Manhattan Pres. Stringer Wants Bill To Fight Employment Bias

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/AP)— A city official says city and state lawmakers need to pass legislation banning bias against the unemployed in hiring efforts.

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Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer says his office found plenty of examples of job postings that required would-be candidates to be currently employed.

“So these companies have two stacks of resumes: they have resumes for the employed, and they have resumes for the unemployed and the unemployed resumes go in the trash basket,” Stringer said. “People need to understand that just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean you’re not qualified to do so many things.”

He says its “unconscionable” when there are so many people looking for work. He wants to see lawmakers do something about it.

A survey earlier this year by the National Employment Law Project found more than 150 job postings on employment Web sites requiring that applicants “must be currently employed” or using other exclusionary language based on current employment status.

Stringer also wants to ban the use of credit checks in job applications.

“These countries should be ashamed of themselves,” Stringer said. “In our investigation, we had to stop looking at companies because it relates to credit checks as it was so massive that there’s a reason why people are struggling extra hard in this city.”

Do you think legislation is needed to ban bias against the unemployed? Leave a comment below…

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One Comment

  1. Aiser says:

    Ummm what he means by “law makers to do something about it” is that he wants it to be illegal to NOT hire the unemployment or perhaps to discriminate against them upon hiring. To you knee-jerk liberals, this might sound “nice” because the your gut reaction will be along the lines” Good! we need to stop discrimination in all it’s forms!”. Well now you liberals have to ponder the unintended consequences of such a law. If they “do” something about it such as making it illegal to discriminate against the unemployed then what will happen is that the unemployed will devolve to chronically unemployed because of the legal cost and potential law suit bomb. Employers will distance themselves from these people as much as possible as to avoid a lawsuit on what is suppose to be THEIR private property.

  2. unanimous says:

    I agree with you marc my mom who has been battling an illness since my birth has worked two jobs at times to support a large family by herself, she became
    disable 13yrs ago and had to give up both jobs five yrs later.
    She was working for a goverment company also pt everyday goes by she hungers after wanting to go back to work but scared of the rejection she would receive in doing so, until this summer the company she worked for in the pass open up the tests for pse clerk its been 11yrs since she has left that company and made a 81.2 score but still was denied the opportunity to continue employment by the way shes older than 47 over50 so i agree there should be some law implemented to protect the unemployed and disabled most companies do not give a dam

  3. observer says:

    Creating a law is just more bureaucracy, how are you going to enforces this other than to create more government jobs? How much effort would it take to prove that once employers receive resumes/applications that those unemployed will be filtered from the rest?

    Employers have always had bias towards employed people. It is not to say in the recent past when the economy has gotten worse that this has gotten attention. It is not always that case, but in generally companies trim the least productive workers or those with obsolete skills.

    Workers need to take some onus of responsibility to keep skills up to date and for job seekers and receiving education for marketable skills such as engineering rather than art history. Such forward thinking people, are they less likely to be laid off and more like to have marketable skills and thereby more valuable and can find work in the first place.

  4. unemployed? great! let's lowball him. says:

    i worked for a company that loved seeing that a candidate was unemployed. then they knew they would take less money for the job they were offering. which eventually turned the majority of the office into lower paid entry level workers and facilitated the layoff of higher paid more experienced workers. true story.

  5. more biggov says:

    thats it lib, that will create jobs, more regs, red tape and more googly guck for your attorney base. libs answer for all is more government. the labor department can’t even handle cases of employees getting stiffed, do you really think this will be enforced- political grandstanding

  6. Barry says:

    There is plenty of work out there if you possess a trade. As for putting more rules and regulations on business, you will simply shrink the available jobs even more. Businesses should have the right to choose the best possible candidate for a position. I own a small business and I now work on average 12 hours a day so as not to hire another employee. Between the workers comp insurance, unemployment insurance, health insurance and the exposure to litigation if you need to terminate someone, it’s just not worth it. The US govt has ruined the job market in this country by allowing runaway litigation and fraud to drive up the cost of hiring an employee to the point that we are now seeing the results. If the people who are occupying wall street want to protest they should be doing it on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC.

