New Jersey Workers To Take Home More Next Year

TRENTON, NJ (AP) – Most workers in New Jersey will be paying less in payroll taxes starting in January.

That’s when a reduction in the Disability Insurance tax takes effect.

Gov. Chris Christie announced at a town hall in Little Falls on Monday that the $190 million cut will save workers about $87 a year.

Assemblyman Matthew Milam, a South Jersey Democrat who sponsored the legislation in the Assembly, says the law is designed to provide tax relief by preventing excessive accumulations in the state disability benefits fund.

Christie previously signed a law cutting $57 million in Family Leave Insurance taxes. That tax break began in January.

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  • Taybor

    wow… that works out to $1.67 a week. I’m going on a spending spree….

    • Michael H.

      Every little bit helps. The same thing was said about Obama’s payroll tax cut, which for me amounted to around $13 a week. That’s still more than half a month’s rent over the course of a year.

      • Tom

        I agree – and how often do you see any taxes being cut. In NJ, keeping taxes flat is a huge win. We are a a primarily democratic states and rank at the top of states in terms of taxes imposed upon us. That says something about the democrats – like it or not, they are bleeding the working class dry while crying about protecting the working class. Talk about a line of crap.

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