Judge: Nude Models OK In Times Square, But…

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork/AP) — A judge has ruled that public lewdness charges against a New York City artist will be dismissed, but with certain conditions.

Street artist Andy Golub must wait until sundown before he can slather fully nude models in paint, a Manhattan judge said Thursday.

His models can still go topless at any hour that’s legal in New York City.

But they’ll have to keep their G-strings on until dusk and he can’t be rearrested within six months.

City attorney Gabrial Taussig told the New York Post that it’s a question of protecting minors from the nudity.

The artist was charged in July after having two models take off all their clothes.

Golub told the Daily News he planned to seek a court order to allow him to resume daylight nude art.

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One Comment

  1. man from old ways says:

    what tramps they belong in times square all the pros are there

    1. Rose says:

      Oh grow up

  2. Rodin says:

    Andy, I hope you’re not related to the great, late Leon Golub. What a stain on his artistic legacy you would be! HE was an artist. If this is the best you can do, you’re nothing but a talentless publicity hound.

  3. Rodin says:

    All philosophizing and moralizing aside, model Marla Mera is HOT. Wouldn’t mind working with her myself.


  4. Rodin says:

    “There should be no argument in regard to morality in art. There is no morality in nature. In art, immorality cannot exist. Art is always sacred.”
    French sculptor
    (1840 – 1917)

  5. Deb Budd says:

    While you all are exercising your right to be naked in public, who’s protecting my right to NOT expose my kids to the display?

    1. Rodin says:

      Funny, I just read this. Must have been a gØdsend!

      “We have no way to quantifythe damage the damage done by telling tens of millions of children that mastErbation (no typo, need to pass the censor’s ‘code’) will make them blind, or that impure thoughts will lead to an eternity of torment, or that members of other faiths including members of their own families will burn, or that venereal disease will result from kisses. Nor can we hope to quantify the damage done by holy instructors who rammed home these lies and accompanied them with tyhefloggings and rapesand public humiliations. …those who preached hatred andfear and guilt and who ruined innumerable childhoods should have been thankfulthat the hell they preached was only one among their wicked falsifications, and that they were not sent ther.” – Chritopher Hitchens

      I’m sure gØd personally shared this with me tonight to enable me to reply to you. I am truly blessed! Or, like The Pretenders’ song chimes, “I’m special, so special….”

      Grow up. Budd out.

    2. Rose says:

      You plan to let your kids roam Times Square at night? If so there’s your first mistake if something like nudity in art upsets you.

  6. Rodin says:

    “Protecting minors from the nudity?!?!?!?!?!?!” And the g-string is the saving grace? Don’t minors HAVE a body. It must be really foul and yucky! Ugh!!!

    Talk about sick, warped, infantile, perverted! Protect them from preying priests, commercial advertising and Hollywood. Far more ‘prurient’.

    “No beauty does she lack when all her clothes are on but beauty itself she is
    when all her clothes are gone.” – Hindu Proverb

    1. Deb Budd says:

      So your moral code should be inflicted on us all?

      1. Rodin says:

        Should yours? YOU are the one IMPOSING ‘moralL’ codes. Not me. I’m seeking freedom from them and from those who would impose them “on us all.”


  7. diver says:

    Has anyone seen these painted models. You can not tell they are naked. All this aside when will this society grow up? What is so awful about the human body. The only reason it’s an issue because the prudes make it so.

    1. Believe U Me says:

      You can tell when they do jumping jacks.

      1. Rose says:

        Can you tell when anyone does jumping jacks?

      2. Rose says:

        Can you tell when anyone does jumping jacks?

  8. ken88 says:

    Silly, stupid, they’ve alreasy made Times Square into moron central. Now with Nudity! Banal, pseudo-cultural hole…..

  9. Paul says:

    OH come on, we let kids play all kinds of violent videos games, but nudity is somehow so devasting to them? I will never understand this prudish county we live in!!

    1. WFB says:

      No limits then, right? Everything’s fair game. Then why don’t you make love to your llama in the middle of Times Square. Oh, that’s right, only bike lanes and pedestrian plazas. Maybe you should lobby for more llama fornication lanes. You gettin’ this yet?

      1. sawb says:

        making it with llama’s is kinda hard on you trying to stretch to kiss them!

        1. Rodin says:

          …and they spit, like camels.

    2. Rose says:

      If you kill the prostitute after you sleep with her, you get your money back, and the cops obviously can’t arrest you afterwords if you’ve run them over once or twice.

      All kidding aside, I agree. What is so dirty about the human body anyways?

  10. JNB says:

    I am not a prude, I believe in fre speech and expression..
    But this is ludicrous… naked people on a street where children are present is WRONG… A woman cannot go to a beach topless.. so why is NYC allowing this in a public place… It is wrong…

    1. val says:

      Correction: a woman CAN go to the beach topless. We just choose not to, but NYC law allows it.

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