Craig did not know what to make of Josh Hamilton’s claim that he was personally told by God that he would hit a home run during last night’s World Series Game 6.

Lo and behold, in the top of the 10th inning, Hamilton went deep. On Friday, Craig tried to imagine how the message might have sounded to Hamilton.  We heard from a ‘devil-ish’ god and and a more ‘god-like’ god as well, for good measure.

In conclusion, Craig wondered why god hates Nelson Cruz???

Craig also offered some advice to last night’s Cardinal hero, David Freese – during which we got to hear from everyone’s favorite (or at least Craig’s) female sportscaster Suzyn Waldman (which was actually just Craig doing his dead-on impersonation of John Sterling’s radio partner) and Marv Albert (which was also Craigie by the way).

Boomer seemed to get a kick-out of uncle Craigie’s advice and I’m sure Suzyn loved the bit…

LISTEN: Josh Hamilton’s Message From God; David Freese’s Advice From Craig (10/28)

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