Coutinho: Why Doesn’t Anyone Care About The World Series?

By Rich Coutinho
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I walk around the streets of New York and nobody cares about the World Series.

It is sad to see, because if you love baseball, you have to love this series. I know the Mets had a rotten year and the Yankees made a quick exit in the first round but this Texas/St. Louis series has some juice. It is a shame New Yorkers don’t see it.

You know we all say the New York baseball fan is smarter and more perceptive than any other fans in the country, but if the truth be told we’re as provincial as any of those other fans. When our baseball teams are out, we shut down and I guess what that means is we are really not baseball fans. The NY football fan still had interest in the Super Bowl after the Jets were bumped by the Steelers and the NY NBA fans were certainly mesmerized by Heat/Mavericks last year, but if we don’t see Yanks, Mets or Phils or Red Sox (only because we hate those last two teams) we shut down.

But this is an interesting series and one that will go the distance. It features a team that had to inch their way into the post-season party and one who is returning to the Fall Classic in a year most thought the Yanks, Red Sox, Rays, and even the Verlander-led Tigers were better bets than then they were. The Texas Rangers are an interesting case because Nolan Ryan had to endure losing Cliff Lee to the Phillies and instead of brooding about it, they went out and signed Adrian Beltre  – making an awesome lineup deeper. When you consider that the core bats of Beltre, Cruz, Hamilton, Young, and Kinsler are tough enough, try pitching against a lineup that features a sixth bat in Mike Napoli that crushed 30 homers. Quite simply, it is the most potent lineup in baseball and has the Rangers on the brink of their first-ever World Championship. Texas could actually get by with less starting pitching because of their high-octane offense coupled with a very efficient bullpen that was heavily reinforced with the addition of Mike Adams at the trading deadline.

Standing in their way is the St. Louis Cardinals who also endured losing their ace when Adam Wainwright got hurt in spring training. Couple that with a bullpen that stumbled through most of the summer, the Cardinals were put to bed by the experts in early August, but a slumping Braves team left the door open a crack which the Redbirds kicked in during the season’s final week. And oh by the way, they had to beat Cliff Lee in Game 2 and then Roy Halladay in a Game 5 do or die matchup in Philly and then proceeded to take 2-of-3 in Milwaukee where the Brewers were nearly unbeatable this year. And like the Rangers, the Cardinals made some under the radar moves at the deadline obtaining both Rafael Furcal (who saved Game 5 with a defensive gem) and Octavio Dotel who got some real big outs for Tony LaRussa in the ALCS.

A series like this is good for baseball — it is nice to see different teams in the mix who really had to fight to get here. So why the indifference by fans? What they tell me is it has no juice — there is no yapping by the players, no wild predictions, these teams respect each other too much.

Is that the world we live in?

The game is not enough anymore — the back story complete with nasty tweeting is what sells. For me, the game has always been enough and this series is a great matchup of 2 teams that have struggled to get here and that is what sports is all about — the games that have everything on the line. Not how many twitter followers you have.


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  1. T-Bone says:

    All you Nu Yawkers are idiots. So full of yourselves you can’t see in front of you! The NFL achieved its present prominince in the 70’s. Despite the fact the Giants were here, NY was a baseball town. Thats why there were FOUR MLB teams playing here at one time !!!!!

    1. The Truth says:

      T-Bone you bone head idiot. The reason there was three (3) MLB teams in NY at one time, Yankees, Giants, Dodgers, was because prior to the Dodgers moving west all of the baseball teams then were from the East to just the Midwest, which was also the same in all major league sports.

      Never been four (4) MLB NY teams at the same time you moron

      Where did you get your education, Dumb@ss University?

      Now moron, NYC did at one time did have 2 teams in very sport, which no other city has or ever have had. Nets moved to Jersey but are coming back, so NY will again have two teams in every sport again.

      Yes, we know the Giants & Jets play in NJ, but are still called New York, because well, we rule.

      We’re not full of ourselves, we’re just very sure of who we are, the best.

      The one thing we’ve learn about you, you’re an idiot & you’re full it, so much that you need to wipe your mouth with tissue not just your @ss.

  2. jake says:

    baseball is slow boring and just duuuhhhh. there is little to no strategy requried and just duuuuuhhhh boring. baseball is for old people. however i would play just for the money. did i mention that baseball is duuuhhh boring

  3. Jimmy says:

    The bigger question should be – Why do adults care about professional sports?

    1. richard Allen says:

      Because they are not MAN enough to care about their wives….FIRST.

