Expert Suggests Using Twitter, Facebook To Find Hot Deals

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — Does it seem too early to be talking turkey?

Many New Yorkers are planning to travel this Thanksgiving, and if you’re one of them, you better get your plans in place – especially if you’re looking to fly on a budget.

According to CBS’s Jill Schlesinger says it’s not too late to find a deal. But you better get moving.

If you wait until November, the average Thanksgiving airfare will be over $600.

Most surveys of Thanksgiving travel point to fares climbing higher, as carriers cost-cutting efforts clash with one of the busiest travel periods of the year.

“We are seeing the airlines cutting capacity, which means less seats for travelers to book, which typically means they are a bit more expensive,” said Jeannne Tornatore, senior editor.

A tip from the experts: If you’re counting on a last minute deal, don’t. The Thanksgiving travel period is short, and seats will fill up fast.

“The longer you wait, typically the fares are going to go up, and if they do happen to do down, it’s only going to be very slightly,” Tornatore said.

So what’s the best way to snag a deal?

  • Start your search now and avoid the peak travel days of the Wednesday before the holiday and the Sunday after.
  • Consider alternate airports in a region and connecting flights. Direct flights can be more expensive.
  • Don’t forget add-ons like baggage fees when calculating your final cost.
  • There’s no exact date that you should book your ticket by, but sooner is always better.
  • Watch for deals on airlines on Twitter and Facebook pages. Airlines often send out status updates or tweets that can save you money.
  • The Web isn’t necessarily the best place to find cheap tickets. Call the airline and talk to a human being. They may have fares available that they do not put online.

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