NYCLU: Police Misusing Stun Guns Across New York State

NEW YORK (AP) – The New York Civil Liberties Union says that police forces across the state are misusing stun guns.

The finding is based on an NYCLU study released Wednesday of 851 stun gun reports from 10 police departments, including the NYPD.

LINK: Read The Report

The study found that in 15 percent of the cases, suspects were already restrained when police shot them with a stun gun. It also concluded that more than one third of the incidents involved prolonged or multiple shocks that could cause serious harm or even death.

The NYCLU says nine of the departments studied don’t have stun gun guidelines that meet safety standards set by national experts.

An NYPD spokesman noted on Wednesday that the department was singled as the exception to that concern.

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One Comment

  1. Nick says:

    They’re DANGEROUS
    Use regular guns.

  2. mj says:

    i didn’t need a study done to tell me the cops abuse stun guns . AND s not just in nyc just google stun gun and you’ll get all the videos you want of police cowards stuniing grandmathers and 8 year olds

  3. pay wahun says:

    In NYC, the lucky ones got staunched by guns and the not so lucky ones got killed. I wonder what sense does it makes to kill a suspect advancing with a stick in his / her hands; why not shot them in foot or arm instead of aiming to kill instantly – what a bad departmental guideline.

  4. peter says:

    So if a suspect is already restrained, but still violent and risking injury to officers, what should the police do?

    1. Cos says:

      If an officer can’t control an already ‘restrained/handcuffed’ individual, he/she should consider another career. How far can a shackled person go, really…?

      1. cos is a dope says:

        if they smoke some pcp they can go pretty dope

  5. James Andrews says:

    Better to use a stun gun on them instead of bullets!

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