Woman Gunned Down While Walking In Brighton Beach

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are searching for a suspect who gunned down a woman while she strolled on a Brooklyn sidewalk.

The NYPD said Friday Alla Kamenev was on her way to get her nails done when she was shot in the torso several times at close range just before noon on Thursday in Brighton Beach.

Her husband, Vlad Godin, told CBS 2’s Kristin Thorne that he and his wife were supposed to leave for Greece Thursday evening for a romantic two-week vacation.

“We have possibility to spend good retirement,” he said. “Everything’s finished.”

Police said the suspect, a man in his 50s or 60s, was riding a red bike when he opened fire at the intersection of Seabreeze Avenue and West 2nd Street.

The 65-year-old Kamenev was taken to Coney Island Hospital where she later died.

Police said they have no suspects and that has frightened a lot of people who live in the neighborhood. Some are concerned this could have been random.

“We all told our wives watch yourselves if you go outside,” said neighbor Frank Fantauzzi. “Told the kids if you see anyone suspicious, go home.”

Sal Almado, a maintenance worker in the building where Kamenev lived, said she was always smiling.

“For the years that I know the lady, she was always very pleasant, cordial,” he said.

Godin said he can only hope police will find his wife’s killer.

“Angry against whom?” he said when asked who’s to blame. “I don’t know even who. Police working. Maybe they will find.”

Investigators are pouring through surveillance video from the area to get a better look at the suspect.

  • brooklynNative

    This was a contract killing.

    • scammer pammer

      I agree. Husband need it the insurance money for a 30 year old J1….

  • brightoner

    i live on brighton beach and this is maddening. Absolute disregard for life – an f’in disease.
    Also comments like Steve’s sound exactly as trashy and racist as a possible motivation for a killing. Thank you Steve for your valuable contribution to the discussion on crimes and what a pleasure it is to have your ilk around NYC. It’s no wonder this country is in a decline.

  • bigmamamuley

    I thought that Brighton Beach was crime free, and that this only happens in the Black communities. Now it seems that the same racist people, that spewed their ignorant comments about the Black woman, that was killed yesterday, has now moved on to another community, and are spewing a little of the same insults. Watch out, because next they will be coming after your community, with the same insults.

    • vasya

      Maybe the black man shot the white woman

  • SpaceX gonna give it to ya

    To the Killer: You are now a FUGITIVE. You had better climb on a Russian Energia Spacecraft and head for the MOON or Mars. If you stay on Earth they’re going to hunt you down and take you down just like the animal that you are.

  • Kim Bailey

    Blacks have declared war on White people in NYC, specially women.
    You must be aware of this cruel fact:
    Blacks are outhere to kill you.

    • White Vasya

      Very true !!

      I think we should all pitch in $1000 to send them all back to Africa

  • Meme Meyagi

    what is done about 7 million mooslime terrorists living in usa?

    • J. Jones

      Learn to write before leaving moronic comments.

      • Meme Meyagi

        swim back to afrika

    • sammy abraham

      be nice

  • DanTe

    Datum: Specific Target. Russians.

    Even a slavic moron can figure this one out.

  • money

    a black guy did it

  • russianVadik

    You two haters should be the prime suspects; assholes like you ride their red bikes and shoot folks on random. Trash, total trash with complete disregard to people’s lives and their achievements.
    Go do something worthwhile instead of looking for others to blame.

  • the raven

    seems quite specific. does not seem random at all.

  • JoeZ

    Welcome to Bloomberg’s New York! He has such a great handle on crime.

    • Brooklyn McDirtyshoes

      Have you seen his business cards? They say “Mayor of Manhattan”.

  • Steve likes his cousin

    Wow racist piece of trash you are.Your inbred parents must be proud.

  • steve

    Russian trash. How these people ever entered this country remains a mystery to me. Is there a single honest one?

    • Val

      Steve, you’re a POS. There are plently of honest, hard working Russian people who came here with NOTHING as refugees and made Brighton Beach a thriving community. Go crawl into your little hole and stay there.

    • Nancy

      are you Native American??? don’t think so… that means your parents (grandparents) also entered this country some time ago. How? Remains a mystery to me, Mr. Steve-the-Hater…

    • John L

      Steve you are right. Soviet garbage

    • brighton medical office

      No, we are all crooks living of your hard earn money. Keep on busting your chops and we will cont to enjoy it :-)

      Spasiba !!

    • Oksana Sum

      WoW! Are you THAT miserable?

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