Sources: FDNY Concerned Zuccotti Park Turning Into Firetrap

'Occupy Wall Street' Uses Gas-Powered Generators, But Lacks Extinguishers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There’s a growing cause for concern down at Zuccotti Park. Sources told CBS 2 on Monday night the FDNY is looking into possible fire hazard situations that could put protesters at risk.

Fire prevention experts at the Department notified the Mayor’s Office of the potential problem. There are apparently lots of ways for a fire to start and not enough planning about how to put one out. It’s a concern that could impact the future of this encampment.

The “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrators make their own power with gasoline driven generators and that’s the problem, according to our sources at the FDNY.

The presence of gas and other flammable liquids they’ve discovered at Zuccotti Park has some in the Department worried that a smoker’s stray spark could lead to disaster.

Protesters have already been ordered to avoid open flames, even when serving food.

“No open flames. No, everything is cooked off-site and brought in,” one protester said.

Dishwater is brought in already heated, and even the Halloween Jack-o-lanterns have battery-operated lights. The approach of cold weather, though, has some wondering what happens next.

“I thought about what’s going to happen when it gets cold enough that we really have to have fire,” Tara Angell of Carroll Gardens said.

“To say that we aren’t responsible enough to be able to manage a simple butane fire would be deceitful,” one protester said.

The Fire Department thinks the issue becomes more of a problem as the tents return to the park and it becomes more difficult to see inside. The demonstration’s loose organizational structure is trying to set up security patrols to head off the city’s growing concern.

“We’re trying to get fire extinguishers in here. We’re trying to establish a fire brigade. We’d like to create a team of fire brigade members in here and fire watchers and in the event that we do show open flame in here we can talk to the people and have it eliminated as quickly as possible,” said Paul Isaac of Flatbush.

Young’s inspection of the park Monday night revealed no visible fire extinguishers. Asked if the concerns might prompt activities here to be curtailed the Mayor’s Office offered only a “no comment.”

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One Comment

  1. Stan Chaz says:

    You can’t make this stuff up! The very same people who have inflicted the most “hazards” to the Occupy Wall Street participants….swooped in early yesterday morning with their white shirts and badges, and carted away the OWS generators; ostensibly because they were deemed ” a fire hazard”. This, after 45 days of problem-free use, and just before an impending snowstorm! Of course, they can’t be blamed. They were only following orders…. of Mayor Show-Me-The-Permit 0001%, who sleeps ever so comfortably in his overheated mansion, and makes pompous speeches about the freedoms that we all enjoy, on the 125th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty’s dedication. All this just a few short miles from Zuccotti Park. This is not mere double speak….it’s super triple speak, on speed AND acid! No matter how pretty you try to make the crap sound…it’s still crap. And more and more people are realizing it. Finally. Lady Liberty must be smiling. ‘Cause I know I am!

  2. antimsmnews says:

    The occupy protester have collected over $400,000 in donations so far.

    Yet the homeless are shunned from eating there.

    How about Occupy a Soup Kitchen?
    You can get more stats on the protest at my website:

  3. FIDI resident says:

    I would encourage all of you that are displeased with the protestors continued occupation of this park to PLEASE ATTEND THE COMMUNITY BOARD 1 MEETINGS and voice your opinion in person or send a letter to Chairperson of Community Board 1 Julie Menin and Brookfield Properties. The local community board has ruled in favor of allowing the protestors to stay camped out there. If you disagree with this then make your voice heard. This group has a right to speak their mind. But they also have to share this park with local residents and the only way to do this is to free up space by clearing out the tents, etc. Thousands of people used to use this park. Now only a certain portion of the public can use it. This protest has created great chaos and unrest for community surrounding it at great cost to all taxpayers city-wide. No need for anyone else to camp out to make a point – if you disapprove of their encampment – just write a letter a letter, send an email, make a phone call and tell your local representative your thoughts. I agree with many of the protestors’ ideas. But the way they are making their point is unnecessarily burdensome and has sent our local community into the (pun intended) toilet. Literally. Our neighborhood is now a urinal.

  4. rob says:

    It makes no sense, they hate capitalism and yet they have a generator, that was made with capitalism. They have tents that also was made wit capitalism.
    They have food, again capitalism.

    The big one is that they have gasoline and that is the oil companies and capitalism.

    What MORONS that are, they say they are against something and yet they use it. They should be in the woods in a cave with a fire they started with flint rocks and hunt for their food. Then that would impress me. Right now they look like spoiled little commies that the education system spit out, and lets not forget they smell like animals, I wounder are they just mating all over the place??