  4. 2gruesome2b says:

    the simple fact is that, as a result of free agency, each team shows a virtually new set of faces every year. there is no opportunity for fan clubs to form, as in the old days (going back to the early 1940s in my time). yesterday’s golden boy is tomorrow’s nemesis on a different team. it is also difficult to relate to today’s players, whose salaries are obscene, simply because of tv money, not because of the fans who pass through the gates. nascar racing is popular simply because the individual drivers do not represent a city, and because they have built a reputation as winners. with our current mentality and thirst for something different, i suspect gladiatorial combat, bolstered by pari-mutual betting, would be a smash hit.

  5. dabooch says:

    If it was the best teams from the AL/NL we all would be watching. The current structure is designed for losers hoping to hit the LOTTERY, and St. Louis has a good chance.

  6. matt says:

    Because there is no line to bet. If baseball had a run spread, like football has a point spread, there would be so much more interest in baseball.

    1. KPMc says:

      No… that would just be more interest in gambling.

      Not everyone that loves the NFL cares about lines or gambling. Most weeks I have no clue what the line of the game I am watching is and if that is more of a concern than the game itself then you are a gambler not a football fan.

  7. SokrMom says:

    How about because baseball is definitely NOT the “national pastime” of a nation that is more than 50% women? HELLO, we don’t get all that excited about watching a bunch of not-particularly-in-shape men stand around and adjust their privates?

    1. Ben says:

      You’re right, because the Kardashians and Gossip Girl and whatever other trash you watch is supremely better. You’re on a sport’s site with an article about baseball. Clearly you have no clue who this article is intended for. I’m not on TMZ or whatever trashing your ‘pastime’, why bother ours? Hey, isn’t Cosmo calling your name right about now?

      1. Todd says:

        Beautifully said Ben… Just beautiful!!!

        Hello… Sokr Mom!!??

  8. M.A.D says:


  9. Lynne says:

    I’m still enjoying the playoffs — all the games have been great baseball! I did take out my Yankee earrings, get my fingers and toes painted other colors than Yankee blue — and I had to put away all my Yankee t-shirts and jerseys… but I’m still holding on to these last few games before baseball season is over!

  10. George L says:

    Very few people have the money to attend ball games anymore. And for the younger generation, they can watch classic baseball on multimedia channels and databases any time they want. It just isn’t the group activity it used to be in the mid-twentieth century. So, the World Series just doesn’t mean as much anymore. It’s a shame.

  11. Omar says:

    Who cares if this series is “good for baseball?” Baseball doesn’t do enough to make it more appealing to the fans and New Yorkers are to blame when the two LCS series have lackluster ratings because our teams aren’t in it? Please. When baseball decides to make the game more appealing like the NFL has and stops with this purity of the game crap maybe more of us would watch a series that didn’t involve our teams. Until then Rich Coutinho should watch the series and report back to the 10 people that really care. Because we’re busy watching the NFL now.

    1. Ace says:


      It’s a fact the avg fan doesn’t watch small market teams. Check out the ratings you’ll see what I mean. I know people at fox sports and they are saddened A big market isn’t in the WS., because the casual fan won’t tune into the games.

      Why? Big ratings = money, money means a fat check to those teams in the postseason, as well as the check mlb gives each team yearly (about 30 mm) from the profits.

      Ratings rule !!

    2. Marcelo says:

      Omar, football teams play just once a week, baseball teams avenges about 5 to 6 a week.

      While in football during the playoffs you win you move on, lose and you’re gone.
      Baseball is first best of five and then best of 7.

      The Super Bowl is just one game, win and you’re the champ. Baseball Championship is best of 7.

      If you miss a game in baseball another game will be played the next day.

      Makes you wonder in tonight game what the rating will be with the Jets playing the Dolphins. Both team suck, but people will watch it even in Utah & Idaho because it’s just one game.

      There’s a reason why most NFL stadium sale out, there are ONLY eight (8) home games during the season while in baseball there are 81 home games.

      With less games played (NFL) more people will watch, more games played (MLB) the less people will not because there is always tomorrow, unless you’re a Mets fan whose season ends by June.

      The World Cup Soccer the ratings are higher and watched by more people, about 700 million, from NY to China to Zambia because it’s a game that’s played all over the world and a tournament played once every 4 years.

  12. Ace says:

    Look at the ratings, they were terrible for the small markets during the LDS/LCS. The Card/’Brewers were on TBS.. Unless you went out of your way to find it, reg TV programming was better.

    Why is there 30 spring training games, 162 reg season games, if the postseason is high-jacked by 19 games of which you must when 11?

    Teams that Back into postseason get hot and win the title. A wild-card team isn’t the best team, only in postseason do they get noticed !!

