Transportation Alternatives Maps NYC Pedestrian Crashes

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – Transportation Alternatives has created a map of motor vehicle crashes in New York City involving pedestrians and bicyclists.

The system – called CrashStat – is an interactive map. So, you can check out your own neighborhood.

The most dangerous neighborhood, by far, is Midtown Manhattan, which has almost double the number of crashes with pedestrians as the next highest neighborhood – Jamaica, Queens.

LINK: CrashStat

Also high on the danger list are Flatbush and Midwood in Brooklyn and the Mt. Eden section of the South Bronx.

The safest neighborhoods for pedestrians are Riverdale, Kingsbridge, the Rockaways, and south shore of Staten Island.

Transportation Alternatives wants the NYPD to enforce traffic laws better, especially speeding, which is the number one cause of fatal crashes on New York City streets.

The organization’s Lindsey Ganson says another traffic law that needs to be enforced better is yielding the right-of-way, specifically, cars turning and not stopping for people in the cross walk, which Ganson says is rampant.

Do you feel the NYPD is doing enough to enforce traffic laws? Sound off in our comments section below!


One Comment

  1. Daniel Muldoon says:

    How about a map of bike vs. pedestrian crashes?

  2. Tommy says:

    Too many idiots are on their cellphone or listening to ipod, texting, cross against the light, stand in the street waiting for the light to change (sidewalk is a better choice), cross where there is no crosswalk, etc. It is no wonder so many are hit

  3. anyominous says:

    Yielding to pedestrians is a law and to many idiots driving are not respecting that,

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