    They need to be hit with CS gas and water cannons and just have a bulldozer push all their crap into a pile and scoop it up and be done with this already.

    Or a better idea would be wait until it gets cold out (like 20 degrees) then spray them all with water LOL now that would be funny.

    1. Todd & Meagan says:

      You spell funny. Like doody.

    2. Michael H. says:

      If you think the OWS protesters hate capitalism then you are not paying attention to what they are saying.

      1. Occupying My House says:

        They aren’t even sure of what their goal is. I’m willing to bet capitalism is one of the things they all agree to hate.

        1. Michael H. says:

          Do your research before you display your bias. There are multiple lists of grievances that the OWS protesters have voiced and all are easily found with a google search. Corporate greed, privatization of profits and socialization of losses are the main grievances. Nobody can argue that capitalism is not a positive influence on our economy.

      2. The Realist says:

        Walk by there and you’ll see lots of signs and leaflets marked “Capitalism doesn’t work.” Yes, they DO hate capitalism.

    3. toro says:

      Well without all these capitalist items like heaters, clothes, etc how would these trespassing socialists survive?

    4. toro says:

      Hey Bloomie you blew it. Protesters can be allowed in Zucotti during the day but not sleep there overnight. Whats wrong with that compromise? This is a park and not a campground facility? Thosw who wont comply need to be thrown out or arrested—simple dimple!

  5. Sick of UNIONS says:






    1. Jessica says:

      Is your post supposed to be satire, or are you just a sick weirdo?

    2. Dale Auburn says:


      Are you volunteering??

  6. Steve says:

    I just find it laughable that they are using gas powered generators when they could be using GREEN ENERGY! Where are the windmills and the solar generators?? Don’t these people know? Oh the humanity.

    1. Betty Beatnik says:


      Anyone with a brain knows that the cost of going ‘green’ out-weighs any benefit derived in the short run. Thanks for trying tho.

      1. Steve says:

        Betty, I think you totally missed the sarcasm in my post.

  7. TicTacLady says:

    I think if the TV cameras and the rest of the media disappear from the scene, you would see the group breaking up. They are only important when someone is paying attention to them. If they were ignored, prehaps they would leave the site and get a job.

  8. BigBoa says:

    Please! SOMEBODY! Let’s get this thing ROLLING!

    Let’s GET IT ON! YES!!!

    Nice that the owner of the park got money from O’Bozo to finance his new wind farm eh? Surely no funny business going on here…….

    Come on all you useless punks! Stop hanging around in stupid little groups! BRING IT! Let’s
    GET IT ON!

  9. Gerry says:

    I have some leaky gas cans and matches I can donate to the movement. I’ll hand them to the nearest crackhead lighting his/her pipe and let nature take its course.

  10. anti any percent says:

    What is also disturbing is the number of idiots who are contributing money, food, hats, gloves etc. ….the dumb leading the dumber.

  11. Sawoo says:

    I can’t believe Zuccotti park continues to allow this…

  12. ugottobekiddinme says:

    Typical…go ahead name the Jewish people that own these public companies….

    Rupert Murdoch and news corp – not Jewish
    Comcast – Not Jewish owned – Public company
    ABC – F’in Disney

  13. Todd P. says:

    I hope that they STAY in the park until the 2012 elections. This group of filthy ANARCHISTS is a GODSEND to the Republican Party. The longer this mob is making a spectacle of themselves, the worse the Democrats backing them look!!…….

  14. Glitch Doctor says:

    What exactly are you protesting and what exactly do you want in order to end this “protest”and exactly who do you expect to “give in” to your “demands?” If you can’t answer these basic questions, then frankly, this is no more than a child’s tantrum that has evolved into a media circus, which has become a huge burden on the tax paying, law abiding citizens. Seriously, grow up and do your protesting where you can really make an impact; in the ballot box.

  15. Confused says:

    So in the last few paragraphs….let me get this straight: are the occupiers noticing the necessity to form an organized society?? Are they not now trying to form security patrols? Using honda corporation generators for power, corporate gasoline to run them, and now forming an organized “occupy” society. I guess in a few weeks they will start trying to name their new town, vote in an elected city council, create laws for themselves….oh wait we already have that. These protests are pointless at this juncture

    1. lalala says:

      Wait, why didn’t anyone else think about organizing a society like this before? I guess the best ideas come when you haven’t showered in a month.

