Drinking Alleged After Clarkstown North High School’s Homecoming

NEW CITY, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Homecoming night in Rockland County could have taken a dangerous turn. Police are looking into reports that underage students were hospitalized because they drank too much.

Clarkstown Police are looking into claims that students riding a bus to New York City for a cruise on homecoming night became violently ill because of drinking. Investigators said if they were drinking they want to know where the drinks came from and when this all took place.

“One individual is described as being unresponsive when picked up by an ambulance on the side of the road, so it is serious,” Rockland County District Attorney Thomas Zugibe told CBS 2’s Ann Mercogliano.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams On The Story

One bus never made it to the cruise. Terry Sheridan of 1010 WINS reports the driver diverted to the hospital after several students began vomiting onboard.

“We received a number of very disturbing complaints from parents indicating underage students from Clarkstown North High School may have been at a party in New City, N.Y., where alcohol was being served and we’re looking to determine if any adults were involved,” Zugibe said.

PTSA president Rhea Vogel doesn’t want this to becoming a sweeping indictment.

“I think the majority of our students don’t engage in this sort of thing and, for those students who did, I feel very for them and for their families,” she told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

One parent who asked that her identity be protected told CBS 2’s Mercogliano her daughter — a graduate of Clarkstown North — claims she saw a student with her mother earlier that day in a liquor store and said it was unusual.

1010 WINS’ Terry Sheridan reports: The Talk Of New City

“She saw a parent bringing a cheerleader into the local liquor store, buying liquor that afternoon,” the parent said. “We would be fools to think it didn’t go on but that’s condoning the behavior and it’s beyond reason.”

Police said they’re still trying to piece together what happened.

“This is the first case I have knowledge of that nobody has come forward and said we have a problem,” Clarkstown Police Sgt. Harry Baumann said.

Investigators said there’s been no official complaints made and that they want people to come forward if they know something.

Investigators said the bus trip was not a school function. Mercogliano reached out to the Clarkstown School District, but had not heard back.

Have you spoken to your teenage children about the dangers of alcohol? What did you tell them? Share your tips in the comments section below!

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One Comment

  1. CHSN Student says:

    It is a bit scary that students at our school are doing something so dangerous, but I think the media may be overdoing it. The school wasn’t responsible for the students at the time of the incident, and they even put consequences for it onto the entire student body instead of just the drinkers. They even cancelled our pep rally! I think it’s best if the police just figure out who’s parent brought the alcohol, since the parents themselves are responsible for their children drinking at all.

    -CHSN Student

    1. CHSN Student says:

      But I do think that the drinking, anyway, was a stupid idea, and I’m glad that none of the students got hurt.

  2. big kahuna says:

    there are no consequences for these kids or thier parents. Dring age used to be 18- its now 21. deal with it its the law! Start punishing these kids. Show leadership in this district! thank god no one got hurt

    1. ramsgirl says:

      it’s not fair, nobody is owning up to their actions. the kids who caused all of this are just taking it as a joke and laughing about it. they should be kicked off their athletic teams, and the team’s season should be terminated. they should be punished!!!!

  3. Goat says:


    1. Goat says:

      however this is not good and prettys stupid that they did that,,,

      1. TBUX says:

        agreed, this could have been way worse. those people that called the ambulance probably saved some lives


  4. TBUX says:

    hey media, North Tennis For the Win

    1. TBUX says:

      all right, since im supposed to give an actual comment about this… peeps in my school, don’t drink it is not worth putting you life out at risk for alcohol

  5. er veteran says:

    it’s time for legislatures everywhere to put real penalties in place, and for the court system to impose the penalties. parents found guilty of violating social host laws for knowingly/unknowingly having drinking in their homes get a slap on the wrist with community service and/or very low fines. the young people are also not made to suffer the consequences of their actions. i work in health care and have seen what your children do: alcohol poisoning, unresponsive, respiratory/cardiac arrest, i promise to not be graphic about trauma resulting from auto accidents. parents need to develop a spine, and be the parent, not a friend, and hide behind “if they’re going to do something i’d rather they do it under my roof.” the peace & quiet of a recent saturday night at home for me was disrupted by 3 fools who got lost from a house party on the next block and were not welcome on my property. too bad they managed to scrape their knees trying to jump a small retaining wall. i was ready to effect a citizens’ arrest, complete with miranda warning, and dad’s old nightstick (retired police). if you see something, say something applies to all colors of the “stupid is as stupid does” rainbow. make the parents & their kids pay for their misdeeds. otherwise the rest of us will be footing the bill for them.

  6. Clarkstown Student says:

    Leave the students at Clarkstown North alone. Enough with the questions and the interviews. Stop bringing attention to our school, as if we already didn’t have enough. The amount of media intervention has distracted students in the classroom, for that is the only thing everyone has been talking about. You are tearing apart us kids at North and causing unnecessary tensions. This is a mistake that can and does happen to every school on any given day. I am positive that the kids who these articles are about have their own problems and consequences to deal with. They do not need the news to channel in on their every move. Our school has gone through enough tragedy these past couple of years, and although some choices made on Saturday were not the smartest, we are getting past them. Thats what growing up is all about.
    – Student at Clarkstown North

    If you guys are so desperate for information. Quote that.

    1. The Ram says:


      -Another Student at Clarkstown North


    2. viking says:

      I hope the media eat you all alive.

    3. TBUX says:

      agreed, it is like the media is trying to make an example out of our school, just let the school handle this. this is the first incident the school has had with alcohol, i think the teachers and staff will keep it that way.


  7. SusanMary says:

    The issue is not that high schools drink. We know many of them will drink. This is about the behavior of parents — parents who contract buses to drive their kids to NY City without adequate supervision, who allow alcohol consumption (either by looking the other way, or through direct encouragement), and parents who host parties in their home with teenagers drinking to excess. If your child was one of the kids who got off the bus looking for a taxi, to meet up with the ship, I’m sure you would have been upset. We are talking about kids who are drunk, unsupervised, and wandering around NY City. We’re also talking about kids from the ‘burbs, who have no city experience.
    But, perhaps you would say that you would not allow your child to get on this bus in the first place. Then you would be sensible. Maybe even a real parent.

  8. mj says:

    OMG!!!! high school kids drinking WHAT is this world coming to ? all these people that are bent out of shape … i wonder if they ever drank when they were in hs ? ahh yes but THAT was different wasn’t it ?

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