiy’s prayers ,love, gratitude for his ministry and support.
    Steve Thornton

  31. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

    I smellllll a “money trainnnnn.” Don’t you DARE let these little shills get away with this crap again! 85??? You’ve got to be joking! I’m 67 and I get winded just thinking about sex! Try again, little rascals!!!

    1. A Little Birdie Told Me says:

      Ooops….77??? My statement stnds!

  32. Our Support Always says:

    This is an outrageous lie. Msgr Brady has supported and comforted my family for over 20 years. There have never been any allegations against him – in his deteriorating health, how could he possibly pull something like this off?! Msgr Brady was and always will be an extraordinary human being as far as my family and I are concerned. We plan on standing with Msgr until the end.

  33. GSS parish - 3 generations says:

    I do not believe this not even for a second! I feel sorry for those who made these allegations and felt tormented to say such things. I am not a person who judges, however I believe Monsignor is a good man, who has taught me nothing but love and support. It is a shame if these allegations are not warrented or misconstruded because he is already suffering health wise, does he need to suffer his reputation being dragged through the mud as well. Maybe it is a test for all of us to show how important religion and family life is and its God’s way of calling us back in support of a good man. I pray for everyone involved and hope the truth will prevail.

  34. WL says:

    I agree with KT. The man has suffered from 2 strokes, is battling cancer, and suffers from Dementia. Ever been around someone with Dementia before? I pray for the young boys who claim something happened. I hope they can recover from whatever they experienced. BUT he is an old, sick man whom has never had any accusations presented before in 40 years. Add things up, this probably has something to do with Dementia!!!!!!! Pray for everyone involved.

  35. Steve Thornton says:

    Steve Thornton, I know Mon. Brady since He first became a priest,50 years ago.
    I was an altar boy with him then in St. Edmunds and my youngest son Michael was an altar boy with him 40 years later in Good Shepherd.I now live in New Jersey but we have returned to The Monsignor and Good Shepherd for the weddings of my three children ,my wife’s funeral and two of my grandchildren’s baptisms.
    Whatever the reasons are that God has for making him go through this ordeal at this time of his life, he will always receive my and my family’s prayers ,love, gratitude’ and support.

  36. Mom of 4 in parish says:

    Msgr. Brady has been in inspiration to our family. I am unfortunately not as religious as I wished for my families sake, but Msgr.’s personality really has helped me to make the effort to get my family back to church. I wish he did not have to suffer through these allegations in his sick state. I know many people are in denial about wrongdoings within the church, but Msgr. has never ever been inappropriate in any way with my boys. He has worked with so many young people and never has there been a complaint or even a rumor. I know people from his past parish who love him as well. I hope this can be cleared up soon.

  37. LB says:

    This is definitely not true. This is nothing but a big misunderstanding. Monsignor Brady is a fine man. I have known him for over 13 years. I trust him completely. I hope the truth comes out soon. I will keep him in my prayers.

  38. Jo says:

    This will be proven to be a complete misunderstanding. I fully support Monsignor Brady and I always will.

    1. Rodin says:

      You are a dime a dozen worldwide and consistently proven wrong.

  39. Tom says:

    Absolutely false.I have known Monsignor Brady for more than 20 years and as an usher as well as lector,I have NEVER seen him act inappropriate to young boys.

  40. T says:

    Incomprehensible! Just spoke to my son who is away at college and a former student and youth member of our church – it was incredulous and wants to return home if there is any rally of support. I don’t know what has driven these young men to make such allegations and pray that the truth comes out quickly for everyone’s sake.

  41. vinnyc says:

    Let it play out in a court of law. If he is innocent, it is for the Glory of God. If he is guilty, I have no doubt it is also for the Glory of God. People who commit these kinds of crimes aren’t exactly wearing “I am a child molester” shirt. It always the person you least expect, that’s there MO. I will pray for him and the kids bringing the allegations.

  42. Charles says:

    I moved into Marine Park 8 years ago and was torn between calling St. Thomas Aquinas or Good Shepherd home. I went to mass @ both Churches and needless to say when I went to mass @ Good Shepherd I felt that I had truly found my extended family. The mass was being conducted by Msg. Brady. He was for all intensive purposes the “Good Shepherd” for which my choice was made. I found him to be a Kind, Warm Hearted, Intelligent, Charismatic human being.
    As the years passed, I came to realize that very few people have these qualities, as well as being a Loving and Caring individual.
    I don’t believe that there is any truth in these allegations. Everyone should understand that these are just allegations. Please do not pass judgement based on what you hear and see. I think it is extremely odd that this is coming into fruition at a time when the Msg. Is @ his weekest health wise. I hold and have the highest regard, repsect & love for him, Good Shepherd & my fellow parishioners.
    We should all show solidarity as a community and as parishioners & hold strong for him & Good Shepherd.
    God Bless Msg. Brady, God Bless Good Shepherd and God Bless America.

  43. Sal Puciaccia says:

    Not True!