    2. Worker says:

      Ironic they use gas power but protest the same large scale more efficient gas plants. At least Occupy Toronto has Solar panels.

    3. chas says:

      Don’t forget the $500,000 in donations they have in a bank and can’t account for how spent or will be spending. Someone will need an accounting and an audit–wait and see. Banks are bad–unless you have your money in them! Oh yeah, in this leaderless revolution, who decides how that money is spent? Who decided which bank to put it in? Who are the bank’s officers, board, and what are the bank’s investments? Guess that doesn’t matter when it’s inconvenient to know….

  16. CR says:

    Jack-O-Lanterns? What a waste of natural resources if they are natural or plastic. Hypocrites.

  17. edcrunk says:

    Antisemitic attitudes like these are exactly how the holocaust started…

    1. Mikey says:

      Meth is a terrible drug.

  18. lalala says:

    “The demonstration’s loose organizational structure is trying to set up security patrols to head off the city’s growing concern.”

    Don’t you love it when a bunch of anarchists start to try and police other anarchists? Everyone hates the man…well, until they become the man anyway.

  19. Vinnie says:

    Let ’em burn….

  20. The Realist says:

    Any court will agree with the following:.

    (1) By doing nothing for over a month, Bloomberg has effectively given the “Occupy Wall Street” group FULLY EXEMPTION FROM ALL LAWS, including fire codes.

    (2) At the same time, the City is still FULLY LIABLE for any damage or loss of life that might result from not enforcig the laws that O.W.S. doesn’t ahve to follow.

    1. Stanleysez says:

      I resde in Florida and will be visiting NewYork next week but this time I will be staying out on Long Island and spending my money there. Doesn’t the mayor realize that the Big Apple is losing tourist dollars?

      1. liz says:

        To Stanleysez- I reside right here in the Big Apple and I have NOT and will NOT go anywhere near lower Broadway anymore. I used to shop there, I used to eat in that area, well I imagine I am just (1) of many that do not spend any money in that area. The basic problem is this City has no LEADERSHIP – we have a MORON for a Mayor who allows this kind of crap to continue. I ask you, WHY DO WE ALLOW SO FEW TO JEOPARDIZE THE LIVES OF SO MANY, the people that live and pay rent in that area – it is a GOD DAMN SHAME.

  21. Hip hop hamburger says:

    Firefighters are just as lazy as theses protesters.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if there are a bunch of loser fire people in the park looking for free stuff,or better yet there probaly stealing stuff from the hipsters

    1. CB says:

      I sure hope you catch fire and they let you burn!

  22. Linda says:

    Wait just a New York minute !!! If this is a privately owned Park then why is all the taxpayers paying for this mess ??? The owner of the Park should be financially responsible for security, clean-up and fire prevention on his private grounds as long as he allows this to continue. As Governor of New York State, Cuomo needs to man-up and stop all this before something very tragic does happen. Being private land also means the owner must have insurance on said property so, let his insurance company cover all these costs being incurred, not us taxpayers. As long as the Police Depts. and Fire Cos. are babysitting these losers, people all over the City and boroughs are dying for lack of services.

    1. Aileen Ryan says:

      According to you, everybody who owns their own home would not be allowed to have the fire dept. come to the rescue .

      1. B Valderas says:

        Well the difference is that as a home-owner you likely wouldn’t have people coming into your house uninvited and starting the fire. The protesters are breaking the laws set for the park and are only allowed to because the owners are under so much pressure to not enforce them.

      2. Doc says:

        As a homeowner, you pay property taxes to cover things like fire and police. These wanna-be anarchists aren’t paying anything and are occupying private property.

        Can’t wait to see what the cleanup bill looks like. I’m sure the park has been all but destroyed, and it will take several trucks and cleanup crews days to take care of the mess once the kiddies decide it’s cold out and decide to go home.

        All at the taxpayers expense of course.

    2. Luke says:

      Mainly because the city won’t allow them to evict the protesters. It’s been requested once and the Mayor decided to not allow it. Remember about a week ago when they were going to ask them to leave for a few hours so that maintenance and cleaning could happen… Yeah. The protesters said not bloody likely.

    3. Vik says:

      Excellent post, Linda. Right on the money. Anyone who doens’t agree with this is as stupid and stoned as the Zucotti Park Fleabaggers.

  23. Idratherbegolfing says:

    I’ve never wished for a cold wet rain or snow before in my life but I am now. Anything to make these fools down there uncomfortable is OK by me. Seriously go spend your time being productive members of society. If you have so much free time go volunteer at a soup kitchen or help underprivileged children. Go get a job. The local KFC by me is hiring. Maybe with a little hard work, some dedication and a positive attitude you could move up the corporate chain and one day be the CEO. Oh never mind that would mean you would actually have to work for something as opposed to it being handed to you.

