As always, Jerry Recco entered the Allstate studio following the Show’s opening segment prepared to deliver one of his award-winning updates, but first he got engaged in an in-depth conversation about the hotness possessed by certain animated characters – Betty Rubble, Wilma Flinstone & Jessica Rabbit to name a few.

Craig went on to reveal that in the past he has had impure thoughts about Jessica Rabbit and somehow after that Jerry managed to begin his update by playing a cut of Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa commenting on his Game 4, bullpen gaffe during Game 5.

Shortly after Jerry began his morning update, Craig interrupted to ask Al Dukes if he made any progress in booking Eddie Murphy to join the program.

He has not.

Then it was a little more from Jerry before the gears were shifted and Halloween costumes were on the table for discussion.

Boomer seemed very excited to learn that Craig’s lovely wife Kim will be dressing up as a ‘sexy S.W.A.T. team-member’ when attending the ‘Refi Rock Halloween Party’ hosted by the BEF Young Professionals Committee, benefiting the Boomer Esiason Foundation (BEF) and the CF community.

Some more baseball news from Jerry as we learn that Red Sox pitcher John Lackey will undergo Tommy John Surgery and be out the entire 2013 season.  The guys talked about the Cubs introducing Theo Epstein as their new President of Baseball Operations and Jerry compared his job to that of a stripper on any given week.

Then we heard some audio of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs and head coach John Harbaugh that struck a nerve with Boomer.  The Blonde Bomber then sounded off  on loose-lipped players and how an NFL coach is forced to take on the role of babysitter in addition to all of their other duties.

The Booms didn’t stop their either, as he sounded off on how players all look to place blame when things go wrong, rather than manning up.  He talked specifically about Ravens QB Joe Flacco in regards to the Suggs-Harbaugh audio and he also pointed the finger at the likes of Jets’ GQ QB Mark Sanchez and Matt ‘Ice’ Ryan down in Atlanta, calling them ‘pretenders.’

Strong words courtesy of our resident NFL MVP – Boomer won the award back in 1988…

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