    In Selig’s quest/Love for small market lazy owners (who rob successful teams of their money, by corporate welfare,) he’s ruined baseball to cater to the small markets.

    1. ben says:

      Amen,(corporate welfare) forced on the successful teams, so teams with bad ownership mooch off successful teams.

      Their fans NEVER require their ownership to improver their teams, players and marketing of the franchise.

  13. JOE AMOROSO says:


    1. Bill says:

      Isn’t that with every sport? How many teams have been added to the playoffs in the NFL since the early 70’s?

      In hockey and basketball almost half the teams make the playoffs. These playoff formats also have to do with the expansion teams added in very sport.

      Look at the NFL who added two more games from 14 to 16 in 1978. This year during the strike there was talk of adding 2 more game to an 18 season.

      Why was that Einstein? yes, because the NFL is also a business. You’re not as smart as you taught you were, but as dumb as I taught you were.

  14. ace11 says:


    always has been, always will be

    Would rather watch Paint dry than Texas/St Louis


    1. Steven Tanner says:

      What’s so boring about high-scoring, home-run-heavy games? You New Yorkers are so jaded.

    2. manny333c says:

      A football town ? Really ? You just move here ? People in this town know absolutely nothing about football. If it wasn’t for the betting sheets no one in this city would watch. The beer swilling, face painted slobs show up but have little to no idea of what they’re watching.

      1. Jason says:

        manny333c, you must be about 30 yrs old with a mind of a 5 yr old, basically what I’m saying your f..king retarded. There’s a team call the NY Giants, look back in their history.

        Also, we’re not a small town like those in the south that have noting else to do.
        For them Pee Wee football on Saturday mornings is better than milking goats, which by the way, is also part of their weekend entertainment.

        Either two things is happening with you

        One, you’re a girl, and what girl wants her boyfriend watching football on a Sunday afternoon when you can be together buying that pink outfit you saw on Bloomingdale’s window.

        Second, well, you sound like a girl, act like a girl, yet you call yourself a man.

        Manny333c, New York is a sports town, I know, I know, it kills you because your boyfriend is a Yankees fan & during the summer he rather watch the Yankees then see you in your pink bikini thong.

        1. manny333c says:

          Dude, stop watching football and work on your grammar and spelling. And by the way, I’m usually having sex with a beautiful woman on Sunday afternoon while you’re watching a football game. You should try it some time.

          1. Jason says:

            a woman, are you the cross dresser or your boyfriend? I’m sure you are?

            Or is that what you’re now calling those quee* magazines you have in the closet, your girlfriends

  15. J Mac says:

    Yankee fans and Red Sox fans have always been sore losers. Cry me a river. This series will be better than ever. At least we do not have to put up with the arrogant and often obnoxious Red Sox and Yankee fans. You know what don’t watch the series; we could care less if we had your support. Signed, a Texas Rangers fan. (a winning team and not has been teams)

    1. Vic says:

      J Mac you sound more like a true loser. You just hate seeing teams like the Yankees & Red Sox in the series because they’re winning teams with a rich history, especially the Yankees when it comes to winning Pennants (40) & WS titles (27).

      You may the only fan who will be watching this series & your loser Rangers.
      What a loser you are. You’re Envious & jealous of these 2 teams because they win.

      What have the Rangers won in their 40 years? ZERO

      Aren’t they also the original Washington Senators who then moved to Minnesota in 1960 as the Twins,

      The sore loser here is you J Mac. Once a loser, always a loser.

      1. Vic says:


    2. BILL says:

      I read the Rangers were hoping to face the Tigers, because the Yankees were 7-2 against them in the regular season. So ,they got their wish. and made it back to the WS.

      LAST YEAR I rooted for the Giants, I’m not a Cardinal fan because they are whiners, so I personally won’t watch the Series at all.

  16. bryan says:

    Its not sad, its just a reality. Baseball is a regional sport. When your team is not in it, its hard to care about baseball. The other sports have a lot more action and are easer to watch.

  17. bring back the juice says:

    Just 2 boring teams left and no iI am not a yankee or sox fan.Without the juice baseball is boring.

    1. Steven Tanner says:

      Who needs juice when you gave 6 homers in a game? Are you even paying attention?

    2. Jeff says:

      Ummm… the Cards dropped two 12 spots on the Brewers last series and the Rangers won their last game by scoring 15 runs. They’re both the two best offensive teams in their respective leagues. What more could you ask for?

      1. I want bombs not shots just making it over fence says:

        I want 500 foot homers Baseball has been verry good to me.

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