    1. gotahugehook says:

      Boy are you not kidding. I’ve found myself checking the 10 day weather outlook for New York every evening hoping for a major fall storm to arrive…and I live in Kansas so go figure.
      What a bunch of whiny, immature losers.

  24. Uncle Sam says:

    I saw a sign up down at this child’s “protest” that read “A JOB IS A RIGHT”. This is who we are dealing with.

    Let them burn then our taxes can be used somewhere useful instead of on their welfare and unemployment checks.

  25. michaelfury says:

    Translation: “Nice protest you got here. It would be a shame if something happend to it.”

  26. Steve says:

    Why Bloomberg has tolerated these animals so far is beyond me; time to clean house. Anywhere else this would have been over weeks ago.

    1. clear the park says:

      Maybe New York should vote on this and then we will see who the 99% really is.It is the hard working people of New York who wants there city back and the Mayor to grow a backbone and get rid of these losers.Who is paying taxes on all this money they are receiving.I know they are not a charity or tax exempt.

    2. Michael H. says:

      You’re right. In Iran they would have rolled the tanks on them already. Where’s the Ayatollahs when we need them!?

      1. MattSRight says:

        Wrong loser, in Iran they would be killed and you would never have heard a thing about it. You side with these vile, pathetic, good for nothings … you must be living off other too then.

        1. Michael H. says:

          I work full time to support my family. If you define a 40 hour work week as “living off others” then find me guilty as charged. Read my comment again. I said in not as many words that Iran would have killed these protesters like they did during the “Green Revolution”. My comment was meant to sarcastically illustrate a similarity between the attitude taken by comment writers like yourself and Steve and the theocratic authoritarian regimes like Iran, where free speech is squashed under the treads of a tank. What the hell do you think “roll the tanks on them” means?

  27. The Realist says:

    By leaving the protesters to their own devices for over a month, Bloomberg has established that the “Occupy Wall Street” group is FULLY EXEMPT FROM ALL LAWS including sanitary and fire codes. Any court will agree.

  28. Chance Wayne says:

    What’s the worst that can happen–Wall Street burns down?

  29. Jim says:

    “REGULAR people”??

  30. Broccoli from Libya says:

    Do you think for one moment we’ed be in Libya if Broccoli was their main export? or Iraq, for that fact?

    1. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      Yes, I do (Iraq at least). You are referring to oil though. So why don’t you explain why we are in Afghanistan.. They have no oil… Riddle me that one.

      Tell me, have you ever been on the streets of Baghdad? Have you ever been thanked by an Iraqi national? You know nothing of which you speak.

      Tell me, do you drive a vehicle? Do you use any of these items:

      Motor Oil, Bearing Grease, Ink, Floor Wax, Ballpoint Pens, Football Cleats, Upholstery, Sweaters, Boats, Insecticides, Bicycle Tires, Nail Polish, Dresses, Tires, Golf Bags, Perfumes, Dishwasher parts, DVD/CDs, Soap (probably not if you are part of OWS), Trash Bags, Lipstick, etc.

      They all require oil to produce. So basically your argument regarding America’s use of oil is moot on that account.

    2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      Have you been to Iraq? Or are you upset that the military wouldn’t take you? We accept homosexuals (and I’m proud to fight alongside them), but we will never accept whiny little p*ssies.

  31. Sources: FDNY Concerned Zuccotti Park Turning Into Firetrap says:

    Written in Chinatown by


  32. Ira Steinmanitz says:

    We were chosen by G’d to control all of the finances, media, and ultimately laws of this country that benefit Us for a reason. Why do you think he gave us the ability to do so??? And obviously Adolf H bit off much more than he could chew as we prevailed then and always will. Learn to live with it.

    1. Paul T says:

      You clearly are not a Jew. You are attempting to impersonate one to further your radical bigoted agenda. That is evident to anyone who has a keen understanding of language and diction. Go f-ck yourself, and leave the Jewish people alone.

  33. ve xone says:

    Our cops and city agencies are not your personal security. We have a right to assemble peacefully. Sorry if WE are an EYESORE for you snide 1%.

    1. Kazoo says:


    2. Gabrielle says:

      …and our streets are not your personal playground. Sorry if our system rewards work, not whining. Deal with it, shut up, and get a damn job on your merit, not by demanding it. You people make me sick.