    1. James Beebe says:

      Amen, Barry! And protesters should read a story from ABC ( All Barry Channel) reported today about liberal politicians in Ca. and NY giving HUGE bridge and road building jobs to Chinese state owned contractors for jobs in those states! Even taking your comments under consideration, there is no defense of such actions!

  7. mj says:

    what about car ins rates ? should they be based on your credit score or level of education ? the entire system neds to be over hauled. its all because they special interest groups OWN the politicians , then the politicians act surprised when they finally see the fruits of their labor

    1. James Beebe says:

      mj, they don’t act suprised, they try to justify! and your credit score affects more than just your insurance and job prospects!

  8. iggy says:

    the republicans allow the jobs to be outsourced and lay everyone off. then say only people that are working can apply for jobs. what sc**bags.

    1. James Beebe says:

      where the hell do you get your facts from?out of thin air? Check where Obama’s job czar, G.E. exec sent jobs to China, California dems gave contracts to Chinese owned companys. Same in NY.Obamas donor recipeint, electric carco. going to Finland. and that’s just a few Dem foreign jobs creation fiasco’s, Bub. Get your facts straight before bumping your gums about something you know nothing about like a typical lib!

    2. James Beebe says:

      in the spirit of fairness, in addition to my earlier reply to you, Iggy, under George W, when passed,there is a little known provision contained in the Patriot Act that prevents convicted felons from being able to hold government jobs, including construction jobs building new or renovating existing government facilities such as post offices, jails and prisons, courthouses, military facilities, etc, even if a job is only funded with federal money. The type or time lapsed of crime doesn’t matter. Violent, non violent, drug related or white collar. This is a second sentence and punishment for the same crime, which is prohibited by the constitution. Yet,foreigners with student or work visas are allowed to hold many of these jobs, and in many cases, the legal status of some of these foreigners is questionable, at best. So, it isn’t just one party,it’sboth. The difference between you and I is that I’m big enough and well informed enough to admit it, whereas, you aren’t. Feel free to respond and prove me wrong

  9. James Beebe says:

    hey! this could be used by the OWS protesters, giving them ONE legitimate complaint against corporate America!

  10. Laura J. Smith says:

    This has been done to me when I was in the office! At 2 places they put my application in the trash!
    And as far as my credit score goes if I had a job I would pay the bills.
    I did manage to find some work, but they will only pay for 18 hours a week. In the papers they gave me say that if I was to work 20 hours I would be able to have benefits. But they will only approve the 18 hours.

  11. Bruce Franz says:

    BIAS w/ no basis in fact, just “because I believe it” has no place in hiring and firing practices today. Using measurements that have absolutely nothing to do with the job and everything to do with a company pushing their weight around because they can also has no place. Guess what? You can legislate all you want – it’s almost impossible to prove that you are being discriminated against for illegal reasons. Other employees won’t say anything due to wanting to keep their jobs. And of course management will lie because that’s all they know how to do. So good luck w/ trying to fix a problem that is pervasive and yet unfixable.

  12. laura says:

    It is absolutely disgusting what these companies do. hiring only employed people instead of someone who is out of work and can start right away. When I was out of work I applied for a position spot on perfect for my background, because I wasnt working I wasnt even considered. Thank God I found a better job with more money at a company that appreciates you for your experience not your status. This should be signed into law. if you have the experience to do the job, they should hire you. being out of work does not always mean you were lazy.. sure maybe in some cases but most people were laid off because of company greed to make more money and the best way to do it is get rid of staff. They should be ashamed of themselves.. If the situation were reversed, they would not be so pretentious..

  13. rikki says:

    I would love to tell Stringer …its even worse for SMART PEOPLE

    Every week I am told i am “Overqualified”

    Overqualified really means you want TO HIRE A MORON……and i dont fit!

    I’m crying everyday….Overqualified…..We sure are a DUMB country and we have a president to prove it!

  14. Walt says:

    Discrimination and racism is at an all time high, people are just covering it up much better than when jfk and mlk was alive, you think they are going to hire people of color even if they have the experience, they want us to kill each other, and besides we have a black man in office, you think they want more people of color in any position to take there’s?

    1. James Beebe says:

      did I miss something? I read the article 3 times, but see no mention of race or color anywhere in the article. you sound as deranged and misinformed as the socialist Wall St. protesters, Walt

      1. Anonymous says:

        deranged and miss informed, right but Government socialist agendas like bailouts and Tax Cuts for the rich during deficits that’s really on point and smart thanks for supporting the status quo of destroying the country through debt.

