Rex Ryan Responds To Chargers’ Randy McMichael: ‘Stay Classy, San Diego’

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. (AP) — Rex Ryan thinks his New York Jets secondary is second to none, no matter what anyone thinks. And that includes Randy McMichael.

The bitter San Diego tight end said the Jets’ defensive backs aren’t “anything” after New York’s 27-21 win Sunday, and added that the Chargers beat themselves and “it had nothing to do with anyone on their team.” That amused Ryan, who was asked Monday what he thought of McMichael’s comments.

“Stay classy, San Diego,” a smiling Ryan said, stealing a line made famous by Will Ferrell’s character, Ron Burgundy, in the movie “Anchorman.”

Ryan opened his press conference Monday by praising his defensive backs, including Darrelle Revis, whose interception set up the go-ahead score for the Jets. Kyle Wilson’s pick a few minutes later sealed the win.

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  1. Multiple Miggs says:


  2. roundabout says:

    Ryan also said — though not reported here – that he understood the Chargers’ frustration concerning the penalty calls.

  3. l.rod says:

    ryan should learn to keep his fat mouth closed.are one day he will mind in the upcoming afc held in san diego in early jan.2012

    1. Mo says:

      Dream on San Diego…You’re no closer to the Super Bowl in Jan. 2012 than you were last year…

    2. FLO BRICKZ says:

      LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL yeah…RIGHTTTT! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL the chargers were covered like white on rice that whole game! the chargers play in one of the worst divisions in football they make the playoffs be default every year! for mcmichael to say the jets secondary isnt anything special is flat out retarded…while the rest of them may not be elite, D-Revis is the best corner in the game hands down…and he makes every one around him better…they certainly have a better secondary than the sorry ass chargers…Quentin JAmmer? LMFAO Eric Weddle? LMFAO give me a break pal

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