  44. Liz says:

    Monsignor Brady is the finest man I know. I would trust him with my life and the lives of my children. I hope he knows how loved he is and I hope the real truth comes out.

  45. truth says:

    This is a long time coming! If you haven’t realized that he is inappropiate around young boys then you are in denial or not paying attention. He has not made sense in during mass for years. AND HIS DRUNKENESS IS ENOUGH ALREADY! Think of the victums. He needs to be held accountable so these boys have a chance of a living somewhat of a normal life. He is not above the law regardless of what he may think!

    1. ACTUAL truth says:

      Half of my family has been alter boys for the last 20 years and he has NEVER been inappropriate with any of us. You don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s been incoherent for the last few years because he has had multiple strokes and has dementia AND cancer. That’s why he is retired and no longer does mass Who are you to stand in judgement and slander him when you do not know the truth? He has done amazing things for everyone in that parish, the firefighting community, and beyond. As a mentor, he helped shape me into the person that I am. You clearly have some bizarre vendetta against him and you should rethink your accusations against such a good person.

    2. jaz says:

      Before you judge a man, who has been an outstanding citizen of Marine Park: learn how to asshole!!

    3. Liz says:

      Truth? Are you serious? Msgr. taught in a seminary for years and has been with our children at Good Shepherd for over 20 years and there has never been any allegation. Do you really think that this is the moment he would decide to become a child molester? He can barely stand without help, he can hardly see and is very disoriented. I find it difficult to believe he would choose this opportunity to make his move. Passing judgement and spreading lies based on heresay can ruin a person’s life. You should think about that.

    4. Real Truth says:

      You clearly know nothing about Monsignor Brady. Monsignor has been struggling with multiple illnesses for years and can hardly walk, let alone “molest” a teenage boy who clearly would be able to outrun him before anything serious was committed. Your statement about his “drunkenness” is just a moronic comment, he’s ill and it isn’t his fault that he has trouble reciting mass. My daughter altar served for two years and this was when he was still serving masses after a STROKE. He was so dedicated even though he had to read Gospels printed out in 3-inch tall fonts so he could read them and still did it with a smile on his face. Good Shepherd Parish will support him through this, he is a great man and we all love him too much to let untrue allegations like this land him convicted. He is in my prayers.

      1. Rich says:

        I remember those masses with him reading from the pages with the big fonts. I looked forward to them and thoroughly enjoyed going to his masses. Hope he makes it through this.

    5. DRO says:

      There is nothing truthful about what you say. Msgr. has suffered numerous strokes throughout the years and ha had to relearn hw to walk and talk and read…could you do that??He has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life. He hasmentored all of my brothers through childhood and teenage years…and guess what??He never touched any of us! Why do YOU think you know the truth???? Also, what kind of good Christian sits in mass and calls his priest a drunk??? God and the law will see this through.

    6. k says:

      he hasnt made sense because he is dying of cancer and suffered 2 strokes, drinking alcohol and speaking out of the ordinary does NOT make you a molester! The boys will be fine, their only problem will be to have to learn to live with their lies and ruining the last few years of a respectful man’s life.

  46. Rose Ann says:

    I can not believe any of this, Monsignor Brady was always there for the children, especially my son. Even after we relocated, he called to see if we were all okay.

  47. Rosemarie says:

    Pray for all of them, the boys and Monsignor. If the boys are lying, they’re sick. If they are not, Monsignor is sick. Either way, have mercy on them all. Give them space to breath. I, personally cannot believe it! Monsignor is one of the kindest and soft spoken people I ever knew. God help him.

  48. kt says:

    This is outrageous. I’ve known him for over 20 years, since I was 7 years old. He has had multiple strokes and gets confused easily. He’s very, very sick which is why he is retired. Not a single allegation has come up before this. Isn’t it odd that nothing like this EVER happened before he got sick? Why is no one putting two and two together?!?!

  49. Ann Lynch says:

    This is all lies, my son just graduated Good Shepherd last June. Msgr. Brady is a true man of God.

  50. veronica says:

    Absolutely not! I attended good shepherd school for ten years!! This is ludicrous! He is a true leader and great remodel!! And anyone who believes this is an IDIOT! All we could do is pray for him!

    1. Heidi says:

      What the article does not say is when did this allege abuse happen to the teenagers. Were they just young boys? It sounds like most people have respect for Brady, and I hope it is not true, but history can tell us differently. Just because people have known someone for years, married people and was loving and kind does not make them not guilty of misconduct. Secret lives and desires are not always out in the open for people to see, that why they keep it secret. I do hope that justice either way will be served. Just a thought with no disrespect to anyone.

      1. kt says:

        The abuse happened Thursday. They are 13. We don’t know what happened exactly so its best to reserve judgement till all the facts are presented.

    2. JOANN says:

      I know Father Brady for many years. As a young student in St. Thomas Aquinas
      He was the best and most caring man alive.. He would never do what these kids are saying!!!!!

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