        1. James Beebe says:

          Anonymous. your moniker says a lot about you! where in my comments do you get the notion I support the bailouts? Are you simply fantasizing or hallucinating behind your mask of anononimity? I think the TARP and bailout money from both, Bush and the bailouts and stimulus packages from Obama would have been better utilized by giving it to LEGAL, adult, taxpaying citizens of this country. As for tax breaks for companies, if they were used as proper incentives, with strict requirements for hiring U.S. citizens, etc, yes, I think they are useful. I haven’t heard any better ideas from liberals.As for who’s socialistic, take a better look at the democrat party and OWS protesters

          1. anonymous says:

            Well if you spent less time criticizing the movement and actually listening to what they have to say you would see that the issues they are against aren’t as far from yours. I can see the scapegoating of the rich for most of their problems but some of the concerns are legit like bailout money and corruption caused by campaign funding causing voters voices to be drowned out by money. None the less we are all misinformed delusional socialist instead of americans wanting change as you or whatever propaganda you believe say. Try listening more instead of passing judgement on your own misinformed ideas about people.

            1. James Beebe says:

              I have listened to them. They say they are against the rich, yet embrace the likes of crooked democrats , they say they want everone to pay all their taxes, yet they embrace the same democrats that don’t pay theirs. They embrace the liberal politicians that enable capitalist cronyism, same as republicans have. They preach against hate and racism,yet spout hate against Jews and others, including anyone with political or social ideas different from theirs. They want to share everyones earnings , and want to allow illegals free access and unlimited welfare, but see how many are willing to give up what they have, or how many illegals they would willingly work to support. Their concepts and beliefs are socialist and communistic. Mine are conservative libertarian. I beleive in respecting personal property and the law, OWS protesters obviously don’t. I have yet to hear a liberal or one of these protesters speak out like I have against the liberal governments of Ca. and NY giving billions in contracts for Chinese state owned contractors to build roads and bridges in those states, or the electric car company that received bail out money from Obama taking it’s manufacturing and jobs to Finland. We are nothing alike

              1. Anon says:

                I don’t know where you heard that. The protest are against the governments actions both parties included it is neither democrat or republican. I don’t see them embracing the actions of Obama during his term. They don’t want to share earnings and I haven’t heard any anti-semitic rantings from the group you can’t put any individual views like that as a general stance it would be like me saying the conservative tea party is a bunch of racist it would not be all true. They should take a stance on bailout money towards outsourcing of american jobs but the main focus is on the taxpayer spending and politicians who answer to no one but money. I agree with you on the outsourcing part but the group is not communist, the group in general wants a end to both parties corruption and the greed. I respect your views just hope you stop looking at OWS as a communist movement when it’s not. We all want a better america that’s for the people.

                1. James Beebe says:

                  well, sir, I have seen numerous protesters carrying signs calling for socialism to replace capitalism, and heard many say to either kill or get rid of Jew bankers, etc. Maybe you should take your own advice as far as listening closer and being better informed. And these stories are NOT coming exclusively from Fox, but various sources! I have yetto see or hear them say anything about any politicians other than republicans,where as I have slammed both. Yes, they do spew crap about spreading the wealth, just as Obama does. I get my news from ABC, CNBC, CBS, PBS, KOS Daily News, AP newssources, Wall Street Journal, Times, and yes,on occassion, Fox, and numerous others. I do not listen to Glen Beck, Rush,Sean Hannity or any talk show talking heads. I am well informed, I beleive, and make upmy own mind based on research and available facts. If you read ALL my posts on this articles, you will see I have slammed both parties. See an earlier comment about the patriot act, for example. Personally, I think both parties are beyond redemption. I just don’t know the answers, but I think the conservatives are the lesser of the two evils at this point, and only wish we could get a true,uncorruptable, libertarian government. Smaller, less intrusive, less regulating and cheaper government stricter on immigration and strength of military. But, this is my humble, best guess and opinion. Andlikewise, as you stated, I respect yours. Thank you for the civil, adult, thoughtful debate on this subject, sir.

