NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A wall in Downtown Brooklyn is prompting people to stop and write down their hopes and dreams for everyone to see. The site is stripping hundreds of people of their shyness.

The blackboard, known as the “Before I Die” wall is attracting plenty of contributors. It is located at a construction site, where a Shake Shack is being built and has turned into one big bucket list for the public.

The idea came from an art project in New Orleans and after getting permission from the artist there, Shake Shack turned its construction wall into the same thing.

Chris Colon, who works for the construction company that is building the Shake Shack, is also the wall’s self-appointed maintenance man. At the end of the day, he washes down the wall so there is room the next day for people to write on.

Among the responses written on board Thursday included: “See all my children together,” “see an alien,” “save a life,” “go to Japan.”

Colon explained why he thinks he says hundreds of people stop by each day.

“You get a chance to dream, that may be enough for some people,” he said.

Some people take pictures, while others pick up chalk and write out their wishes before they die.

“I want him to be successful,” said Chantay Jones of her son. “I just want the best for him.”

Some requests are on the lighter side while others are more serious. When one man saw a woman write about wanting to be drug free, he stopped in his tracks.

“I’ve been drug free,” he said. “I think it’s good for the whole environment of New York.”

Shake Shack says the wall will likely come down in December when construction at the site is complete.

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