With Craig boasting all week that the Giants can’t possibly lose to the Miami Dolphins (and ‘La-La-La Locking-Up’ the win for Big Blue in the process), Boomer decided that his radio partner should be held accountable if the Fins do somehow manage to get the win on Sunday.

After throwing a few ideas around, Boomer negotiated an all-expenses paid day/night for the entire morning show staff that includes a trip to the Empire State Building, lunch, dinner, drinks, car services and hotel accommodations – holla that!!!

Personally I am a Bengals (Who Dey!!!) fan, so have no skin in the game, therefore I am going to be pulling hard for the Dolphins.  And although all signs do point to an easy Dolphins win, we all remember what happened back in 2007-08 when Craig made a bold predictions about the Giants (pictured).

A little later, Boomer got a few suggestions via Twitter (you can follow the Blonde Bomber by clicking here – @7BoomerEsiason) and one in particular stood out.  It involved Craig being on the receiving end of a good ‘squashing’ – an idea Boomer seemed to love.

Craig on the other hand – not so much

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