  15. sookie says:

    We need to use telepaths, who can tell what managers are thinking during the job interview.

  16. The Realist says:

    “These countries should be ashamed of themselves,” Stringer said.

    WHICH countries? Why should we care what other countries do?

  17. Mark says:

    Companies and people (i.e., hiring managers, recruiters, etc.) have covertly or overtly discriminated against others not of a particular age, race/ethnicity, religion, political association, personal appearance, college pedigree, economic class status, lifestyle, and gender for centuries. The absurd remarks by a paster that Mitt Romney can’t be President due to his mormonism is an example. Personal biases are engrained in the behavioral mannerisms of Americans. I once worked with a manager that would hire only blondes or candidates with blue or green eyes. With some effective digging and analysis, it was easy to see his biases based on the characteristics of the organization. Even people with advanced degrees and several years experience get discriminated against by hiring managers or recruiters because they feel intimidated or fearful of highly qualified/knowledgeable applicants. Solution: We should have current laws modified with greater teeth, and develop other laws which don’t include modern forms of discrimination or biases.

  18. Marina Ios says:

    credit checks should be banned- except jobs in banks, financial sectors-
    a person could have bad credit, even bankruptcy due to a horrible marriage where an ex husband destroyed the couple financially
    there is also another aspect which i have noticed during the past few months:
    i check a certain website, which is displaying job openings in the hotel industry, what is “interesting” is the fact that the SAME POSITION , on the SAME PROPERTY, is advertised over and over again….very strange, considering the high number of qualified , unemployed people …how is it possible you still have the job opened????

    1. The Realist says:

      Maybe they never bothered to remove the listing after the job was filled.

  19. J.D. Hughes says:

    Another useless law. There are no teeth in it. I have been looking for a job {bartender} for over a year and have come up against the same old thing.old thing, they want young people or women and experience means nothing. However, we all know it’s who you know, not what you know. Employers have to interview people even when they already have someone in mind or already hired. Also companies shouldn’t get tax credits for anything. I don’t so why should they, t’s part of what’s ruining the country.

  20. Lujo1968 says:

    good idea Marc then the employed can be oppressed from promotional jobs so unemployed can get it and get the company a tax break… There you go!!!! Screw the one doing the right thing to give to the one who isn’t. How about people just mind their business and let this country remain a free country of choice both for it’s citizens and those that run businesses. Or should we now have further restrictions causing businesses to leave this soil and hence now no one works.

    1. marc says:

      So what do you suggest… let the unemployed become homeless and lose everything? Should they remain out of work forever? Should we kill them? My idea is correct. The employed will still get the promotional job because why would someone hire an unemployed person to take a promotional position? Your scenario is foolish to shoot down my idea. By the way I am employed and have been so for about 7 years. Before that I had a job but was let go after 9/11 when the company I worked for had a slow down in business. I know how hard it is to get a job. Not only companies look down on you, but some family and or in-laws, like there is something wrong with you. Now the business that I work is very dependent on me and I expect to have my first book published in the next year (unrelated to my job). My point is that unless someone gives you a chance then it is next to impossible to get back on your feet. Being unemployed should not be the end of one’s life and if companies are not smart enough to do the right thing on their own, then they should be encouraged to do so.

      1. Mark says:

        Great response Marc! Some people have absolutely no compassion or brain cells. At least until it happens to them long-term or someone that they care about. BTW – congrats on recovering after 9/11.

  21. df says:

    another useless law… bias will still be there, companies will be just smarter about not being too obvious…. Just like with other laws. We need to have a law that fully protects identiy of the suing party, otherwise bias laws are useless for everyone except a few people who can afford not having a job,….

  22. marc says:

    Companies that hire the unemployed should receive some type of tax credit to get them to hire the unemployed. The idea that one’s skills are no longer valid because they are out of work is just plain stupid; it does not take the average person too long to get back into the swing of things. It is stupid that this is even an issue and does not say much for these companies.

    1. J.D. Hughes says:

      I don’t understand why companies should get tax credits for ANYTHING. I certainly don’t get a tax credit for wearing our my shoes searching everyday for work that i will never get because i’m 47.

      1. marc says:

        Well J. D., my idea was to help someone in your position. But you obviously don’t like it. So stay unemployed and angry. Good luck.

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