    3. ugottobekiddinme says:

      You and your group do not represent 99% of this country moron…more like 5-10% who are complete drop-outs and want to be.

    4. Hello? says:

      They aren’t yours either.And what makes you think that you deserve to have more protection than the average citizen is beyond me.The cops should be doing the jobs they are paid to do not babysitting for a bunch of spoiled white kids who don’t want to work. And yes you have a right to assemble,but you don’t have the right to squash or limit someone elses liberty who happen to live in the same area by purposely being disruptive to thier lives and business, and by vandalizing and creating public safety hazards during your selfcentered childish pursuit.This protest is the biggest hypocritical pile of BS I have ever seen in my life.The leaders of your so-called movement are raking in the cash and depositing it DIRECTLY into the banks you supposedly hate without redistributing it to the masses in your little tent utopia down there.You’ve created a real life example of a type of governmental system that actually does have a 1% within your special little socialist tent city,. LMAO!!!You people are a joke.

    5. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      I am 24 years old. I make $22k a year if I am lucky. I served my country faithfully, and now I am making it on my own. You can sit there with your misspelled and grammatically incorrect sign all you want. In the end, you will realize you do not represent this so called “99%” – of which I am a member. The rest of us EARNED our way in life. We did not sit by and ask for a hand-out. If you had ever bothered to attend school (for something other than “The Arts”), you would know that there is no such thing as a “free lunch”. No, what you want is for other people’s money to be taken from them and given to you. Why? What have you done for society? Nothing. I don’t blame the wealthy for my financial situation. Instead, I choose to go to school, work full time, and earn my way in life. Hopefully, I will one day be financial secure. But I will have done so on my own. You should be ashamed of yourself for your actions. I’m ashamed that you call yourself an American. You may be a CITIZEN of the UNITED STATES, but you are in no way an AMERICAN.

      1. CB says:

        Well said!

  34. NYCstreets says:

    So this is the newest excuse for them to try and shut down the protest? That’s not gonna happen Mr Mayor.

  35. 99 percenter says:

    jews control the media

    1. the hanacuha channel says:

      Is that why they black out Ron Paul?

    2. USArmyCombatMedic says:

      You’re an idiot. If a Jew manages to work his/her butt off, and buy a corporation, Good for him/her. Maybe if you got off your lazy butt and started WORKING, you could buy something for yourself too.

  36. JonUPS says:

    Due to the major political over/under tones, one has to wonder just where these “sources” are coming from. Folks up in Albany seem to have a rather different POV of matters and are handling situation differently.

  37. inot says:

    Why is it that people like you call everyone that does not think like you a terrorist but it’s ok for you people to say you want americans to die?

    1. How do zionists get their way? says:

      First they Ma knok em, then they Beg em.
      Who said that?
      Anwar Sadat!

      But I cannot hear you Ive got Gold in My ear

  38. bill says:


    1. Dhalgren says:

      John Lindsay was quite good. And Bloomy has done more to protect public health than any mayor in US history. He’s pro police state billionare who thinks that Wall Street and European tourists should own Manhattan. But Liindsay was good, dude. Were you even around in the 1960s?

      1. Jim says:

        The corrupt, twisted, and punk ‘Bloomy’ always has another agenda with absolutely zero concern for anyone else.

  39. Barry says:


    1. saoirse says:

      hey hey ……HO HO ! zoocotti squats have got 2 GO ! …hey hey…Ho ho….LOL and i’m not jewish.or a millionaire…we’ve had enough of their s_it-in.

      1. inot says:

        “i’m not jewish.or a millionaire” but you sure sound like a republican christian.

        1. Paul T says:

          I’m not a Christian, or a Jew, or a Millionaire, or a Republican. I havent voted in my life. But you people are extremely annoying. I work. I pay rent. I use a credit union (if you use a bank, its your own fault.).

          Why can’t you just “occupy” the Help Wanted section of Craigslist?

        2. ugottobekiddinme says:

          And what’s wrong with that you racist, ideological bigot

    2. Me says:

      It’s people like you with your ridiculously moronic anti-semitic claims that give the protest a bad name. I already don’t agree with them, and I am neither in the 1% nor Jewish. You claim we are all stereotyping the protesters, yet here you are, doing the exact same thing.

      Stop being such a hypocrite.

      1. Jillie says:


      2. Vinnie says:

        Actually, its spelled whining, not weining…

    3. Ally says:

      Seriously, you think all Jews are in the 1%?

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